Band of Bloggers - Vol. 2 /Feb. 2016

Welcome to the month of February! Congratulations, you survived the start of the New Year! If this is your first month joining us, Band of Bloggers is a revamped version of the Order of the Odor, where we do a monthly chat about all matters of waxy things and life. We hope you join us in the conversations!

This month's question is: Now that we have settled into the new year of 2016, we wanted to find out what are your goals for this year (life, blog, work, travel etc)?

I love this month's topic, especially because the timing of it is right around the time I start slacking on all of those first of the year resolutions. 

LIFE - 2016 is a year of big changes and new beginnings for me and Curtis. We're transitioning into our new life in the Atlanta suburbs and will hopefully establish healthy routines. I really want to focus on my health this year and continue to make it my goal to work out, make better food choices more often and not stress out so much. 

BLOG - yes. I need to up my blogging game big time. I've been working on a more personal, picture heavy blog that I hope to make live in the next couple of weeks. I've been going back and forth in terms of what to do with Fragrance Obsessed and I think I will keep it. Talking about wax purchases isn't really what the other blog is going to be about and I still want a space to talk about waxy goodness so another goal this year is to manage both and keep them updated.

WORK - I'm taking a hiatus from the working world to settle into our new home and figure out what direction I want to take my life. This is probably going to sound trite but I want to "work" on being happy and content while bringing joy to everyone I meet and have a relationship with.

TRAVEL - travel goals bring air to my lungs, I truly am most alive when I travel or plan my travels. After our upcoming trip to New Zealand and Australia, 2016 travel goals will hopefully bring trips to New Orleans, Martha's Vineyard, Daytona Beach, Charleston, Nashville, Destin and many trips to San Diego. 


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Band of Bloggers - Vol. 1 /Jan. 2016

Welcome to the revamped version of Order of the Odor.  We've reorganized and are expanding our monthly topics beyond just all things smelly.  We hope you visit each member's blog to see their contribution each month, and we hope you participate too by leaving your own answers in the comments.

To kick off a new year and a new group effort, we asked . . . 
What vendor (wax or anything) are you MOST excited to order from this year?

First, Happy New Year! There have been many, many changes around here at Fragrance Obsessed but I will hold off on the updates and jump right into this sweet collaborative with a very dear group of blogging friends.

I had to contemplate two vendors when narrowing down my answer for this months question. One is Sniff My Tarts, because ordering next Friday has pretty much been occupying all of my head space lately. The second is Dessa's Homespun Scents. I won a Dessa's giveaway a few months back and I've been itching to order ever since but wanted to wait until after we settled into our new home.

I wouldn't say we are anywhere near settled, but my Paypal account has finally been updated with my new address and that is as settled as I need to be for wax purchases, I suppose.

Final answer - Dessa's Homespun Scents. I had my order in the cart and ready tonight, actually. Prior to checkout, I went to the FB group page just to make sure I wasn't missing out on any first of the year specials or sales and read about a new blending option that will be added to the website in the near future. I think I'll hold off on my order until that happens but yeah, I'm most excited for Dessa's!    

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Wax Haul - Rosegirls April 2015 Custom Order

Hello! I'm starting the month of November with my Rosegirls custom order from last April. This order was received in two shipments, the most recent one arriving last week. 

I get asked, quite often, how to place a successful order with Rosegirls. I love seeing random emails or messages on Facebook from hopeful customers asking if I have any tricks or tips. Some insinuate that I can only order so much because I have insider benefits. 

I wish. Seriously.

But I am always happy to share my experience with Rosegirls' openings and how I've never missed an opportunity to order.  
Honestly, ordering from Rosegirls is not difficult, at all. The exception is when they have silent openings, but in my experience, those are more the exception rather than the norm. I've endured only one silent opening and managed to get an order in by the skin of my teeth that time.

