The Path in the Hills with Wild Flowers

Last night, my little family and I explored the hills of our town until the sun fell below the horizon. We walked and walked and watched. We watched our dogs chase each other, we watched them explore their earth, we watched the sun join us and bless us with the most beautiful, soft and hazy light and we watched how each step of our imperfectly perfect lives brought us there, last night.

I didn't want our walk to end. It was an hour of happiness counted in seconds and breaths and doggie footsteps.

That is my little Fannie and Layla up ahead.  Emma is behind us, always, letting her beagle nose lead her own way.

When I arrived home, I immediately began working on boxing up the destashes and labeling them with postage. It took hours. I had a fraction of a fraction of a glimpse into the mailing process of a vendor and I'm in awe.

It's 3am and I'm heading to the post office to drop of my accomplishments up until this point.  The rest will be packaged and sent tomorrow before close of business day (I hope). Everyone should have received an email requesting a mailing address.  If you didn't, please let me know.

Your name is on your package:

The next set of boxes will be posted tomorrow.
Have a great day friends!

My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.14

Five days after the fact, I found my missing Up the Creek order. It dawned on me when my husband mentioned how good the car smelt when he was driving home from the airport after his trip to Wisconsin. This is after leaving it in the hot sun in the airport parking lot for four days. My excitement of having him home was dampened when I imagined my poor wax melted in the back of a lonely car in airport parking.

Turns out, UTC is sturdy! Still in tact and smelling great. I'll never really know if there was some scent loss but I'm melting these right away just to be safe: 
When you buy chunks from UTC they come individually.  They are a pretty good size (approximately 5oz) and depending on my mood, I either chop these up in thirds or halves. The above chunks are in Superman Ice Cream, Raspberry Lime Rock Candy and Pink Pomegranate Cotton Candy.

Ever since I melted a couple of Streetman's 1oz scent shots, I'm gradually starting to think that maybe less is more when it comes to wax. It's at least worth giving less a try. In the past, I would have probably melted an entire chunk.

4 packs from the order: 

I'm just starting to melt the first of my UTC and I've been very impressed. It's too early to say for sure but I'm getting the best results from these 4 packs. I expected the chunks to be the standouts and although they are good, these 4 packs have been the top performers so far.

My FAVES from last week:

Rosegirls - soothing lavender dreams - 3 words - whole pie worthy. This is my favorite lavender scent ever! I want to meet my dreams with this scent. Even though I love soothing lavender dreams most at night it almost works as a bakery scent for me somehow. It's such a warm, pretty and soothing scent.

Front Porch - citrus explosion - five stars for strength and longevity. Very nice, middle of the road citrusy scent that had an excellent throw.

Up the Creek - steakhouse rolls - When we lived in Nebraska, we would dine at Texas Roadhouse regularly. They had the most delicious rolls and from what I understand, this scent is inspired by them. The honey butter that came with the bread basket was so good I could write a book about it. The rolls were dense and hot and with the butter they just melted in your mouth. Steakhouse rolls is the best of all these things and it made me insanely happy to melt it. What surprised me is that despite my dislike of cinnamon, I could pick up hints of cinnamon in this blend but it wasn't off putting to me at all. The strength and throw was top notch. The cinnamon did end up pulling too strong for me after about the fourth hour but for a person not offended by cinnamon, this scent has potential to last much longer.  I've already reordered this in a 12 pack.

LSC - lavender mallow bread - lavender was doing it for me last week. Loved this nighttime melt. You can read about my take on this scent here if you missed my LSC order 4 haul.

LSC - snicklefritz - I also talked about this in my above link. Kicking myself for not letting it cure more because it was not as strong as I would like it.

I Heart Wax - cider lane zucchini noel - I don't know why the word cider turns me off. I guess it's because I don't really like hot cider and it sometimes comes accompanied with a cinnamon stick. I set all that aside for this scent because one it was highly recommended on the group page and two, it was amazing. The cider and ZB paired perfectly. I kinda wanted to eat this blend. So yum.

*the key lime blue ribbon cookies are from LCP not LSC, thank you Lynda for catching that for me :)


I'm killing it, KILL-ING-IT, with making meals at home. I'm officially back in the groove and enjoying it but not necessarily nailing every culinary adventure I've tried.

