About Life, This Week - 9

It's been awhile since I've shown glimpses of my home. I'm horribly slow at decorating and adding furniture. For this house, I'm trying to find the perfect pieces and not be hasty with filling space just for the sake of filling space. 

When I purchase items for my home, I try to answer one of the following questions in the affirmative:

  • Is it beautiful
  • Is it meaningful
  • Is it useful
Those questions also help me declutter most everything in my house on a regular basis, bathroom and closet excluded. I might need professional help with those areas.

One of my Christmas presents to myself last year was an entry way credenza that would serve as a place for us to drop our keys and wallets/purses. I'd been looking for about a year, knowing exactly the style I was looking for. Mirrored. It's trendy, I know, but I love it. It also had to have drawers to hide the keys and hubby's wallet. Bonus for easy storage under the drawers to fit my purse. 

It was an exhaustive search because most everything that was a match was upwards of two thousand dollars. 

Finally, a black Friday sale provided exactly what I was looking for. It was on 20% off and free shipping. I snagged this one for about $800. 

The lamps were also a Black Friday find from Target and the picture above is my framed Instagram snaps from 2014. I plan on changing out the picture every year with a collage of the prior year, which reminds me to start taking more pictures for Instagram.
Here's the view from our garage door/hallway to the great room. 
We purchased this house as a foreclosure when the housing market was in the dumps and we got lucky because the prior owners didn't act like animals before they vacated. Our neighbors' foreclosure left them without both of their air conditioning units. We also lucked out because our house was a prior model so there are some nice upgrades throughout. I question the taste of the decorator though, she/he was going through a very odd wallpaper phase. I love wallpaper, but the olive green wallpaper they chose for the kitchen was not the highlight of their portfolio.

It takes quite a bit of cash to decorate or remodel a house. We still have a long list of things we would love to do so in order to keep me from getting discouraged with how long it's taking, I splurge on little things on a regular basis, like fresh flowers or houseplants. 
 Grocery store flower finds - 30 stems of daffodils for $5.
Perfect for my mantle. 

I haven't felt like blogging lately which is incredibly ironic because of the flurry of traffic I'm getting from Facebook. My heart has been heavy with worry for my sick pup and I fear that the end of our journey together is near. 

Next week, we leave for our Florida beach vacation. We chose to drive knowing that the situation with Fannie could make it necessary that she goes with us.  It's difficult for me to feel excitement for much these days but knowing that I will be surrounded by the love of my family as well as the beauty of the Gulf has me somewhat looking forward to the days ahead. 

What I've melted for the past week : HERE.

Highlights and Repurchases:
Front Porch - Lemon Noel
HHS - Serendipity Noel

Best of the Week:
Rosegirls - Berry Lovely Sugar Cookie
Scentsy - French Kiss

Honorable Mentions:
the scents weren't for me but they were awesome, strong performers
CBV - satsuma punch
Tiffany Candle - donut shop
VCS - cookie baking at mom's
I think cookie baking at mom's and donut shop are the same oils. They are very similar and both were so strong.

Have a great weekend!

Facebook 500 Likes **GIVEAWAY**

As I continue to pinch myself for obtaining 500 likes on Fragrance Obsessed's Facebook page, I want to extend a sincere "thank you" to everyone new to the blog and especially those of you who have been here before the business page went live. 

I was honestly bummed out about my original account being closed and the FO business page being forced upon me but it has been a blessing in disguise. Again, I thank you.

Giveaway Time!


  1. You can enter twice, once on the Fragrance Obsessed Facebook page HERE! by entering a "ME" in the comments and once here in the comments of the blog, either in the actual comment section or the blog's FB comment section (must be signed into your FB account in order to comment)
  2. The Sephora gift certificate will be emailed to you, you MUST leave me an email with your entry if you comment on the blog. If you leave a FB comment, I will PM you on FB.
  3. Giveaway will close at noon on Saturday, March 28, 2015.
  4. This is open to anyone who can shop at Sephora and has a valid email address.
Good Luck!
I would be remiss if I didn't give a mention to my fellow wax bloggers and dear friends. They have made this blog adventure fun and enriching. If you like my blog, then you will love theirs: 

Have a wonderful week my friends <3

Rosegirls Muffin Club - Round 2

Rosegirls muffins might be my favorite thing right now. I'm daydreaming about my next custom order and .....

another round of muffin club!

