Rosegirls - June '14 Order {part 1}

Guess what I was doing June 21st of this year?

Immediately after I successfully placed my order, I stared longingly at my computer screen before I could send out the first of many messages to wax friends who, I have no doubt, were staring just as wide eyed in front of their computers.

Don't vomit. That was the astute advice I gave to someone that day. If you ordered, you probably understand. 

I was ready to go. My list was checked and double checked. Last minute additions and deletions were done. By the time the website went live, I was in the game.

I split my order up into two parts. I had a very special wax friend order the second half for me since she decided to sit out this opening.  

Ordering was not difficult this time. The website stayed open an ample amount of time (relatively speaking), even for the slowest or unsurest of orderers. The time was announced and all you had to do was be in front of an internet device and the chances were excellent to get in an order. 

I had plenty of time to get my entire order in but I wanted to split them up to decrease the wait times. 

Part one of my order was slightly bigger in terms of dollar amount but contains fewer items because of the whole pies and 2 pounds loaves that were in it.

Most of the bakery bags are in part two but I managed to add one into this order:
lemon poppyseed wildberry birthday cake

First time ordering the two pound loaves. These are humungous and I've decided I prefer them over the whole pie option:
cranberry orange cranberry marmalade, sweet lavender marshmallow smoothie,
pecan waffles monster cookie marshmallow smoothie

The reason I like them better than the pies is because they do not require any additional cutting:

I thought I had corralled all of the one pounders for the picture but this one was hiding out with the pies:

(9) one pound loaves:
          CCF = cotton candy frosting, PW = pecan waffles, ICSB = ice cream scoop bread
 (1) wildberry / CCF / baked zucchini bread    (2) CCF / gilligans brew /  PW
(3) royal sugar cookie / serendipity / marshmallow smoothie
(4) pumpkin cupcake / gingerbread cake / cuppa cake  (5) french vanilla latte / monster cookie / dunk my donut   
(6) strawberry jam / waffle cone / serendipity  (7) wilberry / strawberry jam / ICSB
(8) pie crust / harvest bake sale / apple butterscotch  (9) wildberry / monster cookie 

Whole Pies:
monster cookie fluff puffs and frosted strueselkuchen 

The most exciting wax to purchase and receive. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be obsessed with Rosegirls for a very long time. 

I hope you have an amazing day! <3

Vintage Chic Scents - Order 2

I can't think of another vendor who has achieved greater success in their freshman year as Vintage Chic Scents (VCS). We obviously don't have numbers to measure such benchmarks but if you've been around the Facebook vendor groups enough, it's easy to gauge and guess who is doing well based on their page popularity. 

Sometimes when vendors open and close, it's hard to tell if sales meet expectations but for VCS, I don't have a doubt that Kirby is succeeding in her endeavors. 

This is only my second order and I'll be honest, it's because my first order didn't excite me. To be fair, I almost expected that to happen because like anything in life, our first time trying new things often leaves room for improvement.  

However, first impressions go a very long way. 

It wasn't until I was gifted numerous tarts from VCS's more recent openings that I stopped to pay attention. The performance I received from those tarts demanded my attention.

Vintage Chic Scents was back on my radar.

I placed an order after keeping up to date with the FB group page on scents that were going to be available, made my wish list accordingly and waited until the day arrived for the opening.

Although I didn't get everything on my list, I was perfectly okay with that. I'm way past the stage in ordering wax where I get upset when I miss an opening or can't snag a scent in time. I think most of us truly do adopt the "Next Time" spirit after a certain point in our wax lives. 

It's worth a mention that the scent I didn't get was the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle blend that I was drooling over. NEXT TIME!

