About Life, This Week - 3

My face is falling off.

For as long as I can remember, I have battled oily skin. It was pretty much a part of my identity. If I were to ever go missing as a kid, my description would be similar to ..kind of asian looking, short, long dark hair, seriously greasy and only half of the hello kitty tattoo we scratched on our cheeks is still on hers -the other half melted off.

When the 'dewy' look became fashionable several years ago, I was ecstatic. YES, I can do this. There's a fine line between dewy and grease bomb but there are some mean blotting papers out there to smudge that line a little bit.

I don't know how it happened but my face is crocodile dry. I get it now why people with dry skin complain about it constantly. I hate it. Of course when I had no clue what it was like, I would secretly roll my eyes at my dry skinned friends. seriously? you're gonna complain about that? Try looking like a creepy, greasy child molester, then we'll talk.

I'm ready to talk. It sucks.  
I can't stop taking pictures of pastel things. 

The only thing I want to watch lately is British TV. The Fall was recommended to me and I devoured it. Completely watched the entire series in two and a half weekends. Then I jumped right into Sherlock, fell in love with Benedict Cumberbatch and I don't even know why. I can't explain this. He's not handsome in the traditional sense but his screen presence is captivating. Watch his face and I dare you not to be drawn to his eyes and lips. (not even gonna try to hide how creepy this sounds but creepy seems to be a theme today. It's impossible to talk about someone's lips and not feel like a violator)

British TV, What else have I been missing? I put the BBC world news on my DVR. Just in case.
Watched a sunset from a cliff and shared the moment with a surfer. 
Sometimes my emotional state feels like this.
EMMA. the good: my couch potato in crime. The bad: often hogs remote.

Wax Haul - Glitterati Mystery Box Jan '15

Oh hello, chunky monkey. Not you, me. I mean, not me, those chunks up there. Aren't they gorgeous! 

The last time I brought you a Glitterati haul, I was incredibly happy with my order and gushed that my follow up order was going to be huge.

It was. Unfortunately, that order never made it to the blog. What ends up happening for my large orders is I get overwhelmed with the task of taking pictures and blogging about it. Because I don't melt from the order until the post is up, I'm often hoarding all these great wax purchases for no good reason. Still haven't melted from my Glitterati custom order!

When my mystery box arrived, I promised myself that I would not procrastinate in posting it. Granted, it's considerably smaller than my custom order so taking pics was easy, breezy. 

What's in a mystery box? 

It depends, in both scents and size (although I'm pretty sure they average out to be similar in ounces and the scents are mostly fruity and bakery). 

My order was $39.97. Shipping is actual rate to ship from North Carolina ($9.97 for me). The price of the mystery box is $30.

All of the chunks in my box weighed a total of 38.7 ounces. I received 12 chunks with the average weight of 3.23 ounces per chunk. For my box, the price per ounce is .78 cents

***this is just an average. mystery boxes are a mixed bag and some may contain a little bit more and some a bit less.***

Here's what I got this time around:
blackberry jam butter cookie - of all the BJBCs I've ever had, this is my favorite. It's much creamier than most others and the blackberry takes on what smells like a wonderful, mild citrus to my nose.

walking on sunshine - I don't know why but this reminds me of an upscale department store. Rich, imported leather gloves with exquisite citrus perfumes lingering nearby. The notes in this blend : orange julius, serendipity and strawberry.

warm sugar & pink sugar - oh suga suga. Exactly what you'd think this would be, so cutely sweet it's almost unbearable. I love it so. It gets very close to cotton candy frosting, this blend.
apples & orchards - fresh picked apples and floral green notes. The floral really stands tall and it does a good job morphing the sweetness of the apples into something unique without making it unrecognizable. 

love spell & lemon drops - I was working on this post at work and my coworker could not put this one down. It never occurred to me to give this to her. I should probably give this to her. Luckily, I have a bag of this at home. If Brach's lemon drops and pink lemonade had a baby, it would be this tart. My friend said this reminds her of Trix. 