because you know I'm all about that pie

  1. I would say one of the most important things that you must do in order to ensure a successful order is be a member of the Rosegirls Facebook Group (here). That is where all of the opening information gets passed along. Unfortunately, if you're not into Facebook there's really no other way to get the scoop (that I know of). 
  2. Set up a gift registry with what you hope to order. You can do this on their website a week or so prior to the opening. This is non-negotiable in my book. If you don't set up a registry and you complain you didn't have enough time to get your order in, I will partake in the biggest face palm of my life. 
  3. This will probably be my biggest tip of all and possibly the only thing seasoned orderers may not be doing yet. Have a separate tab set up for each page of your registry. That way you can add-go back-add-go back-add-go back for the entirety of one page then just click on the next tab to get to your next page. Trust me, this saves SO MUCH TIME and time is precious when there's a possibility that the website could close in as little as a couple of minutes. A savvy waxie taught me this and it's going down as one of my greatest life lessons - ever. 
  4. Clear your agenda for a good half hour before the opening time. You don't want to be distracted and pulled away at the last second. My Rosegirls opening day routine goes like this : pray. make sure I'm wearing loose fitting clothing. brief my husband with the following - a) I am not available unless someone in my immediate family has a life threatening emergency b) No sudden movements or loud outbursts, stay out of the room if possible c) DO NOT ASK ME HOW MUCH WAX I ALREADY HAVE. then I go to my office and restart my desktop and make sure there are new batteries in my mouse and keyboard. check my registry. open a tab for each registry page. sign into paypal. chat with waxie friends on FB until about 5 minutes before opening. At the five minute mark I close FB and throw my cell phone into the other room. I turn on Enya - Watermark is my personal favorite. breathe. refresh times one million. Order. pass out. 
  5. If the opening is silent, meaning there is no predetermined time set up for the website to go live, life becomes a little more stressful. The last time this happened, the day was announced but not the exact time. I took the day off of work. I was prepared to have my eyes glued and my fingers refreshing until the website opened. Yet, I still missed the original opening. It was a moment of brief distraction - this is the reason why you have to be on your A game for silent openings. Always, always always have a network of waxie friends monitoring the website with you if openings are silent, this is the wax version of a prayer chain. It was this network that alerted me that the website reopened for a second round of orders and I was able to place mine during that time. 
Those are my pretty basic tips to ordering. Most wax fans already know all of this so this is for all you hopefuls out there. If you're a seasoned RG patron and can think of any tips I might've missed, pleased comment on this post to let us know!

Here's what I got -- (oh!, word on the street is early next year for the next round of customs. This is pure speculation so I'm keeping my eyes on the RG group for updates.) 

  • blueberry supreme bread - juicy blueberries and baked zucchini bread. I love all of RG's blueberry blends but this one just might be my very favorite. I would even say if you're hesitant about zucchini bread, you might be able to tolerate it in blueberry supreme bread. It's a subtle background, creamy note that is content with laying low.
  • sweet lemon confection / pink sugar / smoothie - a mega tart, melt in your mouth lemon that will make you pucker your cheeks. A sour candy lemon that is barely restrained by the pink sugar and smoothie. It makes me crave sour candy.
  • love story - a secret blend that is smack yo mama good. Love story screams LOVE SPELL to me - a little bit clean, little sweet, a little floral and a whole lot of yum. Technically Love Spell is peach and cherry blossom but it smells much more involved than that. 
  • olive you - I've talked about this before. Bed Bath & Beyond - 365 days a year.
  • rainbow sherbet - exactly what you would expect from this blend with an extra squeeze of lime. Strong and fabulous.


  • marshmallow smoothie peppermint sweet lavender - if you are a fan of sweet lavender, you must try this blend. There have been countless nights where I have crawled into bed with a book or to watch TV smelling RG's sweet lavender in the air. A staple in my household.
  • wildberry / berrylicious / royal sugar cookie - I don't think I've been maximizing the goodness of royal sugar cookie properly. Here, it pairs perfectly with the plump berries to create a divine bakery blend.
I only took pictures of each blend in a half pie but most of these scents were received in a whole pie.

strawberry jam cream cake
Alice's Vacation
Kaelyn's Caribbean Congo Line
Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Fluff Puffs
Blueberry Hill
Boo's Spooky Castle

I'm already starting to mentally plot my next custom order and I'm super excited about some of these new blends that I've been seeing.

Other than ogling over my latest Rosegirls order, life has become a series of tasks, checklists and an endless number of people to call. All in the name of moving house. I have to remember that this is an exciting transition and I hope to look back and see how many blessings have crept into the spaces between the chaos these last few weeks. It can be difficult to see the sweet spots when your stress levels are at an all time high.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying cooler weather and comfy clothes.  

GIVEAWAY - Exfoliating Shaving Whip and a Destash

There is really only one thing in my shower caddy that would cause me to panic if I were to ever run out. Lush's BIG shampoo doesn't even compare, which is saying quite a bit about my absolute obsession with Streetman's exfoliating shaving whip.

Ingrown hairs - never. 
Silky smooth, soft legs - every time.  

Heather Streetman contacted me right before I left for Atlanta and sent me a message that made me jump clear out of my chair in excitement. 

She wants to give one of you, my appreciated and loved readers/friends, a full sized exfoliating shaving whip. Shipped straight to you from her!
My excitement is though the roof. Nothing makes me happier than to share something I love. 