Shipping is flat rate at $7.95

The autumn sampler included 5 leaf tarts for $12.95. The tarts averaged 2.3 ounces (they were between 2.1 to 2.4 ounces each). This sampler was $1.13 per ounce
from left to right:
  • Night of the Living Dead - almost like a fruit punch but much more tart than sweet {satsuma blonde moment vanilla bean noel and zucchini bread}
  • Annabelle Doll - juicy and ripe fruity blend that is very sweet. {cranberry strawberry pomegranate} 
  • Sanderson Sisters - rather complex with a very lovely warm toffee like note but then I get an odd sour note that I can't quite pinpoint. {caramel apple, caramel corn and marshmallow}
  • The Great Pumpkin - a nice, lightly spiced pumpkin. May be a tad on the dry side. {pumpkin layer cake with cream cheese frosting}
  • Bride of Frankenstein - I'm picking up an artificial candy sweetness with maybe a little creaminess. All I can think of is creamy starbursts. {apple blueberry wedding cake}

Each three pack of one ounce flower tarts is $3.50 making it $1.17 per ounce.
  • arsenic & old lace - I like this one! It has a tart lemon or lime but it's blended with a sweet strawberry that makes this hard to put down. {strawberry fruit loops cotton candy
  • deep slumber - a great herbal lavender toned down by pink sugar {pink lavender vanilla honey}
  • his girl friday - {coconut orange cream cotton candy frosting} this almost reminded me of a fruity serendipity.
  • there's no place like home - I smell nuts, like a nutty type of fruitless bread. {pumpkin pecan waffles} Now I smell my beloved PPW. I still smell nuts though.
  • sunny side of the street - a pucker worthy lemon, not too much bakery detected if any. {lemon custard, buttery cake and coconut cream}
  • notorious - maybe the lightest scent on cold sniff, I get a faint fruity sweetness {raspberry guava cotton candy frosting}
  • surfer girl - I love this one. It has a very pretty sweetness to it {key lime coconut cream pie graham cracker crust and pink sugar}
  • happy days - a very strong and clean masculine scent {apple mango tango and clean cotton} a well done laundry, I love it!
  • north by northwest - another very powerful lemon, I'm not picking up much of anything else on cold {lemon colada cotton candy}
  • little briar rose - {green apple pomegranate cotton candy frosting} Green apple! Yes, that's what it is. Green apple can smell like watermelon to me so I was confused knowing I didn't order anything with watermelon. 
  • windsor - smells like twizzlers to me. {banana coconut cream pie}
  • the philadelphia story - oh hello pistachio! {strawberry passion pistachio pudding cake cotton candy frosting}
  • rose encrusted castle - lemon lemon lemon. and I want to say rose because it's in the name but my mind may be playing tricks on me. {rose petal drenched lemon cake} yes, I could definitely smell the rose in the backgroud.
  • war of the worlds - again I smell lemon with a touch of creaminess. {serendipity fruit loops marshmallow} what?! most lemony fruit loops ever. 

The freebies were one ounce scent shots! I LOVE the one ounce shots. It would be awesome if these were a regular offering! 

A couple of things worth mentioning about VCS. 

  1. Even though there are a ton of orders per opening, everything is RTS and the turn around time reflects that. We're all rushing to get our orders in but it makes very little difference if you're order #1 or #186.  (in terms of shipping)
  2. I've read numerous times that VCS wax benefits from ample cure time.
  3. Make sure you create a wish list if you plan on ordering more than a couple of things. It's a lifesaver. 
If you're interested in ordering from VCS, it's best to get updates on openings from their group page HERE!
Their website is always open (with scent descriptions!) HERE!

How many times have you ordered from VCS? What's your #1 VCS blend?

My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.34

It's been a pretty weak week in the melts department. We had a couple of rough days with Curtis' grandmother being taken to the ER and admitted for a few days. She woke up one day and was unable to move. Luckily she did not have a stroke. She seems to be doing better now and is spending the next several weeks in a rehabilitation nursing home to get her strength back.

She's eating cookies. I've never been happier to walk in on someone eating cookies.  She's going to be fine.

Here is what I did melt:

FAVES from last week:

Can Do Candles - peach magnolia raspberry - a floral/fruity trio that was delightful. The performance was outstanding and has given me much hope and excitement for the rest of my Can Do order.

Rosegirls - ooey gooey caramel marshmallow celtic moonspice - about three minutes into this melting on the warmer, the scent release was already presenting itself in a very bold and wonderful way. This blend will warm the coldest of souls on a chilly autumn night. It wasn't spicy in an off putting way but rather the most comforting way imaginable. 

