About Life This Week - 7

Life this week is all about quick thoughts and bullet points.
  • Last night I had to fill in as trainer for a new dispatcher so I wasn't able to put together a proper post.
  • Skunk weed actually does smell like skunk. It's the weirdest thing.
  • I've never smoked pot. I don't like the smell of skunk.
  • You know those cuties up there in the picture, the tangerines?  Seven is my record for the amount of those eaten at one time. There's two kinds of cuties. The ones where the peel just falls off are superior.
  • I'm addicted to Iced Green Tea Lattes with peppermint. Tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Funny that I don't care for the ice cream but I can't get enough of this latte. 
  • House of Cards is almost here! I can't even.
  • I recently started taking one baby aspirin a day. This does nothing to make me feel better about being forty. 
  • Remember that time someone told me if I just lost ten pounds I would look so cute, like Pocahontas? An Asian Pocahontas I guess. This comment has plagued me for fifteen years but it constantly reminds me to choose my words carefully. 
  • How is it possible that Daylight Savings Time starts in a week and a half? 
  • Avocados. They're invading the grocery stores here and my belly.
  • Costco is a great place to buy avocados. 
  • and pomegranates. 
  • I'm going back to New Orleans on our way to the gulf of Florida in a little over a month. Beignets anyone?
  • Is there such a thing as optimistic depression? Lately I've felt wrapped up in the fog of sadness but at the same time, I know that it will most likely pass. I'm always extremely aware of how lucky I am that the sadness doesn't swallow me whole. There is very little, if any, silver linings in a profound depression.
  • I baked last weekend. Given my obsessive nature, all signs point to a lot of baking in my future.   

Wax Haul - Ten Digit Creations Black Friday Sale

Ten Digit Creations has a reputation for having one of the fastest turn around times in wax, don't let my tardy haul fool you. I think they've experienced an explosion in business over the last six months so their TAT isn't thirty minutes after you place the order anymore but it's still very expeditious. 
I missed out on so many great holiday melts because of my picture taking and blog posting procrastination. Fingers crossed that the holiday scents from my order will still be good next season.

  • Home for the Holidays (Yankee Type) - pine, cedar, cinnamon, clove, cherry, orange and tangerine
  • Blue Christmas - orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon
  • Silent Night - Christmas trees, falling snow, fresh mint, cinnamon and sugared vanilla
  • Aloha Christmas - pomegranate, tangerine and evergreen trees
  • Christmas Morning - orange slices, cranberries and lemon rinds

  • Christmas Garland - cedar, fir, balsam and Christmas berries
  • Pinon Pine
  • Christmas Spirit - cranberry, bayberry, fir needles, clove
  • Christmas Hearth - orange spice, fir, pine and fireplace smoke
  • Cranberry Peppermint

  • Bombshell (Victoria Secret Type) - red currant, apricot, passion fruit, vanilla orchid, amber rose and musk 
  • Big Girl Panties - white linen, pink sugar and cotton candy
  • Hearts & Daggers (Ed Hardy Type) - orange, apple, violet, mango, jasmine, cashmere musk, amber and blonde woods
  • Love Spell (Victoria Secret Type) - citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach
  • Bohemian Sunrise - mandarin, lemon, jasmine, violet, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, cashmere, vanilla and musk

  • Honeysuckle & White Patchouli
  • Gardenia
  • Sandalwood Rose
  • Olive Blossom
  • Purple Sandalwood - sandalwood, violet, cashmere, peach blossoms, lavender, creamy vanilla and white musk

  • Molasses Cookies x2
  • Berry Buttercream Puffs
  • Let Them Eat Cake
  • Gingerale

  • Georgia Peach
  • Berry Bellini
  • Orange & Almond Tea Cakes
  • Cherry Marshmallow
  • Rainforest Sugarcane (BBW Type) - lime, sugar cane and vanilla orchid

The tarts themselves are contained in a double lined wrapper that I personally find very gratifying to remove. The first layer is wax (that I've accidentally failed to remove on several occasions) and the second is a foil type wrapper. Each tart is about 1.1 ounces but they look bigger to me for some reason. I measured about a dozen and every single one of them weighed 1.1 ounces. 
In a way, TDC represents a slight change in my wax preferences. I've always been in the group with Stronger-is-Better wax fans, who are anchored by heavy bakery scents. I still am, definitely. I love the bakery scents. 