One example of falling short of picture perfect pinterest pins is my smashed potatoes. Apparently smashed potatoes are totally 2003, but like most everything else, I'm fashionably 11 years late.

They kind of remind me of twice baked potatoes except you boil before baking.

Well, the boiling part went okay.

When it came to smashing the potatoes, I had flashbacks of my Tiffany loaf cuttings. I was so excited and picked the perfect bowl to apply pressure to these boiled potatoes.  They completely fell apart. I'm not even going to post what they're suppose to look like and I secretly hope you don't click on the link for the website because it's embarrassing. Let's just say they look nothing like this:
I'm not one to use cutesy curse words. When it's time to use foul language, I believe in seizing the moment --it feels better.  The uncharacteristic words that were loudly expelled from my mouth after crushing smashing the potatoes: WHAT THE FRICKETY FRACK.

I must have resorted to my childhood with those words. It would be a good argument that I was having a major I-want-my-mommy meltdown.

The origins of FRICKETY FRACK, derived from me and my friends' limited knowledge of Frick and Frack:

My nine year old self just learned the word F&*K during fourth grade recess. Knowing that it was taboo but not having a clue as to what it meant, I couldn't wait to get home to test the waters with my dad that evening:

Dad: Sunnee, you can't say that.
Me: okay.  Can I say frack?
Dad: yes.
Me: Can I say frickety frack?
Dad: yes.
Me: Can I say frickety f&*k frack?
Dad: NO. go to bed.

After the realization I had a pan full of ugly potatoes, I went back to the recipe to make sure I followed directions. I may not have used the right kind of potato. They used New, I used Yukon Golds. PO TAY TOE, PA TA TOE.  Jeesh. Details.

The next step was to "brush the potatoes with oil". I decided my ugly potatoes needed something a little 'stronger'. Enter the vodka of oils - bacon grease:
Please don't judge me. I only used a little and in my mind I used a brush.

Toppings - bacon crumbles, scallions, cheese and brocolli (which I was going to omit but decided to use girl math to nullify the fat content of the bacon "oil" with greenery):

Fully baked ugly potatoes with melted cheese:

While the ugly potatoes were in the oven, I started feeling a little guilty about pouring bacon grease on them. I really do try to eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, even though I'm not a huge fan of vegetables. I cut up a deliciously ripe tomato:

After a small dollop of sour cream and the above toppings, the end result was absolutely scrumptious. The best part was the extra crispiness of the skins:

Salmon, tomatoes and loaded smashed potatoes for lunch:

I found the directions for the smashed potatoes HERE.  But you don't want to go there because the potatoes are much too perfect looking. 

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT -part 2 (11/18)
     Rosegirls (1/1)
     Making Scents (3/12)
     Waxie Lady (3/21)  arrived 4/11
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Crabby Candle Co. (4/4)
     RG - sampler x2 (4/6)
     UTC (4/9)  arrived 4/14
     Streetman (4/9)
     Scent Illusions (4/9)
     UTC (4/10)  arrived 4/14
     Butterfly Lane (4/11)
     Daphne's Divine (4/14)
     Bath & Body Works - candles (4/15)
     Jack Be Nimble (4/15)

Hopeful orders:
     Butterfly Lane

    At Middleton
    The Bag Man

In the next couple of days I will be packaging up all the destashes and sending those out.  I should be emailing the participants with shipping amounts soon.

Some really good sales in wax lately --Jack Be Nimble Candles had 40% off for tax day. I'm excited for my first order from them.
In other wax news, Grumpy Girl Candle Co. is closing up shop.
And if I don't order from Beezy this week, I'm organizing a coup.  

I hope you're having a great week! 

Lasting Scent Candles - Order 4

My order for Lasting Scent Candle arrived a few weeks ago and it smells amazing. I find that LSC needs an ample amount of cure time so I put this away in a dark corner of the closet and revisited my order yesterday. Smells so good! Especially this fella (shoulda, woulda, coulda gotten this in a loaf!):
(LSC blend) warm desserts, toffee brickles, sweet vanillas and secret ingredients

I'll steal the phrase of a fellow fan on the LSC FB page: "Snicklefritz is to die's unbelievably delicious" So very true. 