Riding on the coattails of Heather's generosity, I am going to combine this with my next giveaway, which stems from the news of my upcoming move. I'm going to be destashing quite a bit of my wax and will be sending the winner of this giveaway my first destash box. 

Please enter! Seriously -- if you've tried the shaving whip then I highly suspect you're going to want more and if you haven't, you must! 

1. US addresses only please
2. Giveaway will end Tuesday 10/13/15
3. Be a member of the Streetman Co. Store FB group (Link Here!)
4. Leave me a comment or send me a message letting me know
you've joined or are already a member
5. optional Say 'hi' on the group page

An exfoliating shaving whip from the Streetman's and a destash from me, it's a perfect combo.

Let's shave our legs a couple times a week this winter, who's with me?

On the Move - Atlanta Bound


I feel like I've been a space cadet lately but in my defense, there has been so much going on, I can barely keep my thoughts in order. Mostly great and exciting things but some heavy on my heart things as well. 

First, I completely messed up the dates for my own giveaway! I thought I ended it on Sunday so I was two days late announcing the winner.

who just won $50 to try Pocket Full of Peonies!

I have another giveaway coming up this week so please check back for details. Here's a hint - it's whipped, it's amazing and it's one of my favorite things in my shower caddy.

Now for the biggest news - we're moving! To a suburb outside of Atlanta. Like many things in my life, the decision was made swiftly and before I knew what was happening we were house hunting. Last week, we flew out to look at a few houses that were on our short list and ended up buying the first one we looked at. 

I started thinking about the move after recent phone conversations with my dad and his noticeably declining conversational skills. His concentration wasn't as sharp and his demeanor was becoming more and more sad. Another component of our move dilemma was the toll that my dad's health was taking on my mom. She, being much younger, is now submersed in the role of full time caretaker. 

Luckily, my husband's job allows him to work remote. Because my dad would never, ever live in California we decided we would all join my sister in Atlanta.

We're not completely leaving San Diego though. We plan on coming back and spending two or three weeks here, every other month - possibly more in the summer. I'm convinced the summer humidity in Georgia is going to kill me. 

There were a few requirements that needed to be met in order for us to agree upon the move, well, not really the move but location and house. 

First, hubby required a nearby golf course. He's the world's most average golfer but in his mind he is much better. He's dedicated, I'll give him that. 

My two must-haves were 1) country. I wanted rolling hills and miles and miles of pastures. 2) a large house - I'm cohabitating with my parents again, I'm gonna need some space.

We found a house that was country enough, not quite what I was imagining but rural and peaceful and gorgeous all the same. It's still a tract house in a cookie cutter subdivision, but the home we purchased is very large at 6100 square feet. The lots are larger than average and there are only 65 homes in the neighborhood, which was a huge selling point in our search. 

Here is the exterior of our new home :

The estimated closing date is Nov. 15. Eeekkk. November fifteenth! it just got real. I plan on working the remainder of the year so my move date won't be until January 1. 

These are videos of the interior. They are atrociously shaky, I apologize. Actually, don't watch them unless you are very curious as to what the inside of that house looks like. The videos are bad. 

In addition to buying a house last week, I had the amazing pleasure of meeting a friend that I got to know through this blog and the Facebook groups for Indie wax. It was such a great experience and it was like we had known each other for years. Curtis said immediately after meeting Melissa and her husband that it was crazy how much Melissa and I have in common. The best part, this new house is only thirty minutes away from my new BFF which is practically next door given Atlanta's horrific traffic and urban sprawl situation. 

I'm not sure how I lucked out with the most genuine, smart, funny and most importantly, non-crazy wax friends but it makes me so grateful for the handful of women that I talk to on an almost daily basis. 

I hope you are having a fantastic start to your week!

New Vendor Spotlight : Pocket Full of Peonies

I often vow to try new vendors regularly but to be perfectly honest, it's difficult to get excited about the unknown when there's a long list of tried and true vendors that I love to order from again and again. 

I'm always a little shocked when a new vendor not only impresses me but blows me away. 

Pocket Full of Peonies (PFoP) is one such vendor that exceeded my expectations. I would venture so far to say that I was even a bit blown away.

First, though. Full disclosure. 

Jennifer, the owner of PFoP, has been a reader and commenter here on the blog so when she contacted me, I recognized her immediately. She asked if I would be interested in testing her wax because she was seriously considering selling them to the public and wanted to make sure that the results she was getting at home would be similar in an unbiased test environment. 