pistachio toasted marshmallow - distinct almond scent coming from the pistachio. Strong and well blended.
county fair - the colors in this chunk --the colors of my life, GAH. So I first saw county fair and I'll admit, I wasn't very excited. I'm completely over the concession type scents with apples and caramels. County fair is refreshingly different with a huge amount of cotton candy coming through blending with the apples and funnel cakes perfectly. I like!

orange lace cake - this was my 2014 scent of the year.. 'nuff said.

strawberry glazed donut - I smell a heavy amount of strawberry jam type strawberry but not too much donut. 
pumpkin pecan waffles - a buttery, rich staple. I've melted this before and I was pleased. Not quite as strong as my favorite version of this blend but definitely good.

iced lemon biscotti - I love Glitterati's lemon. It's tart, sweet and blends so well with bakery notes. I've melted iced lemon biscotti before and it was an A+ melt. 

purple rain - a fan favorite! I've never tried purple rain before but it will probably be the first one I melt from this sampler. It's so unique and super fruity. black raspberry vanilla and chardonnay 

Glitterati is strictly a Facebook vendor who remains closed to work on the custom list and mystery boxes. There are frequent flash sales on the vendor page so if you're not a member already, head over there and join. 

I've tortured, tortured, myself in the past trying to keep my wax organized while I took pictures of individual melts. I would have a pigsty all over the place --glitter in my hair, wax under my nails and the worst of it all --mismatched wax everywhere. 
I've finally figured it out, color coded smiley face stickers on the bottom of the tart and back of the bag. 
Don't mind me. I'm just over here high fiving myself.
Happy Monday my friends!

Erin Condren Planner - Stickers and the Start of My Week


I am nosy. If your planner were sprawled out before us, I would have to concentrate very hard not to peek at it. Not to know what you're up to but more to look at your handwriting, if you decorate your planner and what kind of information you keep in your planner.

I've been using my Erin Condren Life Planner for about six months and it's been my constant companion since. Funny, I'm still trying to figure out how to make the best use of it for my life and schedule.

One thing Erin has taught me is that I have a very calm and predictable life. Even my adventures are planned and calculated. I love this about my life. On the other hand, I have a strong yearning to do more. 

I usually plan my week on Sunday afternoons. I use washi tape to block off chunks of time where I am unavailable and write in my appointments and known items to place on my to do list.

The top two pictures are what my pre-week looks like. I fill in information as the week progresses and at every opportunity, I use an appropriate sticker.
The bottom two pictures are a small collection of my Etsy purchased stickers that I use regularly.
 Some of my favorite etsy stores to purchase stickers:

My level of out of control when it comes to stickers is a ten out of ten. To help curb my sticker addiction, I purchased a Cricut Machine. I plan on posting it here but right now I'm too intimidated by it to even take it out of the box. Once I get over that little hurdle, I vow to be a sticker making maniac. Stickers for everyone!

My friend Julie pointed me in the direction of the indie polish maker Cult Nails when they were having an amazing sale a few weeks ago. Unlike some of my favorite friends, I've never been drawn to indie polishes.

But a good sale --that's another story altogether. 

When I ordered, the polishes were 60% off with $5 flat rate shipping. After the discount, each bottle was $4.80.

My two favorites (enticing and grunge):

For some reason I thought Cult Nails was going out of business but the website states they will be open on January 25. 

There's a strong possibility that I'm a new follower of indie nail polishes.


          loft, hallway bathroom and master bath: IHW - honeydew melon / watermelon patch / fruit loops
          master bedroom: IHW - circus concession / vbf  
          kitchen, hallway,  office niche, living room: RG - windmill cookies
          office: IHW - pumpkin pecan waffles

to repurchase from the day before:
{Beezy - cake bake} {Tiffany Candles - november rain w/ lavender milk}

I hope you have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday with a Glitterati Sampler haul <3

About Life, This Week -2

Some of my favorite lyrics in the entire universe:

  I know someday you'll have a beautiful life
I know you'll be a star
in somebody else's sky
but why
why can't it be
can't it be mine

It's both the lyrics and the tune that gets me, every single time. Kudos if you know the group and even more so if you know the song title.
We are beach goers when most everybody else are non beach goers, usually between October to mid May. I love an uncrowded beach. My local beach doesn't allow dogs on the sand but we're perfectly happy walking the strand several times a week. 

