My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.46

I'm embarrassed to say I've spent several hours attempting to change the font. I'm sorry, but you love it. Even if you hate it, in my mind you love it. Hubby even spent a solid hour on it.

I love fonts. Almost as much as I love smelly good things. And beautiful stationary. These are the things that make my heart flutter. 

I don't often talk about my pet peeves because I believe that we attract what we focus on but it's unrealistic to always dismiss or ignore what annoys us. Lately, I've been noticing in myself, those around me and in social media an alarming quickness to judge and belittle others. I see this most often by women, towards women. One day it was a hateful rant towards women who like to take selfies. The next day it was a mother criticizing another mother for bottle feeding her infant. Today, it was a demeaning article about women who choose to augment their breasts.

I absolutely can not stand this - on every level. As women, we are our own worst critique. No one has ever said anything meaner to me or about me than I have already said to myself. It's taken years to erase the negative tape that runs in my mind.  I haven't eradicated it completely but I'm much more compassionate in the way I view my insecurities these days. Because of that, I find I'm much more compassionate towards others, especially women.

I've always believed we try to sabotage others when we feel most sabotaged. The cruelest words come from the most hardened and broken hearts.

It almost always comes down to - Who are we to judge? If taking selfies makes us feel good about ourselves, let's take selfies! If getting a boob job helps you love your body, that's awesome! And even if we personally don't like it or find whatever it is unflattering, it's not necessary to assume anything about someone who makes choices that we would not make.

I had to stop myself the other day when I was quick to judge someone who's nails were done in the very trendy, long pointed style. That is not a look for me but she was not affecting me in anyway by choosing that as her personal style. She was, in fact, a very sweet girl.

On to last week's melts:

Melted but not pictured - highlighted are faves:

Beezy - strawberry white cake

Beezy - cranberry relish
Beezy - pistachio macaroon
Beezy - pumpkin pecan waffles
BHG - cranberry mandarin splash *gift*
Daphne's Divine (no longer in business) - loopy hawaiian
Daphne's Divine - pearamel cider donuts 
Enchanted Candle Co. - tammy's pie
Enchanted Candle Co. - sweet tarts
Front Porch - ice cream truck
Front Porch - frooty loop birthday cake
HHS - toasted in hawaii *gift*
I Heart Wax - pomegranate lemon snow cone
Jack Be Nimble - blue ribbon cookies
K's Kreation - pumpkin crunch cake
K's Kreation - blueberry cheesecake
Rosegirls - Juicy J *gift*
SMT - lemon cheesecake
Streetman Company Store - blueberry cookie bars
Streetman Company Store - oatmeal cookie dough *gift*
Streetman Company Store - vanilla bean noel sweet pea
Tarts by Kim - cranberry orange *gift*
VCS - strawberry Jackie O *gift*

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     Rosegirls - sampler - (10/18) 
     SMT (10/25)
     Streetman Co. Store (11/7)
     Beezy-Tarts (11/11)

     Nightcrawler (good - Jake G is amazing in it)
     Land Ho! (liked it - Iceland just jumped up on my list of places to see)

Last Week's Erin Condren:

Perfume of the Day:
If I had to choose one 'signature scent', this would be it. I get more compliments wearing this than all of my other 
perfumes combined. On me, this scent lasts all day (12 hours) and has excellent sillage. 
{1. Michael Kors Signature 2. Shimmer lotion - discontinued}

After my trip yesterday to Whole Foods to pick up a turkey breast, I'm a step closer to our pre-Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday. I'm in much need of a grocery list for everything else though.

I'm on vacation until after the holiday weekend which will give me ample time to reflect on all my blessings with gratitude. 

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving next week, I'd love to know - are you cooking and if so, is your menu set? 

Rosegirls Pie Club - June 2014

One of the wax groups that I was a member of offered to host a pie club for the June Rosegirls opening. We had the option of ordering one or two pies and I decided to do two. 