But I'm finding I also like a more subtle scent lately. One that is so well done that you linger in the area so you can be closer to it. Scents that call you to attention, not in an in your face kind of way but one you notice because it's so beautifully there, yet in a gentle way. TDC is this quality, beautiful wax that I describe. Their wax isn't the strongest out there and I don't find them to be the best at bakery type scents but when I want my house to smell good in a sophisticated and all inclusive way, I reach for TDC. When guests are coming over and I don't want to over-dazzle them with wildberry zucchini bread, I'll reach for TDC's sandalwood rose or similar. 

I recommend TDC for florals, complex fruity, dupes and the hippie type scents. Patchouli doesn't scare me if it's coming from TDC. I don't always like it but I don't immediately dismiss it either. 

TDC has a wide range of products with a very good clearance section and they often run sales and specials. If you're interested, you can find their website HERE.

Happy Monday!  

Lust List - Vol. 2

From last month's lust list, I obtained one of the items I was wishing for, My Burberry perfume. I returned it almost immediately after someone stated the air around me smelled like urine. Whether or not it was a not so subtle hint or just a coincidence didn't matter. I didn't like it that much anyway.  I have a horrible habit of buying perfume in haste, sometimes without ever sampling it. I gave My Burberry too much credit after a quick whiff on a perfume tester strip. 

What I should do, what we all should do, is put a spritz on our wrists and walk around for twenty to thirty minutes then re-evaluate how the scent smells on our skin.

Perfume is still in this month's lust list, even though I just purchased two pricey bottles in LA. I always have a perfume that I long for, it seems. 
1. Clinique Almost Lipstick in black honey - I go through phases where I can't get enough lipstick or lip glosses. The description for Almost Lipstick has me wanting it : 
Transparent pigment merges with the unique, natural tone of your lips to create something wonderful and yours alone. Sheer, glossy. Emollient-rich and very lightweight.

2. Inflorescence by Byredo - this was almost a purchase during my recent Scent Bar experience but I remembered I have a Neiman Marcus gift certificate that I will put to good use towards this scent. Another amazing write up from the writers of Lucky Scent: 
A freshly cut bouquet of flowers that has been supercharged, as if struck by electricity or cross-bred with blossoms from another planet: radiant lily of the valley, honeyed freesia, creamy magnolia, incandescent jasmine – all captured at the height of their bloom, dazzling and stark white in contrast to glossy green leaves. The lily of the valley is especially vivid and luminous, giving this the heightened, otherworldly beauty of a perfect day in spring, with the skies a bright enameled blue and the new grass so vivid it is almost neon.

3. J.Crew signature leggings - Since my love affair with leggings began three weeks ago, I'm in hunt for the perfect pair.

4. Do Son by Diptyque - this is the one that got away, but not for long.
Tuberose and Turkish rose bouquet expresses a sweet flavour freshened up with the orange blossom leaf and the rose berries. The white musk and the iris add a delicately powdered aspect to it.

5. OPI Hawaii Collection - Is it weird that I actually want the mini set? I find I only use most polishes two or three times because of the amount of bottles I have. I recently booked our vacation to Hawaii for July and this collection is begging to go with us.

6. St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse - If you could see my pasty legs, you'd understand. With spring right around the corner I'm compelled to try this. I'm afraid to sun tan so if this doesn't work I will try the professional airbrush tan and if that doesn't work, my legs will just remain forever pale.


1. Rosegirls - custom orders are on the horizon my friends. Getting my list ready.

2. Glitterati - another custom order I would love to place this year. Glitterati should be announcing their custom list information in the next few weeks or so. I need to be on this list.

Have a great weekend! 