You probably know the members of my particular muffin club because they are three fantastic wax bloggers. DebLaurenJulie (please click on their names and follow them to their fabulous wax blogs if they are new to you).  We have had several rounds of muffin clubs and I think this last round is my favorite.  
The blends are listed below and I highlighted my first impression favorites - 
  1. cherry berry punch lemonade
  2. ooey gooey caramel / toffee apple crunch / dunk my donut 
  3. lavender / vanilla bean noel / birthday cake
  4. peppermint / lemonade / sugared apple
  5. peppermint / royal sugar cookie
  6. peppermint / christmas past
  7. marshmallow smoothie / celtic moonspice / apple puff pastry
  8. monster cookie / southern creme brulee / pumpkin chai
  9. pecan waffles / cotton candy frosting / blueberry cobbler
  10. christmas past / cranberry orange
  11. strawberry jam / sicilian lemon cookies / royal sugar cookies
  12. sweet pumpkin pie / vanilla bean noel / vanilla waffles
  13. vanilla bean noel / strawberry raspberry guava / marilyn
  14. cranberry orange / marshmallow smoothie / cranberry marmalade 
  15. sweet lemon confection / orange revival / sage
  16. pink sugar / margarita / watermelon slush
monster cookie, southern creme brulee and pumpkin chai - you don't say!

Never in a thousand years would I have thought to order that blend, let alone like it. I LOVE it. I'm hoping it melts as good as it smells right now. 

One of the best things about our muffin club, besides making my house smell amazing, is the friendship that has developed between four women who share a very strong love for scented wax. Our very first club brought about a group chat to discuss our blends and order status. I could get teary, and I would depending on the time of the month, telling you how that initial chat has turned into a daily conversation that has evolved to so much more than wax. It's now a true friendship and a genuine concern for each other. 

I love that in the wax community these groups of friendships are common. 

And luckily for me, I landed in a group with some wonderfully creative wax blenders!  

If you missed our first round of muffins, you can read about it HERE.

Ulta Haul : March 2015

If I had to choose one, between Sephora and Ulta, I would probably pick Sephora. If the choice were based on where I shop in person more often, it would be Ulta. Online shopping is almost exclusively Sephora for me.

The reason I prefer Ulta if I'm shopping in the store is the convenient locations. They are normally stand alone stores tucked in efficient strip malls making them more preferable to the shopping malls where Sephora is located.

Don't even get me started about Sephora in JcPenny. 

I recently stopped into my local Ulta to pick up a few items:
This is my first time purchasing mini polishes from the OPI collection, or any collection actually. They are super cute and probably the perfect amount of polish for about five applications, I'm guessing. I don't think I've ever fully used a bottle of polish in it's entirety which seems incredibly wasteful, especially since I can't stop buy more polishes.

The Hawaii Collection by OPI was on my Lust List last month. I'm happy with the amount of polish per bottle, I wish the bottle were bigger so application would be less awkward. The brush appears to be normal size, luckily.
Mario Badescu The Moisture Magnet w/ SPF 15 is my answer to low key, minimum sun exposure days as well as a way to quench dry skin.
I resent washing my hair daily but with fine hair it comes down to the that or grease bomb status. There is hope though. I know it sounds hokey but I trained my hair to go an extra day or two between washes. Basically you just don't wash your hair for as long as you can stand it and keep doing that until day 2 and 3 aren't so greasy anymore. This is legit - YouTube tutorials and all.
I'm pretty good on day two but day three needs a little help. Enter Batiste XXL Plumping Powder:
Zoya Satin Polish in Leah was irresistible as were the other colors in the Satin line but I kept my purchase limited to this one:

My favorite blush, Benefit's Hervana. I even like the included brush.

My first ever bottle of Pink Sugar. I give my obsession with wax credit for this purchase because I was never interested in this perfume before. Now, I love it. I almost feel like it's more appropriate for young girls but I still love it.