This loud and in charge loaf is Tie Dye:  
red raspberry, meyer lemon, key lime, navel orange
vanilla bean ice cream and rock candy sprinkles

This. I'm in love:
Lavender Mallow Bread
This is almost identical to Rosegirls' Sweet Lavender Mallow
RG's lavender is it's own entity and unique so this version lacks just a tad of
whatever it is that makes RG special but it is still very, very similar.
Almost bakery but not quite, sweet lavender and just the right amount
of warmth and creaminess to make it deliciously pretty.

There was a two cup maximum on all scent shots. I ordered everything that sounded remotely up my alley:

Stand outs from the Scent Shots:
  • summertime blues - a strong scent of sweet and tart berries. 
  • scotchie coffee - I don't always like coffee scents but when I do, I DO. This is sweet coffee heaven.
  • lemon pavlova - very tart and sour lemon calmed by a very small amount of creaminess and rounded out with even more tartness in the raspberries. Summertime in a scent shot.
  • spring fling - My favorite from the scent shots. This is a slightly more sour sherbet type scent.
  • rockin the tropics - didn't love this. I suspect it has pineapple in it and I'm suddenly not loving pineapple. 
  • Snicklefritz - my only complaint is that I wish it were stronger. I love this yummy blend though.
  • lavender mallow bread - great. light to medium throw but I use this in my bedroom/loft/bathroom so it fills those rooms perfectly. Such a pretty scent. 
I cut up the loaves and placed the crumbles back into the bags they arrived in:


I go through phases of cooking every night and eating out/take out.  I needed a quick and easy favorite to get me back in the swing of cooking at home.  I decided on a tried and true recipe that is quick and delicious.

I'm not one to skimp and cut corners on ingredients. I can't imagine substituting regular cheese for non fat cheese (how is this even possible?) or cream with skim milk.  But my buttons are 5 pounds away from needing me to lay down on the bed in order to secure so I have to come up with some type of compromise.  

I refuse to compromise taste though.  I switched out the pasta with whole grain pasta and the sausage with turkey sausage.  Whole grain pasta has a slightly nuttier taste and turkey sausage is not bad. I still prefer real polish kielbasa but the fat content is almost triple. There's still a little bit (1/2c) of cream and cheese (1/2c) but overall it's not too bad.  

  • onions 
  • cream
  • rotel diced tomatoes & green chilis 
  • monterey jack cheese
  • pasta (I used penne)
  • chicken broth
  • sausage
  • scallions

I accidentally doubled the cheese, which I have to admit, was a little too much. (who am I right now--too much cheese?, I don't even recognize me)

I love that it's a one skillet meal. Easy to make and easy clean up:

We love this. It takes about 20 minutes to make and 5 minutes to clean up.

I found this on pinterest but it led me to a website I already follow. Kevin and Amanda's Spicy Sausage Pasta.

Have a great weekend!

Up the Creek - Orders 1 and 3

I've hit an all time low in my wax journey. I've "lost" an entire order. I have no idea where my Up the Creek order number 2 is, other than it's somewhere in this house.  The problem is, I busted out of my wax closet and started putting overflow into a spare bedroom and my office.  Loosing wax is so much more frustrating then loosing your keys. Take trying to locate your "lost" keys and multiply that times 8,000 - that is my life the last two days looking for the land of lost wax. 

This is my first RTS order minus a bag of tart brittle and chunk in Superman Ice Cream. Those aren't lost, the tart brittle is in my office and the chunk was included in a round robin:  
4 packs in:

  • marshmallow cookie ice cream
  • steakhouse rolls
  • lemon marshmallow serendipity bread
chunks in:

  • pink lemon bread
  • toasted zucchini marshmallow
My 2nd order was custom.
Loaves, glorious loaves. I'm forgetting that I hate them because these smell so good!