There is a Dairy Queen at the end of the strand. That is enough motivation for me to walk four miles if I had to. 

The January blizzard of the month is birthday cake oreo. I know these things.

I know these things every month.
You gotta give love to get love.

Whenever I get into a disagreement with my husband, I have to consciously remind myself that whatever it is that I think I need, I need to give him that exact thing. 

Sometimes A lot of the times I just need him to listen. really listen. 

Sometimes I want him to agree that I need more scented wax so I share my scented wax with him. The reaction to this "gift" is similar to a cat owner finding a dead bird on their pillowcase with a heavier dose of confusion and a tad less horror. 

This past weekend, we had a heated disagreement that left us going to bed on not so great terms. Actually, I didn't go to bed at all. I cleaned the house like I was tweaked out of my mind on methamphetamine, finally crawling into bed at four in the morning to a blissfully slumbered hubby. Why I expected him to be tossing and turning, brooding over our argument and unable to sleep is a fantasy I continue to torture myself with. My husband would be able to sleep the night before his execution. 

Curtis and I are very careful with our words to each other when we are upset. We rarely ever say anything mean or hurtful. I have a hard time explaining to him that sometimes it's how we say things, even if it's not mean, that makes a difference. Tone can often be dismissive and abrasive. 

We worked it out the morning after but those hours in between were torturous for me. Nothing makes me feel more alone than when there's tension between me and the person who claims the spot at the epicenter of my heart.
I wonder if my marriage is on par with other marriages as far as disagreements and arguments go. Nobody really talks about this even though we all know it's normal to disagree and bicker with someone you spend so much of your life with. 

Maybe part of it is because it's sometimes awkward when people are candid about their marital fights or problems. It's hard to figure out what to say or what advice to give so we spare our friends this task. It could also be embarrassing, like our marriage is a meter of how successful we are and how well we keep our life together. 

One thing for sure is that there's nothing more awkward then being a bystander when a couple has a full blown yelling match in front of you.   
I once had to tell a police officer on the radio to "stand by, my computer just went down on me"

He told me to take my time.

I'm going to file that under Things I've Said That I Wish I Could Take Back.

((mom, please don't ask me what this means))


Let's watch more sunsets this year.

          kitchen : RG - butter brickle caramel ice cream pie *gift* & RG - french vanilla latte/ monster cookie / dunk my donut
          hallway : SMT - zucchini bread / caramel cookie latte / sticky marshmallow *gift*
          bedroom : Tiffany Candles - blond moment / cotton candy frosting

Wax Haul : Tiffany Candles - Dec '14

Tiffany chunklets make me want to cheer.

I've got chunklets, yes I do. I've got chunklets, how 'bout you?

Cheesy. I can't help it.

They are cutie, cute, cute and the perfect size for my tea light warmers that have smaller sized bowls. 

I've had these chunklets on my mind for several months but a conversation I had with Jacqui (she was telling me how great the new blend is performing for her) made my quest for obtaining them an outright mission. For a while there, they were pretty difficult to buy, selling out quickly after the restock openings.

I ordered four bags that averaged 8.1 ounces per bag. Each chunklet is about .7 ounces. The price is $10 per bag or $1.23 per ounce.  Shipping is charged by the exact amount to ship to recipient. Turn around time is fourteen days.

cranberry w/ peppermint noel 

blonde moment w/ cotton candy frosting

creamy vanilla w/ mrs. frost 

november rain w/ lavender milk

cranberry w/ peppermint noel overpour - the cranberry is very faint in this blend. If you're a peppermint lover or even if you're a cranberry hater but love peppermint, you would enjoy this blend. I'm having a full on peppermint conversion happening to my nosebuds so I will enjoy this.

blonde moment w/ cotton candy frosting overpour - from my order, this is my favorite. It's a safe, sweet scent that reminds me slightly of pink bubble gum. For the blonde moment part, I'm not picking up too much of the iced champagne, raspberry or cranberry.

creamy vanilla w/ mrs. frost overpour - Mrs. Frost is a house blend with cinnamon and candy cane. I think of cinnamon hots when I smell this. If you are a cinnamon fan, you will love this or anything with Mrs. Frost in it.

november rain w/ lavender milk overpour - the scent description for november rain is airy, watery, warm amber. It goes very well with lavender milk resulting in a soothing, masculine scent that is both clean and spa like. This is a close second for being my favorite.