I mentioned the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta in my last post. It's coming up this Sunday and I am prepared. Here are the days I'm planning on participating:

Day One - 
bareMinerals clear radiance all over face color : $20 $10

Philosophy the microdelivery exfoliating wash : $28 $15

Day Three -
Tarte 4 in 1 mascara : $20 $10

Day Four -
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel : $30 $19.50
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gel :
$35 $22.50

Day Six - 
IT Cosmetics Your Brows but Better : $24 $12

Day Seven -
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer : $24 $12

Day Nine -
Bliss triple oxygen mask : $54 $27

Day Fourteen - 
Bare Minerals mascara : $18 $9

Day Eighteen -
Two Faced sweethearts blush : $30 $15

Day Nineteen - 
Tarte pure maracuja oil : $46 $25

I'm curious at what point I'll be completely over going down to the store as soon as they open. Ulta is about a twenty minute drive from my house but with me being a day sleeper, having to get up for store hours is going to be the biggest challenge.

This is the first year I've participated in this sale and I'll be sure to update letting you know how successful I was in obtaining the products. 

Have a great weekend!

About Life, This Week - 8

On Saturday I found out that Facebook is no longer allowing generic names to have accounts. Fake names are okay as long as they could possibly pass as a real name. Bud Light, Chris P Bacon, Phat Ho ---all probably okay. Fragrance Obsessed --not okay.

Thankfully, the good people over at Facebook automatically made my account a business page, something that I wanted to do originally but I couldn't join groups and make comments so I went with a regular account. What's great is that all of my old photos were transferred over and everyone on my friends list automatically "liked" the new page. If we were friends, thanks for "liking" me, as inadvertent as it was.

I still needed a profile to admin for the business page so I created a wax specific Facebook account under my real name. If you're interested in being friends, and I would be absolutely honored, please send me a request HERE. Due to my fear of rejection, I have a very difficult time friending people.  

Also, I would be tickled pink if you would "like" my business page if it hasn't already been forced upon you. My new business page is HERE

I'm still working out how to use each page but my early conclusion is to use the business page for haul pictures and blog related topics and the regular account for more personal updates and photos. 

This has gotten me thinking about self promotion and my complete lack of skill in marketing myself.  However uncomfortable I am, it's important that I start putting myself and this blog out there more. 
My TV life just got hot. The return of House of Cards brought a slight disappointment with the first couple of episodes. Also off to a rather dull start is the new season of Broadchurch. The Amazing Race is always a favorite and I've rekindled a commitment to Survivor this season with their interesting "class" competition. Orphan Black is still in rotation and still excellent. As I write this, I'm revisiting Downton Abbey and picking it up where I left off a few seasons ago -- they kept killing everybody! I couldn't even deal after Lady Sybil died. 

Oh Amazon Prime how I love you! 

TV may be hot but there haven't been any movies in the theaters that I've wanted to see, which I guess is pretty normal right after the Oscars. I miss movie date nights though.

If we're friends on Instagram, you may have already seen my cheesesteak and garlic fries picture but I enjoyed the extra garlic-y fries so much I wanted to post it again because it really was a highlight of my week. It was a gorgeous Saturday when we went out for the cheesesteak and we were able to sit out on the patio with the dogs. Layla was too prissy to sit on the ground so she got a princess spot on an extra chair. 

Most of the emails I receive from readers are wax or wax vendor related. The other topic I get emailed about frequently is how I edit pictures. 

I use Adobe Bridge CC and Adobe Photoshop CC for all of my pictures. I shoot in RAW and convert all the photos to jpeg. When I first started editing photographs years ago, I was heavy handed in editing and used post editing actions like my life depended on them. To be honest, they masked a lot of imperfections and flaws in the picture itself. 

A couple of years ago, I made it my goal to take a well exposed picture and nail the way I wanted my photo to look straight out of the camera. Even though I love a highly saturated and punchy photo, my personal style led me to bright and light pastels with a very shallow depth of field. This is accomplished by overexposing the picture just a tad and using a wide open aperture. 