You pay the published price for each pie plus partial shipping to the member who is coordinating the repackaging and shipping and finally, shipping to your address. It was about $6 extra dollars for shipping twice. Not bad at all.

This will be the second pie club that I've been a member of  and they both went smoothly. I love getting to try a variety of blends that others come up with. It does take a tremendous amount of work to organize and the one or two members that take the lead have quite the job. 

Although I've had marvelous experiences, I do not think I will partake in another. The clubs themselves are moderately difficult to get into, many of them are pre-determined by a small group of friends. Others are done lottery style or first come first served basis. My participation in the wax community is starting to wane so I don't think I will be a good candidate for such a group involved activity. 

Here's what I got! I'll highlight my favorites at the end.
A total of 16 pie pieces:

Pie #1:
 Pie #2:

I completely lost one slice. Somewhere between taking the picture and writing this post, a pie slice vanished somewhere in my wax room. I didn't realize the lost piece could easily be seen in the first picture.  The ??? blend is blueberry cobbler / absolute coffee / pecan waffles.

Here are my favorites:
vanilla ice cream / pie crust / strawberry rhubarb - it's the rhubarb that makes this blend crazy good.

wildberry / blueberry cobbler / marshmallow smoothie - my blend. I love the berries in heree. so tart, sweet and creamy.

paradise / lemonade / margarita - so strong and fruity tart. will save for spring.

blueberry cobbler / ooey gooey caramel / baked zucchini bread - I love the caramel here. It works so well with the blueberry and zucchini bread.

gingerbread latte / vanilla bean noel / cuppa cake - the latte is very faint in this blend. It's a wonderfully spicy blend for cooler weather. 

mango monster cookie - I've had this one several times and still love it.

satsuma / raspberry coconut / gilligans brew - so lovely. fruity and coconut-y.

My second blend was the hurricane daiquiri raspberry sauce vanilla ice cream one. I think it will be better melted but I wasn't overly impressed on cold.

Pie Clubs really are so much fun. I would recommend them if you find one that has potential to be well organized. 

Have you participated in any pie clubs? What was your experience?

My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.45

I haven't been in the holiday spirit this year, which is unusual for me because I get mushy in love with the holidays. We're finally getting fall-like weather here so I'm hoping that helps. The fall decorations have not been adorned throughout the house yet and I'm debating whether it's too late.

I committed to an early Thanksgiving dinner with friends here at our house so I'm hoping that, in addition to the cooler weather, will get me out of this funk.

I'm at my threshold with doggie concerns. Just when Fannie is on a nice plateau, Emma (my beagle) is having some abnormalities in her blood work. We are still in the 'figuring it out' phase. Luckily, her demeanor is unchanged. 

Saturday we're taking the pooches to Julian, a quaint mountain town about an hour from our house, for a brisk hike and apple picking. Julian is famous for their apple pie and I'm sure a stop for a slice with a steaming cup of hot cocoa will be a part of our day.  

You know who I can't stop thinking about? Brittany Maynard. I was touched to my core with her story. I know her story is controversial and I know many don't agree with how she chose to die, but I found her to be so brave and her illness so tragic. There are many who think she is anything but courageous, many who have told me they think her actions were against God's will. Where I can see how their beliefs would lead them to feel the way they do, I just couldn't agree. Brittany was going to die a horrible, horrible death. She wasn't changing her destiny. She gave herself permission to die with dignity. And she did. 

It's funny how I tip toed around that last bit in my head. I would dislike it very much if someone who read that disagreed so much that they became angry with me. I've seen many heated debates over assisted suicide and I don't want to go there. If your opinions and beliefs differ from mine, I honor that. If you think Brittany made a mistake, I honor that. I really do. We can disagree, express those feelings and not have to convince anyone to feel the same. 