With the exception of the november rain scent, all of the blends are heavily dominated by the overpour scent.  Looking at the chunklets themselves, you can see that the chunks make up about a fourth of the actual tart. I think if some of the more dominant scents (like peppermint and mrs. frost) were the chunk and not the overpour, the blend would have been more harmonious. 

I love the size and shape of these! I would love them equally as much if the oils were just blended and they were chunkless. But then they wouldn't be called chunklets.

These are addictive to order and I see more orders for me in the future. Tiffany gets wildly creative with her blends and I love that about her. It's evident that she isn't afraid to take scent risks.

A month ago I posted my favorite vendors list and I listed Tiffany's as moderately difficult to order from. I just checked her open and well stocked website (chunklets included) and it's only fair to change that to easy to order from. She announces restocks on her Facebook page regularly. 

Once I melt through a good portion of this order, I'm certain I'll be able to move Tiffany Candles from the undecided category to recommended or highly recommended. 
(I've posted a link to my favorite vendors post on the menu bar at the top of the page)

You can find the Tiffany Candles website HERE. and their Facebook page HERE. 

          loft, master bathroom, hall bathroom: RG - frosted summer breeze *gift*
          bedroom: TSW - queen mab
          RG - waluigi's wonderous birthday cake *gift*

Have a wonderful week!

*this post is not sponsored. all products were purchased by me.

Monthly Music : Play and Repeat

You know how some people just naturally exude cool? I guess in recent years we would call this swagger, although I'm sure there's an even more current and appropriate word for it.  Of course I won't know what this word is until it's almost not the current word anymore.

Because I am not cool in a hipster, in the know kind of way. 

But.  Most of the really cool people I know have one thing in common - they are passionate about music. 

I was thinking about this when I decided I needed to add more music into my life. Not exactly to be cool, because if there's one thing about cool it's you shouldn't try to be cool. 

And really, I personally think that the only uncool people are the ones who try too hard to be cool. There's definitely a coolness in awkward and clumsy, in loners, in bubbly cheerleaders, in scholars and in geeks. 

The fact is, I've gotten lazy about my music explorations. I'm content skimming through my satellite radio stations and just landing on whatever sounds good which is usually the 80's, 90's, singer/songwriters and (don't laugh) love songs. As far as keeping up with what's new or even older stuff that should not be missed, I could do better. 

Every month I'm going to buy a new CD in an attempt to stay current on new music from artists that I already enjoy and also new artists that I'm not yet familiar with. 

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the music outlets out there now --spotify, pandora, itunes radio, amazon prime even has their own thing going. Spotify intimidates me for some reason. I was a paid subscriber of pandora until their recent rate increase which has led me to Amazon Prime Music and my iTunes account. 

Today I'm downloading Joshua Radin's 'Onward and Sideways'. It's going to be in my buds for the next several weeks.  I'll let you know how I like it next month.
I would love to know, what's the last thing you listened to?

WHAT I MELTED YESTERDAY: (to repurchase)
          loft: SuperTarts - strawberry lilac candy
          hall bathroom: Scentsationals - sunlit meadows
          master bedroom: Beezy - chicks dig it
          master bathroom: Beezy - blue raspberry jolly rancher
          kitchen and hallway first round: RG - strawberry jam / waffle cone / serendipity
          kitchen and hallway second round: UTC - blue moon sugarcookies / XL pecan waffles
          office niche: CFTKR - pink sugar parfait
          living room: LSC - strawberry white cake
          hubby's office: Streetman Co. Store: toasted pecan bars
          powder room: Scentsy - french kiss

to repurchase from the day before:

{Scentsationals - autumn rain} {Beezy - cranberry orange scone} {Streetman Co. Store - orange & melon}

Have a great weekend!  I'll be back on Monday with a Tiffany's haul. 