  • burnt sugar ZB / confetti cake
  • superman ice cream / serendipity
  • pink sugar sweet pea (my favorite! I want to bathe in this and I want my life to smell like this)
  • strawberry ice cream / cake batter / serendipity overpour
  • raspberry jam / serendipity / key lime pie overpour
  • peach / pomegranate / strawberry confetti cake overpour
  • caramelized pralines / sugar cookie / caramel coffee overpour (!!! so good)
Bags of brittle: 

4 packs:

  • steakhouse rolls
  • burnt sugared ZB
  • marshmallow coffee ice cream
  • frankenberry cereal
  • orange caramel cupcakes
  • spearmint
  • coffee
  • creme brulee 
  • sweet orange chili pepper (so good!)
  • juniper breeze
  • butter cookies
  • boo berry
  • cool whip
  • glazed lemon cookies
What the 4 packs look like close up, love the personalization/branding:  Side note: I think this color would be a great wall color (with tan and white accents):

Tart brittle up close: (I'm probably alone in liking non colored wax)

Loaves--slightly glittery, extra chunky:

I am going through a major shift in scent preferences. I want nothing but fruity and (gasp) floral. The only bakery I'm obsessed with right now is pecan waffle and it's variants. Give me plumeria and sweet pea and pear and peaches (maybe). Throw in some strawberries and oranges and grapefruit.

I'm ready for summer. I hope you are too!

My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.12 & 13

I wanted to share what my eyes see on mornings when there are wax goodies waiting for me when I wake up. Because of my work hours, I'm a (mostly) day sleeper, waking up when the sun is almost at it's brightest, around noon. My bedroom is a dark cocoon with blackout cellular shades and blackout curtains. It's hotel room fabulous. So when I open my bedroom door, my eyes are immediately fighting to adjust to blaring sunlight. I love mornings when I turn the corner from the upper landing, blinking to focus and I see this: (I actually had an unmistakable sense of happiness when I saw those boxes. I stopped for a moment to appreciate it and snap a pic). 
Two lovely boxes filled with The Bathing Garden and I Heart Wax goodies.  As I sat my tired rear down on the stairs to open the boxes, the doorbell rang because UPS was delivering Candles from the Keeping Room and my Blush beauty subscription box.

Can everyday start like this please!

I'm a week behind in weekly melts, mostly because there has been a lot going on with my little Fannie dog. She went through a rough patch but is still her happy, loving and energetic self. I'm really taking it day by day with her and loving her as much as I possibly can.  I know that when it's time to say goodbye - it could be weeks or several months (with even a small chance for years), I will be MIA with grief. If I don't update after a week, that is probably why.

My FAVES from the last two weeks:

Streetman Candle Co. - fresh linen - Even though I don't gravitate towards fresh scents on a regular basis, every now and then one jumps up and gives my olfactory senses a big ole kisser.  I loved fresh linen and I can't tell you how excited I get when one of these little 1oz scent shots is so strong and throws so well. Not only that, it lasted with a strong scent release for about six hours. Definite repurchase!

Beezy - mountain dew - This one makes me want to shout from the rooftops--it's just that fabulous. I have to say that I don't like mountain dew. It's been...I don't know how long..since I've had one in close enough proximity to smell. I didn't expect to like this, much less love it. To me this is a strong, sweet citrus that lasted, no exaggeration, almost two days. I melted it non stop for 18+ hours and it was perfection. Top 5 beezy for me. I love you Beezy. 

After the first week, I went through multiple scent shots of Beezy, HHS and a couple of CBV. I wanted to make sure my oldest Beezies still performed well because I was going to destash many of them. They did! As for HHS and CBV, their time has come and gone. I waited entirely too long to melt them. These were much older than Beezy though, probably as old as early summer last year.  Drats. 
Now with the above Beezy and the destashed Beezy, I'm down to about half my Beezy stash.

Favorites from Beezy (most of theml previously mentioned):
caramel apple, strip & go naked, wildberry mousse ZB, pumpkin pecan waffles (I'm going through a thing right now with pecan waffles) and by the way, it's PEE CAN. non of this PUH KHAN business.