Last Week's Melts:

Faves from above: (SMT - strawberry serendipity toasted marshmallow strawberry white cake) (CFTKR - fresh picked strawberries)

Melted but not pictured - highlighted are faves:

Better Homes & Gardens - perfect corner bakery
Enchanted Candle Co. - radar's house
Glitterati - white sugar plumeria
Glitterati - vanilla pear cotton candy
Glitterati - strawberry chardonnay
Glitterati - mr pink pepper 
Glitterati - rainbow sorbet cotton candy
Glitterati - pumpkin pecan waffles whipped cream
HHS - divine cake
HHS - granmas pumpkin apple butter *gift*
K's Kreations - berry bliss cookies 
K's Kreations - nana's cinnamon toast
K's Kreations - sticky zucchini bread
RG - waluigi's wonderous birthday cake
SMT - blueberry pumpkin pecan waffle cone
Streetman Company Store - perfectly plum *gift*
SuperTarts - serendipity
SuperTarts - champagne pomegranate mallow
SuperTarts - passionfruit nectarine
VCS - tiki volcano bowl
VCS - everlasting love *gift*
VCS - strawberries n cream zucchini bread

Custom Mix
SMT - lemon cheesecake AND BHG - wild berry cheesecake

Weekly State of Affairs:
Pending orders:
     Rosegirls - sampler - (10/18) 
     SMT (10/25)
     Streetman Co. Store (11/7)
     Beezy-Tarts (11/11)

     Chef (liked it!)
     Happy Christmas (it was okay)

Last Week's Erin Condren:

Perfume of the Day:
I'm a little embarrassed by my perfume choice last week. Let it be known though, Jennifer Lopez makes some seriously pretty smelling perfume. I was a little peeved at the warm weather we were still having so I reached for a summertime favorite. It's a harder to find JLo perfume but it is by far my favorite.

Have you seen the Liberty Mutual car insurance commercial. I loathe it. - Boom - I'll give it to them though, it grabs my attention each time I'm forced to watch it (usually because the remote is too far).

I'm working on my Rosegirls Pie Club post as well as my second custom order post. I've got Rosegirls on my mind and I love it.

What day do you guys usually put up your Christmas tree/holiday decorations? I'm hoping for the traditional day after Thanksgiving, but at this rate, I'm not so sure.

Have a great weekend <3

Sniff My Tarts - March '14 - Part 2

This is part two of my March Sniff My Tarts order. If you missed and are interested in part one, you can find it here. 

The inconsistent first picture is the last one I took during my weekend in Las Vegas, the others were taken yesterday.

-1- strawberry, lemon with a little bit of vanilla --it's all good!

-2- a nice fruity sweetness with a touch of tart. the rainbow sherbet is in the forefront.

-3- another favorite! I love, love love the lemon sugar + fresh fruit and serendipity. Great blend if I do say so myself.

-4- some extra berry to go with a very strong chicks dig it.

-1- I get mostly lemon with a tad evidence of the lavender in the background.

-2- a perfect combination of the two. If I could choose the perfect laundry scent for my clothes, this would be it.

-3- no surprise that this has a very strong dryer sheet vibe. Better than almost every dryer sheet I've ever tried.

-4- I missed the mark here. A little too dry and bitter because of the tuberose. 
-1- fruity nirvana. So sweet and so good.

-2- the bundt cake gives the lemon a perfect amount of creamy bakery but I'm not sure what I think of the sun ripened raspberry on cold sniff. I have a feeling this will melt very well though.

-3- YES! this blend makes me silly giddy. I want to share it with the fruity scent loving world. 

-4- I love this one too! Peach is not a scent I gravitate to in wax but SMT does it so darn good. This is one of the most realistic smelling blends ever.  A peach milkshake to the T. 

-1- not too much stands out about this one. a solid blend featuring the strawberry.

-2- I would grade this one an 'A'! It's slightly sour with sweet and creamy still coordinating with the raspberry lime perfectly.

-3- Think sweet tarts.

-4- I get a perfume vibe, something that could be sold as a lotion and body spray at Bath and Body Works. It's cute, this blend.