Also melted, not pictured (highlighted are FAVES):
     HHS - 
         whipped peaches & cream

     K's Kreations -
          strawberry coconut cookie bread
          sugar cookie
          loopy coconut cookie bread

     Can Do Candles -
         raspberry violet

     Beezy -Tarts -
          strip & go naked
          birds of paradise
     Ten Digit Creations -
         strawberry shortcake *gift*

     Aunt Smellman -
          pinkie's strawberry shortcake
          rainbow sherbert
     Glitterati -
          zucchini bread toasted marshmallow
          satsuma serendipity   

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Thirty Street Wax - sampler (8/22) arrived 9/2
     Butterfly Lane - (8/30) arrived 9/4
     Beezy Tarts - (8/30)
     Enchanted Candle Co. - (9/2)

A couple of weeks ago I received my small Haus of Gloi order. I was talking to a waxy friend about my love for Front Porch's lemon honeysuckle and she reminded me it was she who recommended it to me because of her enchantment for HoG's honeysuckle lemon curd. I went to the HoG website and ordered that day. 

This is my order minus a bar of soap in the same scent.  I've only had it for a little over a week and as you can see from the level of the lotion, I'm going through it pretty quickly.
 I absolutely love the consistency of the soft bubbling  scrub and it works perfectly with my Buf-Puf body sponge

When it comes to wearing perfumes, I've never been one to layer. I was a same soap, same lotion, same perfume kind of girl. That changed when I started using Molecule 01, a weird eau de toilette that smells different on everyone. 

I like every kind of perfume. From trendy department store ones to higher end niche ones. I started spritzing Molecule 01 under my daily fragrance and haven't looked back.  I use it as a way to make easily recognized perfumes a little bit more unique on me.

I'm used to being complimented on my fragrance {very odd to say, I mean that in the least snotty way possible}  but the other day I received an unusually high amount of positive comments. 

It got me thinking of posting my perfume cocktail, a perfume of the day of sorts.

Here is the combination that brought all the boys to the yard:

Clinique's Happy is so 1998, I know.  I loved it though and I still enjoy it every now and then. 

I want to know, do you layer your fragrances? What's your current favorite perfume?

Order of the Odor: Volume 1

Welcome! This will be a monthly highlight of some great wax related posts from the previous month. 

What is your ultimate fall scent comprised of?

I've only spent a couple of Septembers in climates that have seasons. Florida, San Diego and Las Vegas get cool but typically don't experience the full blown glory of autumn. For as long as I can remember I've used fragrance to help bring fall closer to home. I'll make a pot of stove top potpourri with cinnamon sticks, apple peels, orange rinds, vanilla and cloves. Or, I'll illuminate my space with my favorite fall candles and more recently, my favorite wax tarts. 
The common note in my ultimate fall scent blends is apple. Within the last year though, Pumpkin Pecan Waffle is making a huge move to first place as my ultimate. 

It's Always Something- Curious how Kim's Tarts are faring these days? Deb took the plunge and has had some great results.... to her husband's chagrin.

Fragrance Obsessed- Butterfly Lane is back open and trying new things, some work and maybe some need tweaking. Find out Sunnee's musings here.

Lololoves Scents- Ahhh! The power of a good donut. Lauren rarely praises a bakery... what prompted her to this time? She also laments finding a decent coffee creamer around town.

The Redolent Mermaid- Is your sniffer searching for something unique and complex? With help from her friends, Julie rediscovered a not-so-hidden gem. 

My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.33

The beginning and ending of these weekly melts posts are torture. I stare blankly at my computer screen waiting for the perfect start, then again for the perfect finish. 

Do I just start talking about me? For instance, I started taking real estate courses online and I'm hoping to have my real estate license by the end of the year.

Do I start with why I want to change careers, at 40? Or the absolute love I have for real estate and housing in a very real monopoly kind of way? That I don't want to be a real estate agent, but I want to buy all. the. houses. Or repair and remodel to flip some of them. 

I have a picture of my perfect day and in it I am a female version of Jeff Lewis --but with patience. 

Do I start by talking about you? How much I want to ask you how much sleep you got last night and what you ate for dinner yesterday? 

Would it be weird that if I were at your house, I would want to look in your refrigerator because I think that if I did, I could see your soul. I'm also oddly fascinated with laundry room organization. What detergent/whitener/bleach/fabric softener you use would have me mesmerized for several minutes. 