About Life, This Week - 6

If you're tired of me talking about my day trip to LA, I apologize. I'm about to picture throw up all over this post. 

So for those of us who live in San Diego, LA is like our backyard playground but it's such a pain to get through the weeds (read traffic) in order to enjoy the good parts. That's why we don't go all the time, despite the great restaurants, attractions and shopping. 

The traffic in and around LA is the worst I've ever seen. In the entire world. Seriously. 

Technically we're two hours away but it normally takes us at least three to get there. 

Despite that, our day trip last week was amazing. I was giddy the entire day.

Our first stop was to Lucky Scent's boutique shop called the Scent Bar. At first I was terrified to enter. In Beverly Hills, walking into a boutique with your mouth wide open and your eyes glazed over is usually frowned upon. I was screaming to myself, ACT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE.

But I'd never been there before.
Even though the store was slightly bigger than my closet, there was so much to take in. Being a perfume lover in a room full of exquisite perfume like this is inexpressible. The bottles of Annick Goutal made my heart race. I wanted to memorize every perfume house that I'd never heard of before. The cleanliness and order spoke to the very core of who I am. This store is my soul mate.
For my first trip (definitely not my last), I wanted to take home a couple of bottles of fragrances that I knew would be easy to wear. One of them being Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz. Admittedly, Perfect Veil is rather humdrum for this caliber of perfume store. It's one that is difficult to find though and I love it's musky, clean scent (lemon, bergamot, musk, vanilla, sandalwood). 
My second purchased bottle was Nasomatto's Narcotic V, a very wearable tuberose. I had my choices narrowed down to two: Narcotic V and Diptyque's Do Son. Unfortunately, my head was in the clouds and I chose the former thinking it was the edgier, sexier of the two. Lucky Scent has, hands down, some of the best writers for their website when it comes to describing scents. Here's what they have to say about Narcotic V:

Narcotic V is indeed intensely feminine, a no-holds-barred buttery and sweetly rich tuberose. It isn’t cutesy or giggly…it plants one high heeled foot down on the ground and announces its presence with a flourish. There are very few fragrances we’d label absolute and total mankillers, and this is one of them. It doesn’t apologize for its outright femininity or try to hide it…it’s out there, one hip thrust out, chin in the air, eyes flashing and celebrating the devastating beauty of the sweet, white tropical flowers that inhabit it.

Thirty minutes after I left the store with my new purchase in tote, Narcotic V evolved into a near perfect dupe of Michael Kors.  Which would be a good thing if I wanted a scent almost exactly the same as one I already own. I actually prefer Michael Kors because the longevity is better and it has a creamier base.

After some more shopping and exploring, we arrived at The Stinking Rose for our dinner reservation. 
The Stinking Rose is all about garlic and I am always down for garlic. This was my first time there and even though it didn't disappoint, I probably wouldn't rush back anytime soon, if for not other reason than there are so many great restaurants to try in LA. I'm glad I went but I wasn't blown away. The flavors were good and I enjoyed my garlic shrimp, especially the next day when I ate the left overs.
We started with the Bagna Calda (garlic soaking in a tube). It spread like butter on our dinner rolls. I found the portion to be way too much and after a few rather large bites, the texture became an issue for me. It was ok. Then we shared the roasted garlic baked brie and it was as delicious as brie usually is. Nothing really special about the garlic that I could taste. My entree was the iron skillet roasted shrimp and Curtis had the prime rib. I'm not a prime rib fan but he said it was very good. We chickened out on the garlic ice cream and ordered the frozen custard instead. 
The tastiest part of my dinner was by far the shrimp left overs the next day. I ate them cold (I run from reheated shrimp) after the flavors had time to meld. It tasted a hundred percent better than the night before. This left over feast was the first time I'd ever eaten roasted garlic cold ...delicious. I was popping them in my mouth like mentos. 

