My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.28

This week is all about cleaning, organizing and general life tidiness. I blame my new planner. If it is written then it is done. Except when I write GO TO GYM. 

My daily melts are slowly getting up to speed. I still need to increase it by a bit to ensure I get through as much of my stash as possible. I wondered if taking pictures of every single thing I melt added to the pressure, so this week I was a little bit more relaxed and it seems to be helping. I still plan on listing what I melt but the pictures may decrease a bit.

My FAVES from last week:

Lake Providence Lodge - summer fruit salad - I continue to be impressed with my LPL order. This had consistent medium throw for about six hours. A little more candy sweet then real fruit sweet but I still liked it quite a bit.

Front Porch - june breeze - Perfume, musk and fruit. It works. June breeze lasted forever, similar to most of the FP laundry scents I've tried. Strong, pretty and long lasting are all wins in my book.

L3WW - olives - I had low expectations for this one. I placed it in my upstairs guest bathroom - just in case. It did not suck at all, quite the opposite actually. It did not smell salty, which surprised me. A very mild and clean scent. I found myself going into the bathroom just to smell it more.

I Heart Wax - pomegranate rosemary mint - Deb blended this in a recent custom order and shared a grubby with me. Thank you Deb, I loved it. The pomegranate complimented the rosemary mint so well. It was the right kind of sweet/tart that mellowed the green out a little bit. I would order this again for myself in a heartbeat!

 Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Streetman Company Store Sampler (5/26) arrived 7/22
     Rosegirls (6/21)
     Glitterati (7/20)
     Enchanted Candle Co. (7/20)

I've only gone 3 days without ordering wax. My Glitterati custom order was so much fun though.  I knew it would be. Then Enchanted Candle Co. had mystery lots up for grabs and I couldn't resist that. 

In case you're interested in seeing what I ordered from Glitterati, you can see my order HERE..  Many of the blends were taken directly from recommendations on the FB group page. 

There has been gardening frenzy at my casa these past few weeks. My mom started it by planting four rose bushes in my back yard. We also got a humming bird feeder and hubs fixed our fountain so we've been spending copious amounts of time enjoying the birds, flowers, weather and general ambiance. 

Some kinda crappy cell phone pics:
I hope you are all having a wonderful week and staying cool!

My Weekly Meltdown - 2014.25, 26 & 27

This is going to be the saddest weekly meltdown ever. Mostly because all I've been obsessing about the last few weeks is my new Erin Condren planner. I'm thinking my planner might get an entire post unto itself. 

Also, all of these melts were enjoyed while I was on vacation or when I had family at my house. I was a bit of a scatterbrain and often on the go too much to really take in and study these melts. With that being said, I specifically picked the tarts below to showcase my wax that I thought would be most enjoyed.

All of these were great! The weakest one was Makes Scents 'tropical getaway' and the standouts were RG's 'sweet pumpkin pie pumpkin pecan waffles' and 'kaelyn's caribbean congo line'. 

The sweet pumpkin pie PPW is amazing!  

 Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Streetman Company Store Sampler (5/26)
     HHS (6/5) arrived 7/5
     Scent Illusion (6/9) arrived 7/15
     Rosegirls (6/21)
     Front Porch (6/26) arrived 7/7
     Beezy (7/2) arrived 7/8

The pending orders are becoming a lot less freaky again. I don't have any immediate or future plans to order wax other than a custom order from Glitterati. My name just came up to bat from the custom order list. 

I know this is going to sound like I had a brain transplant, but I haven't had the 'itch' to order lately --lately as in the last 72 hours. This is huge! 
I'm sure that will all change when I sit down and start plotting my Glitterati order though. 

One last thing -- Haley's Heavenly Scents!  I can't wait to post my haul because it is fantastic! This is a vendor that has gone from pretty low on my list to way, way up there. The vast improvement in my experience with HHS is blowing me away right now.