Or do I just go straight to last weeks melts?:

FAVES and REPURCHASES for last week:

Candles from the Keeping Room - strawberry musk - *gift* - it's hard putting strawberry in the perfume category but strawberry musk kind of fits there more than anywhere else. Although present, the fruitiest part of the strawberry is held back and the musk is in the forefront. I found this to be medium strong in my bedroom in a 24w hot plate. 

Glitterati - orange lace cake - I've melted this before and really enjoyed it but last week I melted it again with several months worth of cure time and it was a home run. One chunk (Glitterati's chunks are on the larger side), fully enveloped my entire downstairs in a perfectly sweet and creamy orange scent. I pushed the duration of orange lace cake to it's limits because I did not want it to end --about six hours with a solid throw. 

Butterfly Lane - satsuma watermelon punch  I think I'm turning on satsuma, there's something about it that I'm not liking very much lately. But, this satsuma with watermelon punch is fantastic. The much needed watermelon brings out the best in the satsuma. 24w hot plate / bedroom / melted for 8 hours, strong for about 5. 

Rosegirls - nilla strawberry noel - a popular and often favorite scent from RG. I love it too. The blend is Nilla wafers, strawberry jam and VBN. RG's strawberry jam picks you up and envelops you in a warm hug. I haven't been disappointed in a strawberry jam blend from them, ever. Glade 20w hot plate / kitchen and entrance hall / medium strong for 4 hours. 

CFTKR - wildberry mousse - *gift* - when this wildberry mousse started to lift and fill the air, I wasn't too keen on it but as it got stronger and dispersed a bit more, I ended up really digging it. Wildberry in wax has a specific rich tartness to it, that isn't the citrus tartness that I normally think of when I mention tart. Sometimes it has a burnt, smoky note that reminds me of s'mores, if s'mores were fruity. 24w hot plate / entrance hall / 5 hours. 

Also melted, not pictured (highlighted are FAVES):
     CFTKR - 
          lemon noel sugar cookie *gift*
          lavender noel zucchini *gift*
          day at the fair 
          peach pie filling *gift*

     K's Kreations -
          chiffon bliss cookies

     Can Do Candles -
          coconut milk & lavender

     Saperterapi -
          coconut milk & lavender 

     Beezy -Tarts -
          cotton candy

     Daphne's Divine - 
          coconut colada tangerine cake
          island mango raspberry rainbow

     Wilma -
          down home muffins
     Up the Creek Scents - 
          marshmallow bean noel

     Makes Scents -
          zucchini noel
     Vintage Chic Scents - 
          order of the arrow *gift*          
          lucy and ethel *gift*
          princess of monaco *gift*

     Waxie Lady - 
         blackberry lemonade

     Sniff My Tarts -
          honeydew cream  

     Shayz Scents -
          pink coconut verbena
     Glitterati -
          satsuma serendipity
          lemon meringue & toasted coconut          
          wildberry crumb cake  
          white tea & pomegranate

     Candles by Victoria -

     Steetman Company Store -

     Lasting Scent Candles -
         white chocolate macadamia nut cookie
          toffee bark

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Rosegirls (6/21) arrived 8/25
     Front Porch (8/14) arrived 8/23
     VCS (8/18) arrived 8/21
     Thirty Street Wax - sampler (8/22)

I've got my eye on a few bigger pieces of furniture and decorative items for the house but while I'm researching and narrowing down the choices, I decided to knock off another item from the 'house to do/buy' list: plants.

I have somewhere between a brown and green thumb, so the following plants could go either way. 

I love orchids and I'm pretty good at keeping them alive during the entire duration of their blooms. I was drawn to this particular orchid because I loved the contemporary vase that it's in. 
I'm not so great with orchids that I can get them to re-bloom from the bulb, that takes some serious green thumb wickedry that I lack. I think you can put the roots in a refrigerator for hibernation and viola --it blooms again. I don't have that kind of fridge room or patience.

I also picked up a fern that I plotted in a less liked cutesy vase: 

This ficus moved in with us three years ago and it's the first ficus I've kept alive. It was starting to go south so I mustered up all my green thumb strength and gave it a trim, tied the branches together, put in a stake to help keep it upright and added a humidifier to the room to give it the moisture it craves.