Not that I'm getting bombarded with offers to test wax, but I have gotten a handful of requests and I've turned them down simply because I wasn't prepared to deliver bad news if the wax sucked. I knew that I had to be 100% honest and thorough. The chances of a bad review for a brand new vendor were much higher than the wax actually being decent, let alone great. 

I'm not sure exactly why I said yes when I received Jen's email late last spring. Maybe in the back of my mind I was beginning to see the need to take the blog in a different direction. If I had to tell her the wax was awful, at least I wouldn't be around as much to suffer the potential awkwardness. 

I did say yes and I'm glad I did.

Pocket Full of Peonies ONE HUNDRED PERCENT DID NOT SUCK. As a matter of fact, what I melted from the large selection she originally sent, exceeded my admittedly low expectations in a staggering way.

I received the test melts at no charge but the order I'm about to talk about was paid for by me at published rates at the time of order.

Owner : Jennifer Colony
Facebook Page : PFoP FB Group

I placed a custom order through Facebook on August 7th and received the order on August 19th - a twelve day TAT (including weekends). 

I ordered a combination of scent shots and custom blended chunks. Because my results from testing were excellent for scent shots and various other shapes, I was not worried about trying out the chunks, even though they weren't part of the test order shapes. 

The chunks have a unique, waxy outer coating on the sides that I noticed immediately. Initially, I thought there was tight, clear plastic encasing each chunk. 

These chunks are huge! 

My Chunk Order
apple crumb / cider donut / wedding cake - I smell quite a bit of cinnamon with the wedding cake note following. I'm not detecting much crumb from the apple crumb, perhaps I should have made that the overpour scent.

fresh mint / watermelon - delightful! There is a nice and subtle tart note that confused me at first but the more I sniff, the more I like.

peppermint / watermelon / marshmallow - not only do I love the pastel colors of this blend but the blend itself is amazing. I'm so glad I added the marshmallow, it puts it on another level. 

fresh mint / raw sugar / mandarin - very juicy and sweet smelling. The mandarin is just a tad too overpowering, next time I'll make the mint more dominant. Still so good, though.

strawberry jam / cotton candy cookies - not-so-great blending on my part. Strawberry jam and cotton candy are not compatible. The slight hints of bakery in the cookies is completely lost in syrupy sweetness. I like PFoP's strawberry jam though.

pumpkin pecan waffles / blueberry / marshmallow - SO good. This is a delicious, delicious blend. I may swap the blueberry as the overpour next time but it's near perfection as it is. One of my favorites from my order.

lemonade / sweet tea - probably might be a hard sell for many. I personally love it but sweet tea definitely has a peculiar beat to it. The lemonade is so tart, the inside of my cheeks started watering. Another one that I just fall in love with the more I smell it. 

pink sugar / sweet melon - Another excellent blend. I thought, maybe, this would be safe and boring but it's another favorite. Delicately sweet and pretty.

sugar cookie royale / lemon cupcakes - Sugar cookie royale was one of the scents that I tested and it was super strong. It's just strong enough here to hold it's own with the lemon. Barely, the lemon is off the charts in this blend. 

serendipity / sugar waffle cone - not my favorite. I'm feeling a little blender's remorse for this one. These two scents don't play nicely with each other. 

serendipity / citrus / coconut cream pie - I did much better with serendipity pairing it with citrus, coconut and bakery. I'm loving the citrus so much, I'm finding myself smelling around the chunk to get more whiffs of it.

twisted peppermint / lemonade / buttercream - I'll be honest, I was inspired by another vendor's blend when I thought to combine these scents. It's first and foremost a bakery, reminding me of holiday baked goods that feature peppermint. 

I ordered quite a few scent shots. Knowing how well they perform nullified any thought of scaling back.
dreamsicle - I'm picky about oranges but I like this one. I love the creaminess that wraps around the orange note.

french lime blossom (Jo Malone type) - a beautiful floral. I'm not picking up the lime but it's still superb.

cotton candy cookies - cotton candy oil varies greatly --from being subdued to sticky sweet. This is on the sweet side but I love it with the bakery component. I really do smell the cookies!

let them eat cake - my new favorite dupe and current wax obsession. I'm actually so in love with let them eat cake that I'm going to purchase the perfume from Tokyo Milk. It's labeled an oriental vanilla and it bridges musk with gourmand brilliantly. 

pink sangria - smells like a combination of sour candy and pink sugar, thumbs up!

it's bedtime kids - completely reminds me of the scent of an infant's head after a bath. I'm not familiar with the popular baby soaps and shampoos by name, but this scent is unmistakable. 