Until then, be well! <3 

SuperTarts - Order 1 & 2

You know those workplace safety signs that document the number of days since the last injury? I feel like I should have a weekly "wax ban" compliance sign:

12 DAYS 

Even though it's been a torturous 12 days (no CFTKR order for me!), I'm still very behind on posting prior purchases. 

I have no idea why it's taken me so long to post my first two SuperTarts orders. My first order arrived in March. I remember snapping some quick pics of this order but, somehow, I lost the photos. I retook them several weeks ago and they've been sitting in draft-land ever since.

SuperTarts is owned by Brandy Williams who is also a popular wax YouTuber. I remember watching a few videos prior to her becoming a vendor and thought her personality was bubbly and positive. She has transitioned well and remains excited about other vendors' wax and is an enthusiastic supporter within the community.

I haven't melted too much from my orders because I've been waiting to post this but the few that I have tried did very well. 

For my first order, I kept my selection on the smaller side. One of the best things about SuperTarts, in my opinion, is their originality and creativity. It's so exciting to see the different themes and scent blends that Brandy comes up with.

Order One:

  • zucchini bread
  • serendipity
  • strawberry jam fresh mint
  • pomegranate champagne mallow
  • cotton candy frosting
  • zucchini rose orange zest
  • mango ice cream
  • berry jam butter cookies

My second order:

  • passion fruit nectarine 
  • lucky lemons
  • magically delicious
  • flash
  • fake n bake

  • iced berry tea
  • strawberry lilac candy
  • gooey gardenia explosion

  • fluffy violet candy
  • posers spa
  • sand dollar cookies
  • eucalyptus vanilla spearmint 

  • mango pink champagne
  • lavender citrus dream
  • raspberry peach sangria
  • frosted tangerine roses
I mentioned the creativity/originality as being one of the stand out features of SuperTarts and I think it's worth mentioning again because in today's wax world, it's very difficult to come up with new blends and ideas that hasn't already been done. I give Brandy a ton of credit for that.
If I had to pick some things to critique about my experiences with SuperTarts it would be elevated shipping charges and a longer TAT without updates. Both of these are not deal breakers to me but were still minor concerns that did come to mind as I was waiting for my orders.  

First, I have to say that overages in shipping charges makes me crazy. I don't know why I'm so sensitive when it comes to shipping. I love paying actual shipping and definitely love flat rate shipping when it benefits the consumer but to know that there's a profit from shipping charges gets me every time. 

SuperTarts has it in their policy that the extras in shipping would be applied to office supply fees, etc.  NO! Even if it's only a dollar, or sometimes less that that, I resist it tooth and nail.  I would rather the actual product price increase than have shipping elevated. 

The fact that it's such a little amount of money (although sometimes it can add up to several dollars and that multiplied by a large amount of customers can possibly be significant) says more about me than anything else. I think it's fair to say that it's more of a personal pet peeve than a negative on the business. I don't think there's a huge profit coming from this but I also think that charging a 'handling fee' so to speak is a minor turn off.

The second minor issue is TAT. Now, a long TAT is not an issue for me, at all. But sometimes when TATs are more than six weeks or so, it's nice to get a general update. I don't know about you, but I hate to bug vendors asking where I am on the list of orders being worked on. I rarely ever do unless it's been a couple weeks past expected TAT. That's why I appreciate a general update on their Facebook page of orders being currently worked on. Several vendors, including Rosegirls and Sniff My Tarts, do this and I love it! 

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my fellow wax consumers is vendors who start taking orders for the next restock without fulfilling all the orders from a past restock to completion. I don't know if SuperTarts is guilty of this specifically but I do recall several posts on a non vendor group questioning the timing of an announced restock when there were still outstanding orders. 

SuperTarts are well on their way to becoming a seasoned and reputable vendor. Almost all of the feedback I see on general and non vendor facebook groups are positive. I know I mentioned TAT as a minor negative but I want to clarify that SuperTarts' TAT isn't the forever and a day kind. 