Look at the color of those leaves. They gently pat me on the back when I walk by. 

I don't know what this plant is called but I like how spunky it is. 

My hope is that this will grow triple or quadruple in height.

One thing that makes plant buying difficult for me is the vases. My current style is a combination of traditional/modern and most vases don't usually work with the rest of the decor in the house.  The two vases above are exactly what I was looking for. 

I still need a few more plants to complete my indoor greenery.

Do you have a favorite indoor plant? I would love to know so I can go search for it and name it after you. :)

Have a great Thursday! I'll be rooting for the Chargers tonight in my husband's just purchased season seats. (I go for the giant pretzels)

Can Do Candles - Order 1 and GIVEAWAY **CLOSED**

I'll be emailing you shortly :)

I hang my head in shame over the delay in posting some of my hauls. Like this one from Can Do Candles. This order arrived in my eager hands back when May was turning into June and summer was still a reason for excitement. 

It wouldn't be so bad, this late posting, if it weren't for the fact that I don't start melting from an order until the pictures are taken. I've gone all these months without melting anything from this awesome order I placed way back when.

I purchased (16) six packs (6 packs come in these bags, which I love): --highlighted stood out on cold --
  • plumeria milk - plumeria with VBN
  • sugar beans - creamy custard and VBN
  • camu-camu - red berries, orange, peach nectar and lime
  • bedtime bath - highly recommended and popular scent but unfortunately it's no longer on the available scent list. I believe this is a Johnson & Johnson baby wash dupe. 
  • plumeria 
  • herbal essence - flashback childhood with this shampoo dupe. 
  • pared pears
  • green beans - another highly recommended scent, green apples and VBN. 
  • vanilla butter fudge
  • cookie butter crack x2
  • twinkle toes - grapefruit combined with several other fruits
  • sweet pea
  • blue ribbon cookie x2
  • peach magnolia raspberry - whoa. so good!

Individual Scents:
  • nag champa
  • white cherry blossom
  • raspberry violet
  • Lessi's blueberries & cream
  • hydrangea
  • butt naked
  • cast iron cookies
  • midnight pomegranate 
  • grapefruit
  • kiwi sage & ginger
  • black coconut
  • blue ribbon coconut cookies
  • paradise island - no longer on the scent list but smells like fruit punch
  • coconut butt
  • lavender chamomile
  • morning glory & honeysuckle
  • apple mango tango
  • cocoa cookie butter
  • lemon pound cake
  • butter cream pie
  • french gardenia
  • strawberry cake
  • pink sands
  • orange coconut

I have a feeling Can Do wax tarts are much like Candles from the Keeping Room in that I can't really get a good sense of the scent until it is melted.  If I had to guess, the wax blend is somewhat similar, a hardy paraffin. 

Shipping is charged in the exact amount to ship from vendor to customer. The tarts are one ounce each making the single tart option $1.00 per ounce.  The packs of six are $4.35 per bag making it $0.73 per ounce. 

Can Do was so easy to order from with an excellent scent list. When I ordered, I was in the mood for fresh, fruity and floral so my purchase lacked the usual heft in the bakery department. 

I'm certain my next order from Can Do is in the near future, if for no other reason than their fall seasonal scents were just listed on their business page today. Turns out, there IS another reason why I must place another order and that is Nilla Wafers. While this order was somewhere that time forgot in my wax storage, I received a bag of Can Do's Nilla Wafers from a friend and fell in love with it. Nilla will definitely be joining the fall line up in my next purchase. 

I ordered an extra bag of blue ribbon cookies and cookie butter crack, specifically thinking of you guys. I'd like to give these away, so if you don't mind three month old wax, please leave me a comment with the year you graduated high school. I'll also fill the Regional A box up with your favorite types of scents.  I'll pick the winner at midnight on Wednesday. (US shipping only please)  ****CLOSED****

Can Do Candles doesn't have a group page on FB but they do have a fan page that you can find HERE!
They are also currently open for orders on their website HERE!

Linking the business page got me thinking about how most vendors nowadays have FB group pages with a relatively small amount sticking to just business pages. Beezy and The Bathing Garden come to mind. 