I was in the middle of a spoonful of frozen custard when I realized the candle store I wanted to visit closed in forty five minutes. Curtis was suddenly in the middle of a Chinese fire drill. I glanced at the time, freaked out, dropped the spoon, grabbed my purse and ran/walked to the exit. 
I was out and on the sidewalk before he had time to figure out if I just had some girl emergency or if I had finally gone completely insane. 
My final words to Curtis before fleeing the scene were, "PAY THE BILL, WE'RE IN A RACE!". (If you watch The Amazing Race, you know the context in which I speak)
When he finally caught up with me, his reaction was one that was not new to us :  "WTF just happened in there?" 

This is what happened to me:
Or, more specifically, the thought of missing it.

Meet Candle Delirium

It had every single candle brand you can imagine. Except Bath and Body Works. Or Yankee. Or Gold Canyon. No, none of those.

I forced time to stand still because even though I only had twenty minutes, I made every single second count. 

It took me five minutes to pick out three candles, two were no brainers but for the third, I asked the lovely employee which candle was his favorite.  He lead me to Cire Trudon's Spiritus Sancti (aldehyde, incense vapors, lily of the valley, labdanum and benzoin).  
I also brought home Diptyque's Baies (berries and Bulgarian roses) and Voluspa's Bella Sucre (demerara sugar, tiara flower and coconut milk)

After my purchases were picked out, I used my remaining time to soak in as much as I possibly could.

I was a little surprised that these type of candles were still being made and purchased, I remember them from the early 90's:

Look at these impossibly gorgeous candles:
It was endless. Every inch of wall was covered in candles and there were table displays at every turn stacked with beautiful smelling lovelies.
The day I spent in LA was truly a highlight of the last twelve months. Day trips are my new obsession and we started planning our next one on the way home. 

It's amazing where you can go and what you can do in a day. 

Wax Haul : Candles from the Keeping Room - Jan 2015

I was determined to get my order in with Candles from the Keeping Room during the January opening. This is quite possibly my only order for this year so the pressure was on. With a successful order, I no longer have to stalk the morning updates for clues on the next opening. Usually, if you read Carol's daily updates carefully, there is plenty of information on approximate opening days. The next opening is uncharacteristically announced on the webpage for this coming up weekend (the third weekend in Feb)! I won't be partaking but if you are, fingers and toes crossed that you snag everything you desire.

I obtained my must-haves and threw in a few spontaneous bags that grabbed my eye. One great thing about CFTKR's website is that once an item is in your cart, it's yours. As soon as I got my strawberries in the cart (more on that later), I was able to breathe a little bit..not a lot, but enough to not pass out.
Pink Lemonade, Jam & Scones x2, Almond Pastries
Ultimate Serendipity, Strawberry Pomegranate Cake x2, Ultimate Sugar Cookies
Jelly Donut, Pink Sugar Peppermint
8oz Bags:
Ultimate Bakery Shop x2, Coconut Strawberry Cake
The King of all Strawberries:
Generous Freebies:
island girl, lavender cream peppermint, spun rainbow sherbet, honey bee, tropical fruits, butter cookie, buttery vanilla and two others that I already melted
large shaped freebies:
chunky marshmallow strawberry and country bake shop

About those strawberries. If you're familiar with CFTKR, you know how coveted those beautiful berries are. It's highly likely that I would upset many a fan if they knew I grabbed two large bags. I understand that and I truly did think about what the perception would be when I debated a single or double order. The bottom line is, the limit is two per customer on all tarts. I didn't break any rules or call in any special favors. This goes both ways. If I came up empty handed on the strawberries, I would graciously accept that fact, even if only eight customers grabbed two bags each. 

Breaking down my order:

On my receipt, I ordered 84oz of wax. I weighed (and reweighed!) all the wax without bags and the total ounces is 94.8. I'm sure the ounces vary per order, but I have a feeling my larger figure is more the norm. 

For my order, the price per ounce is .71 cents. Shipping is a bit steep at $16.35 (about 25% of the cost). Carol more than makes up for the shipping with freebies though. 