-1- Smells like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie. I swear I'm picking up coconut. Maybe this one will be the coffee blend that turns it around for me.

-2- I had to make sure I didn't pick up the pink butter cookie bag when I took a whiff of this blend. I smell pink in here. Very little cinnamon, if any. Interesting.

-3- almost has a citrus-y spin. very heavy on the pink sugar.

-1- I love this! The orange is sharp and sweet and the marshmallow makes it perfectly creamy. If an orange julius and an orange milkshake had a baby, they'd pop out this tart.

-2- the serendipity is pretty heavy on the almond for this one. I'm not getting too much more than almond.

-1- butterscotch is in the 'I don't know about this one' category. Because really, I don't know about this one.

-2- very, very strong cereal blend. 

-3- the lavender is way too herbal for my taste. It's not that I mind herbal lavender, it's just that I wanted this lavender to be sweeter and smoother.  It doesn't go badly with the marshmallow cake, it just overpowers it.

-4- this blend is adorable. At first, I thought I got a very faint plastic undertone but after re-sniffing a few times, I think it's the freesia. I can't wait to melt this.

The last one is a half sheet in Strawberry Pretzel Desert. I usually get my sheets undecorated but I'm glad I splurged on one just to see how realistic some of the imbeds are, like that pretzel. At my hungriest, I would be tempted to eat that. It looks exactly like the chocolate covered pretzels that I am now  craving.
As for the blend, I'll have to hold judgement until I melt it. I love that it's strong and unique. It might be pulling a little too salty crusty for my liking but I'm certainly not writing it off yet.

That concludes one of my biggest orders to date. I absolutely love SMT. I love the scent list, I love the variety of shapes and I love the performance.

My order took six months to arrive and not everything throws like a winner but I'm okay with that. I'm patient for wax and my experience with the performance is mostly great with some good and a few misses. 

I still put SMT in the Order When You Can list.

I'm so happy I have this haul up and away. Now I can start to melt them.

Who have you been impressed with lately?

My Weekly Meltdown - Catching Up

It feels great to return to my normal routine. As much as I adore traveling and exploring, I love my day to day life just as much. 

These days, my life is full with dog walks, working, cleaning the house and ovulation kit testing.

It's a little odd to be talking about trying to get pregnant but it also feels liberating, in a way. We want to get pregnant very much but it's no longer followed by, more than anything. 

There are a couple of factors not working in our favor.  The first is our age. Forty is awfully late to be trying to get pregnant for the first time. I don't recommend reading up on the trouble with your eggs after forty unless you are ready to sigh heavily. Basically, eggs kinda suck after forty but really, who can blame them. You're born with an infinite number of eggs and the ones left at this age are over it. They are ready to dream another dream or get fertilized. Second, I'm infertile. So that's not gonna make it easy.

I don't produce progesterone and without that I won't ovulate. I take an oral progesterone to balance my estrogen (unopposed estrogen put women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancers) but it's not a form of fertility treatment.  Just recently, I started taking Clomid and that will get me in ovulation mode, I hoped.  

And....I'm ovulating. 

There were several methods for predicting my ovulation. Let's talk about the one I will not be using. The cervical mucus discharge one. Nope. No thank you. I have no interest in analysing my discharge. I'll pee on a strip thankyouverymuch.

The liberating part is that we are both completely at peace with not getting pregnant if it doesn't happen for us. I'm not sure how much further we are going to go into the fertility treatments but for right now, we are content.