Here are some examples of recent photos straight out of the camera versus photoshop edited : 
Pretty subtle, I think. The most drastic editing that I do is usually cleaning up the background. This is a good example. I wanted to take a picture of Grandma's hip collection of gel pens (above photo) but the best light was outside on her pavers. I thought the pavers were distracting so I smudged them out, gave the photo just a pop of saturation and cropped:

Lastly, another subtle edit to my sweet pup:
If you're interested in where I get my actions and my specific photoshop "recipe" please leave a comment and let me know.

I love to talk and write about photography as much as I love perfume and wax. That's one true sign of knowing your passion. Does it absorb you? Does time stand still when you're immersed in it. 
For me it's photography, travel, scented anything, exquisite food, my husband's eyes (so corny, I just rolled my eyes at myself) and the ocean.


I can't stop thinking about Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty starting this Sunday. I've got a list, an excel spreadsheet actually, with the date, product, price, savings and whether I have to go to the store or purchase it online. So many great deals and I'll be updating the new business page with my soon to be acquired, highly discounted loot. 

I hope your week is going marvelously!

Wax Haul : Sniff My Tarts - October 2014

My Sniff My Tarts order from October was placed right at the heels of receiving my previous SMT orders from the March 2014 opening. Last March's order was especially large so I kept my October order modest. 

Before I go any further, I need to exclaim one thing:

I was told this was a good blend and it IS, it is, IT IS! I'm completely obsessing for the next opening now and I kid you not, my order will be at least 80% Peggy's Blueberry Noel. 

Here's what you need to know about PBN - order it. That is all. 

My October order:
SMT has a large selection of shapes but the chunks will always be my favorite:
chunks in 
Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie / Grandma's Kitchen / Creamy Eggnog
Peggy's Blueberry Noel / Lemon Bread / Blueberry Cream
Marshmallow Noel / Creamy Eggnog

SMT has a top notch Pink Sugar so I got a sheet of that:
Twigs & Berries : 
Japanese Cherry Blossom:
Christmas Past: (this reminds me of cinnamon candy)
Tuberose / Pink Sugar
Fresh Picked Strawberry - I love this piped heart so much!

I love that SMT had three opening times during their last opening. It's gotta be tough for a vendor to pick an opening time knowing that one time is invariably not going to work for everybody. 
I recently read that they are almost done with the morning orders and will be moving on to the next batch of orders soon.

Which, of course, means we are a little closer to the next opening. 

Streetman Company Store - Wax, Whip and a Giveaway!

I might not be quite ready for warmer weather but I am definitely gravitating to lighter spring scents. 

When Streetman Company Store (SCS)stocked Salt & Lime, I grabbed a bag immediately. I also stocked up on my favorite shaving whip in addition to getting a body cream, all in the 'sweet spearmint' scent. 

At the time I ordered, the Streetman's were offering a free chunk cake tart with a minimum wax purchase. 
Salt & Lime is sweet, tart and wonderfully strong. The salt is the highlight in this tart, perfectly pared with lime. Pass the margarita, por favor. 
Chunk cake in 'sunset salt & lime / sugar cookie / berry sugar'
The consistency of the shaving whip and body cream are both soft and luxurious.
I absolutely love sharing my favorite things. I would love for you to try the exfoliating shaving whip! Make sure to read the end of this post for details and leave me a comment if you're interested. 
As I was writing this post, I melted a bit of my chunk cake and enjoyed it's unique, tart berry scent - 
Over the past couple of months, SCS has become increasingly easier to order from with a very good selection of ready to ship wax and body care items. When I listed my favorite vendors a few months back, I originally had them slated in the "somewhat difficult to order from" category. I've since edited the listing to move them to "easy to order form". This is good news for everyone.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of SCS and the owners. I couldn't be any more happy for their success and growth!

In addition to the Streetman Bathworks shaving whip, I'm also giving away other items from my February Favorites! The giveaway includes :

  1. The Wet brush
  2. Vitamin C Skin Boost by The Body Shop
  3. Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil by OPI
  4. Amber Romance shower gel & lotion by Victoria Secret
  5. Jojoba Oil by Desert Essence
  6. Shaving Whip in sweet spearmint by Streetman Bathworks
  7. $25 gift certificate to Streetman Company Store
I will choose a winner at the end of the month (Tuesday March 31) via random.org. If you're interested please leave a comment letting me know you'd like to be entered.