About Life, This Week - 1

I mentioned in my last post that I've been brainstorming ideas to keep regular content appearing on the blog.

Sadly, none of my ideas were original. I thought about my favorite blogs and what I loved reading. One type of post that I thoroughly enjoy is the general update ones that give the reader a glimpse into the bloggers life. I had an initial round of negative self talk about how ill equipped my life is for internet updates which led straight to fear laced thoughts about over-sharing. Both are valid points and I'll try to keep them in mind, especially when I have the urge to talk about progesterone suppositories or any suppository for that matter. 

My expectations are pretty relaxed for the weekly updates. Last year I did something similar with the Weekly Meltdown posts but the difference this year is that I'm a little less focused on wax. 

Here's to talking about whatever comes to mind!

Lately, I've started to feel like I'm not as up to date with worldly and local events as I should be. I've always had a problem with mainstream media being biased, intrusive and full of agenda. Within the last decade or two there's been such a tabloid element to the news and it's been difficult to follow. I'm also hyper-sensitive to catastrophic events, my empathy meter goes through the roof and the result is a complete shut down and numbness. Not the loftiest of reactions, I know.

One of the things I wanted to work on in 2015 is becoming more intellectually involved in the events of the world. I did quite a bit of research on where I was going to get the news and landed on two websites. They're similar in that they browse content from multiple sources and summarize them in an easy to read format with links to the original source.

The first one I signed up for was The Skimm. I'd never heard of them until I saw a link on my Facebook newsfeed because one of my friends liked the page. I love getting the emails with the daily news stories and I especially love that it's free to sign up.

The second one is similar but there is a nominal yearly charge ($20). The Browser has a little bit more content but the premise is the same. They scour news stories to highlight but I don't find them as good at summarizing as The Skimm. 

To round out my quest for news, I've added CNN, the NY times and NPR to my Feedly feed. (My father would like you to know that I'm a flaming liberal and he's not quite sure how that happened. I don't necessarily label myself as one but it is hard to argue based on my choices of news outlets).

neighborhood pool getting a New Year cleanse and refill

We need to talk about TV. Specifically, Broadchurch, a Netflix series that wrapped me up like a warm blanket on a long, lazy weekend. Julie gets all the credit for brilliantly pointing me to this show and I was quickly hooked. If you have the streaming feature for Netflix, you must watch it. So good! The next season starts in a few weeks and it's a good thing because my level of obsession over it is starting to become distracting.

Also on Netflix : House of Cards. The third season is slated to air on Feb. 27 and I can not wait. Hubs and I got through the first two seasons in about three weekends, we couldn't stop watching. 

Sugared Lavender Twist. If you follow the wax groups, you've probably seen this around, toted as the Better Homes & Gardens' version of pink sugar. It's less likely that you've actually seen it, in real life, because it's the wax version of a unicorn. I found one ...barely. It was nestled among oddly grouped together scents on the lower shelf at the end of an aisle --obvious location for in demand wax and unicorns.

It's good. If you see it, grab it. Grab five. I wouldn't say it's a perfect dupe for pink sugar. It somewhat resembles pink sugar. I can see where the correlation was made. To me, the herbal lavender has a very prominent note that pokes through the sugar in every direction. At the same time, it doesn't overpower it. This is a very pretty scent, not as sweet as the pink sugar we're used to. The performance was good, a light medium throw in my 40w bulb warmer and a solid medium in my 20watter. Noticeable for about five hours.

It's a safe, crowd pleasing scent that is very pretty and pleasant. 

Layla says HI! :


          loft, master bedroom and master bath: CFTKR - baddeas
          hallway bathroom: Scentsationals - italian gelato 
          kitchen and hallway: Rosegirls - dunk my donut / eggnog / marshmallow smoothie
          living room: Mixology: Rosegirls - raspberry sauce + FP - marshmallow

Italian gelato is very strong and a nice, tart fruity scent. RG's DMD/eggnog/marsh smoothie is SO GOOD, I want to run down my hallway flailing my arms screaming, I DID THAT. Very likely not the only one who has come up with this blend but for once in my life I didn't copy it from anyone. 

Excuse me while I continue to pat myself on the back. 

Have a beautiful day!