My catch up melts from the last few weeks:

Faves from above: (Enchanted Candle Co - this is halloween) (RG - pie crust / harvest bake sale / apple butterscotch cake) (RG - cool beans)

Melted but not pictured - highlighted are faves:

Beezy-Tarts - pink sugar cookies
Beezy - lavender sugar cookies 
Candles by Victoria - marshmallow campfire
Candles by Victoria - trix are for kids
Candles from the Keeping Room - sunrise delight
CFTKR - kiwi strawberry 
Daphne's Divine (no longer in business) - strawberry boo berry cuppy cake
Daphne's Divine - serendipity birthday cake
Dairy-aire - waffle cone vanilla bean noel zucchini bread
Glitterati  - sangria white peach
HHS - grandma's serendipity strawberry cream cake
I Heart Wax - serendipity danish butter cookies
I Heart Wax - berry explosion zucchini noel
I Heart Wax - blackberry jam butter cookies zucchini noel
I Heart Wax - lemon pound cake cotton candy
Jack Be Nimble - orange chiffon cake
L3WW - boo berry zucchini bread vanilla bean noel
Lake Providence Lodge - rainbow sherbet 
Lake Providence Lodge - lemon pound cake
Lasting Scent Candles - lemon heaven 
Orchid Lake Candles - key lime pie
Rosegirls - lemon wildberry birthday cake
Rosegirls - strawberry serendipity *gift*
Rosegirls - strawberry jam strawberries & cream *gift8
Rosegirls - raspberry keylime pie *gift*
Rosegirls - pumpkin carrot cake *gift*
Rosegirls - raspberry coconut bread *gift*
Sassy Girl Aroma - blueberry creme brûlée birthday cake
Scent Illusion (no longer in business) - birthday cake coconut pumpkin pecan waffles
Scent Illusion - almond serendipity
Sniff My Tarts - sugar cookie lemon sugar vanilla bean noel
Sniff My Tarts - marshmallow cake pistachio pudding lemon pound cake
Sniff My Tarts - pink sugar type
Sniff My Tarts - cotton candy bliss
Sniff My Tarts - vanilla waffle cone
Sniff My Tarts - fresh strawberry pink sweet cream
Sniff My Tarts - sweet cream buttery brown sugar crunch berry crisp *gift*
Streetman Company Store - pumpkin pecan waffles 
Streetman Company Store - berry orange margarita
Streetman Company Store - cranberry lime peach tea
Streetman Company Store - flirt ***LOVE***
Streetman Company Store - berry bread
Streetman Company Store - coconut grass
Sugar & Spice - coconut cream pie
SuperTarts - berry jam butter cookies
Thirty Street Wax - blueberry pumpkin patch
Thirty Street Wax - pumpkin sugar cookie
Thirty Street Wax - pumpkin hot buttered rolls
Tiffany Candles - vanilla bean noel sugared cronut
Vintage Chic Scents - happy days
Vintage Chic Scents - the great pumpkin

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     Rosegirls - part 2 (6/21) arrived 11/3
     Sugar & Spice (10/9) arrived 10/16
     Rosegirls - sampler - (10/18) 
     SMT (10/25)
     Streetman Co. Store (11/7)

     Gone Girl (good! I like the book slightly better but this is still worth a viewing)
     Sex Tape (horrible)
     Neighbors (worse than sex tape)
     Frontera (enjoyed it)
     The One I Love (liked it)
     Begin Again (really liked it, Keira Knightley has a sweet singing voice)

Last Week's Erin Condren:


Perfume of the Day:
How embarrassing that the bottle is smudged with my finger prints from my lotion-y hands. I have loved Coco Mademoiselle for years and have had a bottle in my fragrance repertoire all throughout my 30's. I think, after this bottle, I'm going to try the more mature Coco. I'm not sure I'll stay too far away from this one though, I've been chased in the mall many times by women asking me what perfume I'm wearing when I choose this one. 

And this is the truth:

Order of the Odor: Volume 3

Two questions this month in celebration of Thanksgiving. We would love to know your answers to these questions too.

1. What does your Thanksgiving Day spread look like?
My husband and I alternate celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday every year between his family on the West Coast and mine on the East.  With his family, our feast is wonderfully traditional with all of the expected sides and desserts. My family, being lead by my Japanese mom, is traditional as well as Asian inspired with sides like the most crispy, delicious egg rolls you could ever imagine, potato korokkesgyoza and the very cliche but oh so true --fried rice. My mom also makes a pumpkin roll dessert that can't be beat.  