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT -part 2 (11/18)
     Rosegirls (1/1)
     Glitterati (2/20) arrived 3/20
     TBG (3/5) arrived 4/7
     Making Scents (3/12)
     Waxie Lady (3/21)
     UTC - rts (3/21) arrived 3/27
     CFTKR (3/27) arrived 4/7
     UTC - custom (3/28) arrived 4/4
     I HEART Wax - (3/29) arrived 4/7
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     RG - sampler x2 (4/6)

Hopeful orders:
     SMT ordered 3/30
     CFTKR ordered 3/27
     Butterfly Lane

     Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald (still!, these slow books are killing me!)
     The Counselor

Tomorrow hubs is getting on a plane to Wisconsin. To a small town called Verona Wisconsin. You know I google mapped that to a well known town called Oshkosh and found out it was a mere 2 hour drive away. Unfortunately, he's at a medical conference and won't be able to get away for a trip to the RG store. Stupid doctors. :)

I hope your April is going swimmingly so far.  

Destash - Phase 2

Phase 1 went okay but I have to do one thing different for Phase 2.  I encountered a problem with having people comment in the regular section, comment in the FB section in addition to sending emails without commenting all at really close times.  So for today's post, if you're interested please EMAIL ME at:

Everything else will remain the same. Please choose as much as you want as long as you think you'll enjoy it. I'll try to update the list as emails come in but it might take me awhile to respond back to your email.  

In case you didn't see yesterday's post:
  1. The wax is free but I ask that you pay for shipping. I will hold your wax until all the destashes are up and will ship USPS priority mail. 
  2. Choose what scents you want. If you want to try something I encourage you to grab it. The only thing I ask is that you don't choose something you know you won't like just because it's free.  Somebody else might really enjoy it.
  3. IMPORTANT:  email me at xxx with your request.   DO NOT USE THE COMMENT SECTION. 
  4. I estimate all destashes to be up and boxes ready to ship around 4/18.  
  5. Don't be shy or feel greedy. Take as much as you want as long as you might like it. Most of this will get thrown away otherwise. 
  6. If there is more than one scent (indicated by an X), please specify how many you want. Bags of tarts will remain as one unit.
If you were only able to get one or two scents, don't worry, I'll make sure we at least fill a small flat rate box for you.  

  1. Ultimate Caramel Apple - 3 chunks
  2. Butterbrickle Caramel Ice Cream Pie - 3 chunks

  1. Frosted Pmpkin Blue Ribbon Cookie
  2. Pumpkin Marshmallow Blue Ribbon Cookie
BEEZY (if it helps, just put Beezy and the # so you don't have to write the scent name)

  1. Beezy Bakery Shop
  2. Amish Friendship Bread
  3. Pink Zucchini Bread
  4. Pink Sugar Bread
  5. Marshmallow Chocolate Lava
  6. Chocolate Lava Cake
  7. Pistachio Pudding Cake
  8. Blue Raspberry Icee
  9. Pink Toasty Marshmallow x2
  10. Orange Sherbet
  11. Salted Caramel (yankee)
  12. Southern Corn Bread
  13. Pineapple Souffle
  14. Starburst x2
  15. Lemon Sugar Bundt Cake
  16. Banana Cream Pie
  17. Pineapple Orchid
  18. Sugar Corn Pudding
  19. Pumpkin Caramel Latte
  20. Fresh Baked Cookies x2
  21. Ice Cream Scoop Bread x4
  22. Fluffy Pink Candy
  23. Pink Toasty Marshmallow x2
  24. Banana in da Coconut
  25. Pumpkin Gingerbread
  26. Caramel Latte
  27. Pink Sugar Cookies
  28. Pink Peppermint
  29. Pineapple Colada
  30. Caramel Nut Cluster

  1. Camp Fire Desserts - 5 grubbies

  1. Lucy & Ethel
  2. Norma Jean
  3. Spoonful of Sugar
  4. Tara Will Never Go Hungry Again
  5. My Favorite Things

  1. Toffee Graham Pie
  2. Osmanthus & Fig
  3. Island Oasis

  1. Almond Macaroon Cheesecake
  2. Mulberry Circus
  3. Aunt Bethany's Jell-o Mold
  4. Winter Winds (specialty tart)
  5. Midnight Marquis
  6. Raspberry Noel & Peppermint Fluff
  7. Candy Cane
  8. Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows and Peppermint
PLEASE REMEMBER TO EMAIL ME with your choices at xxx

This will be all for awhile.  I may have smaller lots with wax I just received that I haven't been able to sort and label yet in the near future.

Have a great day!