I would definitely recommend giving SuperTarts a try if you haven't already done so. You can find their website HERE! You can also find their Facebook group page HERE!

Roadtrip 2014 - San Diego to Colorado - Day Five

Hello! hello! 

We returned home to San Diego last week and the party is still going strong. At least now, I can relax in the divine comfort of my own bed and take much needed time outs every once in awhile. 

I've always thought of myself as an extrovert but this road trip has taught me that I'm very much an introvert. One thing about us introverts, we need our alone time. A friend of mine illuminated a fabulous analogy that made the realization of my introvertedness (whatever red squiggly line, it's a word!) concrete.

An introvert starts their day with a bag of coins. For every interaction with others, they give a coin away. If they have too much interaction they are completely drained and depleted at the end of the day.
An extrovert starts their day with an empty bag. For every interaction with others, they receive a coin. The more interaction, the more fulfilled they feel.

Can I get an Amen from the introverts! 

I don't know why, but that realization made a huge difference in my mindset. I stopped being angry at myself and let go of all the guilt. 

I love my family. Just because I don't want to be with them 1,440 seconds out of the day, doesn't make me an awful person. AMEN.

So, things were looking up when we got to Las Vegas. We had separate hotels and made time for group outings and free time. 

We checked into the Vdara Hotel & Casino after driving from Utah. We had our nephew with us and he was quite impressed with the digs. After dropping our bags and cranking down the A/C, I did a back flop onto the bed and let out a huge sigh. 

This was more like it. I'm not a rough and tumble, let's go camping kind of girl. I wish I were, but I'm not. I want down comforters and deep soaking tubs. 

We visit Vegas regularly but this was our first time staying at the Vdara. I recommend it! The prices are extremely reasonable in the off season and the accommodations are first class. All the rooms are suites and the amenities are fabulous!

We stayed in their entry level suite that was equipped with four separate rooms - a kitchenette, living room, bedroom and bathroom. 

One of the first things on our list was a visit to the Bellagio conservatory to see the giant snails made of flowers.

Some outside views:

Curtis and I are foodies. One of my priorities on vacation is picking out great places to eat. We've been saving our pennies in anticipation of both of us turning 40 in 2014 and splurging on a dinner at Joel Robuchon's restaurant at the MGM. We took my mom, since it was her birthday last month, and my brother wanted to go too. We all ordered the 16 course meal and it was phenomenal. MGM sent a limo to pick us up and drop us off, which was nice, but one of the best parts of my night was going through the secret entrance of MGM where the celebrities and VIPs stay. Completely private with enormous gates that opened up to an amazing motor court that led to a fairy tale courtyard garden (they pipe in a citrus/tangerine scent and I was dyiiiing, so realistic and great!)

Once we exited the car, a beautiful, leggy female greeted us and escorted us to the restaurant. This part was so bizarre. She had on a full length black sleeveless dress, slit to her thigh and she walked slowly and purposely in front of us without saying a word. It was all very Eyes Wide Shut. 

They sent each of us home with a swag bag that included a personalized copy of our menu and a pineapple pound cake.

Some extras from Bellagio:

Regular posting should be starting again next week. The family leaves on Sunday. 

It's going to be a sad day for me.

OH! Beezy order in! I just received my CNS's. He had a very good restock, wouldn't you say?

Roadtrip 2014 - San Diego to Colorado - Day Four

I hated everybody today.

Being with family 24-7 is not easy and it took four days to bring out the crankiness, tiredness and road weariness in all of us.

When I'm annoyed and counting to ten so I don't say something stupid and regretful, I have this habit of closing my eyes and pursing my lips together. I try to turn away from the person so they don't see this obvious sign of annoyance but sometimes my turn action is delayed and I look like an absolute crazy person to the actual crazy person. This happened about nine times today.

Everyone, myself included, was out of their mind today.