I've never measured my freebies in ounces before but I was a measuring fool for this order. My freebies were a whopping 15.3 ounces and if you multiply that with the amount per ounce, the monetary value of the freebies is about $10.71, more than half of the shipping costs.

Another great thing about CFTKR is you can request specific samples (freebies) you'd like and Carol does her best to accommodate those requests.

As much as I enjoy CFTKR's wax, I'm just not up for the challenge of the openings anymore. I would say they are the number one hardest to order from vendor, and with good reason. Everybody loves Carol and her wax. There is one little gripe I have with CFKTR's opening days but I'll save that for another time.

This post is all about the good and how thrilled I am with my 2015 CFTKR order!

Good luck this weekend if you plan on ordering. ((psst.... coconut strawberry cake is really, really good))

Monthly Music - Feb 2015

This month's music selection was an easy choice, one that I didn't necessarily choose myself. I decided that I was going to make the Grammy's Album of the Year my selection for February.

I was thrilled with the winner, Beck's "Morning Phase", because I have enjoyed several of his prior albums.

I listened to the album for the first time last night and my first impression is that it's much more mellow than Beck's earlier work. 

Because I rarely ever like a new album the first several times I listen to it, I will hold off on giving my thoughts on "Morning Phase" until next month.

Last month I purchased Joshua Radin's "Onward and Sideways". As expected, I didn't like it at first but listened to it constantly and started to enjoy it after a couple of weeks with it on replay. It has a very calm and folksy vibe.

So Beck it is this month. I didn't watch the Grammy's too closely, it was on while I was at work but I wasn't invested. I'm not sure what other albums were up for nomination but I'm thrilled that Beck won! 

It's going to be me and Beck for the next several weeks. When I get ready, in the car, when I clean and when I cook. Beck, Beck, Beck, beck beck....

Have a wonderful weekend! 

**Today I'm headed to Beverly Hills for our Vday love fest, I plan on posting my cell phone snaps on Instagram, if you'd like to follow along, you can find me HERE.  <3

Have you seen Gato Malo? I want a cat so bad, I can't stand it.

About Life, This Week - 5

Two words: Trivia Crack.

Somebody save me. I can start a new game, with mostly strangers, every hour. And I have.  I woke up this morning from a dead sleep to start another game and take all of my turns. 

I'm starting to truly think I might actually have an obsessive, compulsive disorder. 
You know what else I've recently discovered? Leggings. Where have I been for the last ten years. Completely changed my life. 

I've been living in them for the past several weeks and I don't ever want to wear anything else, except for maybe jeggings. The problem with jeggings is the name jeggings. Other than that, super comfortable. I purchased my first pair of black Vera Wang jeggings and spent the entire first day with them on telling everybody I saw how happy I was about wearing them.

I swear as soon as I started clothing myself with leggings/jeggings, I read an article with all the fashion mistakes one should never commit. Yep. Leggings, right up there with muffin tops and thong crack. 


My backyard egret might though, he's always looking at me with a condescending eye:
Gots to go at any sight of the jegging:

Sucked right into Orphan Black.  Initially, my level of WTF was a 10 out of 10. If you have any interest in human cloning (who doesn't, really), you must watch. It might be the first time I haven't dismissed a Sci-Fi show and I think it's because in the back of my mind I'm seeing the idea as a very real possibility. 

My succulent sprouted an intense flower this month, it reminds me of 70's wallpaper:
Can I brag about my bougainvillea training skills?  We are off to a good start, me and bouggy V.
I've said it before, I don't like store bought cookies except Oreos (sometimes). Now, though, now there's a new cookie in town - Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies from Trader Joe's.  Seriously yummy. The Girl Scouts need to get on the cookie butter train. 

Curtis and I are taking a day trip to Beverly Hills for an early Valentine's day dinner at a restaurant called The Stinking Rose. This is a restaurant that specializes in garlic. I don't think I've told you how much I love garlic. This is my dream come true. I'm trying to squeeze in a stop at Lucky Scent to throw the day into 'best day of my life' status.

From one lover to another, whether you're single or taken, happy love day to you.