Trix (type) - I get pink bubblegum when I smell this. I was expecting something similar to fruit loops but Trix lacks the cereal note.  

beach (Bobbi Brown type) - I own Beach by Bobbi Brown in perfume and I can say that this is an excellent dupe. It's a fresh and clean beachy scent.

blueberry fruit loops - a strong scent of blueberry and lemon. I tested this one and loved it, I knew I wanted more.

I love this shape in Fairy's Petticoat.

While my order was processing, a sampler was offered through the PFoP's facebook page. I immediately grabbed one and it was delivered with my custom order.

blueberry muffin wildberry noel - I'm not a fan of wildberry because I think it smells sour, which is what I'm finding to be the case in this blend. I love the blueberry muffin and noel notes that I smell.

perfect pumpkin sugar cookie royale - this one is so very good, it has the perfect amount of spice in it --which, for me, is not a lot. Another blend where I love the sugar cookie royale.

blueberry pumpkin crunch cake - I pick up a healthy dose of cinnamon and it dominates this chunk. If I were more of a cinnamon fan I wouldn't mind it at all.

brown sugar glazed donut - To me, this is almost an exact dupe of warm vanilla sugar. Even though I get more musky than bakery, I still like it very much.

apple crumb toasted marshmallow - Love it! Non spicy, awesome bakery scent with just enough apple mixed with the smoothness of the marshmallow. I pick up the crumb too and it's perfect.

fall harvest cider lane - reminds me of potpourri - the dried petal variety. There's a definite dryness to it with subdued spiciness. 
cider donut sugared shortbread - one of my favorites in this sampler. It's a very interesting vanilla with definite touches of cider donut. 

I love my order. I think it's rather uncommon for a new vendor to debut such great quality wax. Of course there are vendors who have pretty much nailed it out of the gate, but the handful that come to mind are diamonds in the rough compared to all the unknown vendors who give scented wax a go. 

It's most definitely time for a giveaway. I am so excited about PFoP that I will be sponsoring a giveaway so that you can try them too! 

1.  Giveaway ends on Friday 10/04/15
2. Join Pocket Full of Peonies Facebook group here:
3. Leave me a comment or send me a message letting me know you're a member of the PFoP FB group
4. (optional) Comment on the group page and say hi!

***CONGRATS TO AMANDA C for winning the giveaway***

I know this may sound like an advertisement but I am in no way partnered with this vendor. I genuinely want to see them do well and love to spread the word when new vendors are worth a try!

I can't speak specifically of the wax chunks other than what I think of them pre-melted but I can say that the scent shots and other shapes that I have melted have been very strongly scented. 

Thank you for entering the giveaway!

August Empties

If my empties told a story it would describe an August where my sun protection was on point, my hands were perfectly washed and my legs, for once, regularly shaved. 

I'm still switching over to purchasing more earth friendly and natural products but in the meantime, I've got a closet full of mainstream lotions and potions to get through. It will be several more months before the hippie goods start making their way into my empties pile. There are a small handful of products that I'm not switching over to their more natural counterpart simply because I think their alternatives work much better for me, Retin A for example. 

Sun Protection

  • Target Up & Up Sport Sunscreen SPF 30 - spray sunscreens are getting a bad rap these days and I'm buying into the hype. My husband loves them so we're a family divided on the subject. He's currently using one from Sun Bum and it's really the only way I can ensure that he gets any type of sun protection, especially on those golf days. It looks like the spray screen will probably remain in our family. 
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 45 - this is good stuff. I can't guarantee that I wouldn't repurchase it if I were in a drug store and needed a quick fix. I love that it really does go on sheer and it's not greasy at all.
  • Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 50 - love/hate relationship with this one. Love that it goes on like a lotion, hate that it's Hawaiian Tropic. The scent is pleasant for summer - very much a suntan lotion, coconut type scent. I disliked the constant struggle to get the last 10 applications out of the bottle due to the shape and hardness of the plastic bottle.
Body Cream
  • Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Cream - silky smooth cream that is an luxurious smelling version of suntan lotion. It's distinct, for sure. Listen to what makes up the scent : bergamot and mandarin, Tahitian gardenia petals and coconut, amber and sandalwood with vetiver. Sexy, right? It's weird how I don't like the scent when initially applied to my skin but after about twenty minute - fragrance magic happens. 
Hand Soap
  • I have eight thousand Bath and Body Works hand soaps. These are two empties. 
That's it for this month's empties. In September, I swear, I'm going to use one product for each job until it is done. 

Up Next : 

  1. A new vendor that I'm delighted to tell you about
  2. Rosegirls, Rosegirls and more Rosegirls - I've got a beautiful store haul and my custom order to share
  3. A sneak peak at the new and improved blog
Happy first week of September!