For the most part, I think wax customers prefer a group page for vendors. The biggest reason that I've heard is that they don't want their comments posted so that their friends and family can see. I don't have that issue because I have a FB account strictly for wax, but I can understand that reasoning.

The biggest difference that I notice between the two is the level of interaction between vendors and customers. 

I'll preface my next thought by saying this: I am a huge fan girl of some vendors. I have to consciously take a step back and keep my distance from them or else I'd be like, hiiii, i love you so much. all the time.  Thankfully, this blog has kept me from doing that. I may be missing out on establishing real friendships and relationships with some, but for the duration of this space and my commitment to being as genuine as I can be, I'll continue peering in from the outside.  Not that anyone is beating down my door to be friends with me ...

That being said, I like seeing a definite professional distance between vendors and FB groups. It's always exciting to see vendors posting in general wax groups and often times it's enlightening but there have been many occasions when some vendors get carried away. It is possible to post too much, to be too attached to a topic that you can't let it go. And it looks bad. Even if they're right, actually it would be more correct to say--even if I agree with the vendor, I get very uneasy when they assert too much. 

To a certain extent, it's true in their own groups and private groups too. I have been acutely aware of when vendors favor certain members. That doesn't bother me as much because vendor/customer friendships do form and I truly believe there is nothing wrong with that. 

It's when those friendships make other customers feel they are less important or valuable that the blurred lines become sharp and dividing. 

And if there's one thing I've learned from my experience in the wax world, it's that there are fans/customers/friends of vendors who are very possessive and unnecessarily aggressive. 

Back to Can Do! The owner, Donna, is kind and professional. The few interactions we had reference my order were courteous and expeditious. 

Have you tried Can Do Candles? If so, what are your favorite scents?

My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.32

Here I am, half watching ...oh what's it called --Eva Mendes is a bad mom with a brilliant turned rebellious teenager?--whatever it is, it is b.a.d. 

I want more from the mama of Ryan Gosling's baby. I obviously say that out of jealousy because I've had a crush on Gosling since Crazy Stupid Love. Do forty year old women still have celebrity crushes? A part of me thinks I should outgrow this, even though I'm decades improved from Kirk Cameron, Corey Haim and Jordan Knight. 

Last weeks melts!


  • Front Porch - lemon basil sage mint - this might just turn 'fresh' haters around. FP's lemon is on the sweeter side to me so it takes the greenness down a notch in the other three notes. 
  • Vintage Chic Scents - father of the bride - *gift* - strawberry lemon curd wedding cake. As soon as I melted father of the bride, there was no turning back on my decision to place an order with VCS. 
  • Sugar & Spice - serendipity marshmallow - *gift* - strong, sweet and amazing. S&S is the real deal.

Also melted, not pictured (highlighted are FAVES):
     CFTKR - 
          pumpkin pecan waffles *gift*
          orange and goji berry     
          bergamot rosewood   
          ultimate bakery *gift*        
          blue snow cone

     Daphne's Divine - 
          orange dreamsicle 
          sugar cookie brulee / zucchini bread         

     Up the Creek Scents - 
          burnt sugared zucchini bread confetti cake
     Candlecopia - 
          bite me

     Wilma - 
         banana jam thumbprint cookies
     Scentsy -
          black raspberry vanilla    
          grandma's kitchen          

     Glitterati -
           lavender cucumber sage
     Steetman Company Store -
         coconut & lime
         sweet pea
         island fresh
         surfer girl - I LOVED this!   

     Rosegirls -
         cranberry pear smoothie
         starman's starfruit swizzle sticks
         blueberry cobbler / cuppa cake / sweet pops *gift*

     Long Cane Primitives -
          blackberry jam thumbprint cookies

     Lasting Scent Candles -
          lavender mallow bread
          summertime blues

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Rosegirls (6/21)
     Butterfly Lane (8/11) arrived 8/15
     Thirty Street (8/13) arrived 8/20
     Front Porch (8/14)
     VCS (8/18)

...........I meant to hit "publish" on this post but I just spent the last twenty minutes reading Corey Haim's wikipedia page. 

That was depressing. 

Luckily, it looks like my VCS order will be on my porch today. Things are looking up.