Beezy Tarts - Order 2

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I'm feeling refreshed and ready for a new week!  This past weekend was full of plans that had great intentions but fell apart, schedules that were not kept and repeated attempts to make square pegs fit into round holes.   Normally this would have driven me to the edge of insanity, but for some reason I was able to go with the flow. I allowed the gaps between the 'to do' list to gift me the opportunity to read, nap and play with my dogs.  Although it wasn't the weekend I had in mind, it ended up being a very relaxing few days.  And HOT. My a/c was at a constant 72.  I'm wondering if I should fill out the 2nd mortgage loan paperwork now to have it ready for when the electric bill arrives.   

I think Beezy is fast becoming one of my favorite vendors.  I would say easily top three.  I love his wax, customer service is awesome and ease of ordering is fantastic.  
I just so happen to check his website when he last restocked and could see the inventory being added. I don't know if this is telling about the state of my life right now, but that was pretty darn exciting. I was imagining all the pinks and yummy bakery scents I was going to purchase.  
I remembered that Lauren from Lolo Loves Scents mentioned that she missed out on the pinks during his last restock so I was in the middle of emailing her and checking out at the same time. I was absolutely ecstatic that I was going to get my hands on some of Beezy's Ice Cream Scoop Bread.  Until I didn't.  I had 10 ICSB cups in my cart, paid with paypal but never hit submit purchase when paypal takes you back to the vendor site. It wasn't until I returned to the computer after 10 minutes to look at the receipt (that never arrived!) that I realized I messed up.  

I was still able to get some awesome smelling wax, although my heart still pines for that ICSB.
In this order: pink sugar cookies, fresh baked cookies, pink peppermint, caramel latte, wildberry mousse, orange sherbet, caramel apple (this smells so incredibly good!), circus concession, summer boardwalk, sugar corn pudding, serendipity, malibu rum cupcake, lavender sugar cookie, iced lemon cookies, zucchini bread, banana cream pie, pineapple souffle, creme brulee, lemon chiffon, starburst, malibu heat, iced tea twist (wish I got more of these), VS love spell, blue raspberry icee, banana in da coconut, sparkling citrus, fruit slices, effervescent fizzy pops, gummy bears, lime margarita

John sent me a FB message letting me know he had just added Pink Toasty Marshmallow after the original restock failed to upload them.  I was able to grab quite a few which took the sting out of my purchasing error by just a little bit.

The other scent I missed out on was Strawberry Bread.  I'm sure there will be another small order when he restocks again, if I'm lucky enough to be refreshing his site at just the right time.

I am struggling to get through my summer candles.  I usually burn one candle in the master bedroom at night and one on my desk when I'm on the computer but only if there aren't any tarts being melted downstairs, which is rare.  At this rate, I'll have candles until 2028.  Not to mention the fall scents from Bath and Body Works that are on the way. This weekend, just yesterday in fact, BBW had the magical combo - candle sale, 20% off and free shipping.

my emma turned 13 on saturday
she had an all you can sniff outing to Petco
a birthday party with sushi and cupcakes
and a goody bag full of treats (which she will generously donate
to the animal shelter tomorrow)

weekly melts:


ufgatorbugg said...

The soft pastel beezy rainbow is gorgeous! And happy birthday Emma! She is cute in her hat. What are your top 3-5 vendors at this point for you?

Lauren @ LoloLovesScents said...


Your photos are stunning once again. Very pretty!

Front Porch really does make a great iced tea and lemon scent!

Country Breeze sounds so refreshing and lovely! Your descriptions are really great!

Was that last Saturday when Beezy restocked?! Well...I guess I got my project date wrong, LOL. Ultimate failure.

Have a nice weekend! :)

Obsessed! said...

I love the pastel colors of Beezy Tarts!
Let's see, my top 5 vendors (so far) --
1. The Bathing Garden 2. Beezy 3. CFTKR 4. Front Porch 5. Shayz Scentz
There are so many that I haven't tried but in the two months that I've been purchasing from e-vendors, this is my current top 5 ;)
And you? Who are your top 3-5? (LOVE this question, I want to ask everybody!)

Obsessed! said...

Emma thanks you!
Yep, last Saturday. I believe you were writing your project post as the stock was being added! I think you get a pass. You're still on track and doing GREAT!

ufgatorbugg said...

Beezy will be on my next to try list with Rosegirls and LSC and Sweet Fixations
Mine are: 1. Bathing Garden 2. Front porch 3. Cftkr 4. Hhs and if pressed 5. Tiffany scoopables
There have only been a few I didn't feel the need to reorder from.

Obsessed! said...

I've been curious about those Tiffany scoopables. They made your top 5, that's promising! I love that TBG is both of our #1s!

Andrea Haskins said...

What beautiful photos! I haven't ordered from Beezy yet...this just might push me over the edge. Love your blog and a belated Happy Birthday to Emma!

Obsessed! said...

Oh Andrea, I can't wait for you to order from Beezy. I think you'll really like the tarts there!!