2. In what Thanksgiving traditions does your family participate?
 In my mind, I have numerous traditions to share but the truth is, my husband and I don't have any. Every year I vow to start and I have high hopes that this will be the year. 
One of the traditions that my family and I have had for over twenty years revolves around food, of course.  Every time we celebrate together, we have a mac n cheese bake off hoping to beat the elusive recipe we tried and lost about 24 years ago. My father is always the judge and he really loves that first "best" recipe because he refuses to give any other the nod of his approval.

Deb over at It's Always Something has the envious position of being able to visit the Rosegirl's Boutique. She did a pop over very recently and hauled some delicious smells.

LoLo Loves Scents melted a PERFECT 10 scent last week and we all know a 10 out of 10 wax tart does not come around often.... you might want to read about it so you don't miss out on this gem.

Sunnee at Fragrance Obsessed has had the pleasure of trying an up and coming new vendor with nice results. You have to see these gorgeous tarts; the shapes and colors are eye candy.

The Redolent Mermaid has started a new vendor interview series, see what great idea the owner of Vintage Chic Scents has come up with regarding the wax community.

New Orleans 2014

True Story. 

I often go grocery shopping on my lunch breaks at work. It's a great way to shop for a day or two worth of groceries at a time. It helps that there is a Trader Joe's about two miles from the police station.

The other night in our work kitchen, as I was unpacking my shredded cheese with a bag of tortilla chips also in hand, my sergeant walked in giving me an opportunity to ask him a question about a call I was holding onto at my desk. 

I try to professionally explain this complicated child custody drama using the dispatcher's code of conduct (ABC = accuracy, brevity and clarity) when the sergeant uses the first break in my explanation to blurt out:


This post will carry on the spirit of my nacho loving boss - not so much talking and a good selection of photos to show you what an amazing time I had in New Orleans a few weeks ago.

I went with some of my best girlfriends from Las Vegas and because we no longer live in the same city, there were many, many hours of girl talk after a full day of sight seeing, beignet eating and voo doo avoiding. 

These are some snaps from our endless walks exploring the big easy:

I couldn't stop admiring the doors and windows:

Beignets. They've become synonymous with Nola. They're basically puffier funnel cakes, like a hybrid between a donut and a funnel cake with a more doughy consistency than a donut. But honestly, they taste like a funnel cake. 
Cafe du Monde gets all the love when it comes to beignets but we found this little gem and we all agreed that their beignets were superior to their much busier and commercial competition. 

Some of my favorite parts of any downtown area, in any city, are quaint alleyways and New Orleans has many of them tucked between and through their busy streets. 

Another favorite thing--the incredibly talented musicians that play on the street everyday. We saw this duo in the French Quarter several times during out trip and they were outstanding.  (she's not giving me the stink eye, I tip for pics)

The less than classy Bourbon Street. If you are party pants and like to be in the midst of thousands of loud and happy drunk people, Bourbon St. begs for you. I briefly fantasized about being a crazy fun Bourbon Street goer, but this girl has no Boogie Woogie left in her:

St. Louis Cathedral
The opposite of Bourbon Street:

New Orleans is an amazingly beautiful and fun city. I enjoy going there every ten years or so. As much as I enjoy it, there is one huge negative that I can't seem to overlook each time I visit.  The city, the French Quarter especially, stinks - so bad. It smells like wet, hot garbage and pee. 

This boggles the mind because almost everything else is amazing! The architecture, the landscape, the food, the fun ... 

This trip will be my last for a while and I'm perfectly okay with that. I have a doggie that needs me at home. Every holiday (we alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas on the east coast), Curtis and I spend with my family in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. This year, I cancelled so we could stay home with Fannie. 

Australia and New Zealand has also been canceled. 

We may schedule a quick weekend trip to Vegas or San Francisco for our anniversary in December but the most important thing is spending time with our little one.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying cool weather and lovely melts. <3