I blame the 103 degree heat.
Don't tell me it's a dry heat here in the desert or I'm gonna close my eyes and count to ten.

In case you've never been to the desert (lucky you), it feels exactly like opening a pre-heated 400 degree oven and sticking your face right in front of it for eight hours.

Then, because we were all insane, we decide to hike four miles at one o'clock in the afternoon.


We're in Moab Utah today and I'm sorry to say, it is not my cup of tea. I do think there is beauty in the desert but I don't think there's much of it at the end of June.

Luckily, we were able to rent a very nice and comfortable house for the past two days where the A/C performed like a champ at 68. (Another thing a group of eight people can not agree upon - a comfortable room temperature)

Here are some pictures from today. I know there is beauty in every climate, in every terrain. It took every bit of willingness to see it in order to try to capture it through a camera.

I didn't do Arches National Park justice. This landscape just isn't my thing.

The highlight of my day:

I do love my family, more than anything.  We are the thick and the thin of it.

Tomorrow we head to Las Vegas for a couple of days. I am so ready for a nice hotel and a massage.

Roadtrip 2014 - San Diego to Colorado - Day Three

Before we completed today's drive leaving Colorado, we spent several beautiful hours in Vail.

I will miss Colorado. I can see why it's Texas' playground. (All my Texas friends and family love to vacation in Colorado, just like Las Vegas is Southern Californians' little backyard buddy)

Seriously, I could see myself living there. I love how outdoorsy everyone is and how the state really honors and caters to that. There are bike and hiking paths everywhere. From the freeway, at anytime of the day, you can look over and see cyclists and walkers enjoying their backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Gorgeous Vail, where have you been all my life. Those three other times I drove by and never stopped to get to know you, I apologize. You are so worth my time:

You had me at crisp, blue sky Vail.

One thing about Colorado that was most foreign to me was the amount of water everywhere. The Colorado River runs quickly and boldly. It seemed everywhere we went, there was a fast flowing stream with walking paths surrounding it. I'll always love the sound of rushing water.

My first impressions of Vail, as we walked through the surrounding streets of downtown:

Downtown Vail was quaint and vehicle free, the main mode of transportation is bicycles:

And the flowers:

I don't see sand dollar tree leaves flickering with the wind too often, but when I do, I'm frozen in awe:

Sun glistening on pines--yes please:

And that is what Vail looked like to me. What the pictures don't show is how beautiful the weather was. Slightly warm with a steady breeze that was touched with a hint of chill.

I had a mini breakdown in the food department today.  By dinner time, all I wanted was veggies. I seriously ate a whole plate of snap peas.  Breakfast was a french toast bagel with honey walnut spread (Panera Bread, your french toast bagel makes my world a better place!). Lunch, in Vail, was at a Colorado eatery called Yellow Belly Chicken, where I had a piece of fried chicken, mac n cheese and brussel slaw. Dessert was a delicious fruit tart.
I promise the veggie thing won't happen again.

Roadtrip 2014 - San Diego to Colorado - Day Two

The highlight today definitely goes to reuniting with my family who drove their way to Denver from the east coast. My brother happened to be here with a conference that wrapped up today, so we are a happy group of eight now.

Before they arrived though, Curtis and I explored downtown Denver's Washington Park. It was no Balboa Park in San Diego or even Prospect Park in Atlanta but it was quaint with the laziest, pathway blocking ducks around.

Then we headed north to Redrock Park:

 After dinner, we walked around downtown, through the parks that surround the South Platte River:

Breakfast was a bacon Belgium waffle that I've been obsessing over ever since Lauren posted it on her Instagram.
Dinner was at Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs where I had the best brat with coca cola caramelized onions and cream cheese with a side of fried pickles.
Dessert was a chipotle ice cream sandwich that pretty much tasted like cinnamon ice cream between two delicious brownies.
Tomorrow we are headed to Moab with a stop in Vail Colorado.

Hope you all are doing well!

Today's melts: