Sniff My Tarts - March '14 - Part 1

Such horrible timing, this post. With the opening of SMT today, it would have been nice to have this post up a little earlier in case there are any blends that catch the eye.

I had to split this order up in two parts, this one is bakery chunks.  In chunks, I ordered 34 bags.  

This is 19 of the bakery bags. I took these photos in my hotel room last night in horrible lighting, I apologize. BUT! Julie over at the The Redolent Mermaid took some gorgeous photos of her SMT order--head over there and see what goodies arrived over at her house.


-1- I'm getting a big whiff of cherry in here which is odd because with a double hit of coconut, I would think the coconut should be front and center. 

-2- sugar milk is as strong as they come but here, I'm glad it's taking a back seat. I recently tried sugar milk all by itself recently and it was a bit too sweet and milky. Praline pound cake is yummy.

-3- I thought maybe I'd like granny's pecan pie as much as pumpkin pecan waffles but sadly, I don't. There's a sharper spice note that comes out here and it's a touch nuttier. 

-4- this is sweet on steroids. thank goodness for the toasted marshmallow or it might be too much. 

-1- one of my favorites from this order. I love the strawberry here. it's almost a little more in the fruity category, instead of bakery but whatever, it's amazing. *listed*

-2- why do I feel ashamed for liking fruit loops? Like it's the unsophisticated blend that gets looked down upon. Me and fruit loops? We go together like Louis Vuitton and American Express. MFEO. 

-3- lots of cinnamon and I"m assuming it's coming from the PPW. This is almost like a donut shop type scent. I like my PPW a bit creamier but this isn't bad at all.

-4- I'm pretty sure I borrowed this blend from Jacqui. this is a lovely strong pistachio. it really doesn't matter what comes before or after pistachio because what you get is pistachio. I like it though.

-1- Second order of orange chiffon cake / pink noel. this is one of the few times I like pink sugar with my bakery. One of my faves from SMT.

-2- my friend Lauren can't do bakery that is rich and buttery. She would throw this one at a Raider's fan. It's incredibly buttery and extra caramel-y. 

-3- mmmm. I like this blend a lot better than the one above. less cinnamon more yummy.

-4- how much do I love SMT's strawberry jam? and their blueberry! Throw in some vanilla type bakery and you've got a winner.

-1- true bakery scent with easily recognizable zucchini and just a tint of spice.

-2- another highlight from this order. a great combination with all prominent notes co-mingling perfectly. 

-3- a very sweet blend highlighting the strawberry jam. 

- 4- not a great combination that I chose here - the lemon doesn't quite work with the VBF.

-1- I remember thinking this blend might be a little too much in the carnival sweets arena but this is another favorite from my order. Sometimes the apple can be too much in the concession stand type scents but this is perfect!

-2- again, the strawberry jam shines, but here, it's the richness in serendipity fudge and the creaminess in willow's cuppy cake that tone it down and make it a perfectly sweet bakery.

-3- I'm pretty sure this made it in my order because it is highly favorited. I keep giving coffee scents a try but I'm just not keen on them. This might be a bearable one, I'm hoping it will change my coffee aversion.


I must be completely inept at picture taking and post processing, which is odd because I used to do a ton of it when I was taking pictures for pay.  This post is about 3 hours of bagging and unbagging, taking snaps, downloading, uploading, editing and writing.  Which is all good, but I'm sitting here thinking that I'm only halfway done and out of time.

Today I pack up my bags, head over to the celebration for my friend's mom and drive back to San Diego. I made sure to sleep in so I wouldn't be tired on the 4 hour drive home.  Audio books --how much do I love them!

SO! Did you order from Sniff My Tarts? They will be open one more time tonight at 7pm (eastern). 

I placed a small order during the first opening:
Chunks one:Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie two:Grandma's Kitchen three:Creamy Eggnog Mini Doughnuts one:Twigs-n Berries 1/2 Wax Sheet/ Sheet Cake - PLAIN - PLAIN - PLAIN one:Pink Sugar Chunks one:Marshmallow Noel two:Creamy Eggnog 
Chunks one:Peggy's Blueberry Noel two:Lemon Bread three:Blueberry Cream Grubby Cake one:Christmas Splendor Popsicle one:Tuberose two:Pink Sugar three:Pink Sugar Grubby Cake one:Japanese Cherry Blossom Type*

SMT has one of my favorite Pink Sugars and I love it plain. I was tempted to go bigger with my order but I'm pretty sure I'm rollin' in SMT for a good year as it is. 

There's still one more opening today though.........

You can find Sniff My Tarts website HERE!

A Suitcase Full of SMT


As soon as I landed from my girls' trip to New Orleans, I was strategizing how I was going to get everything done before leaving for Las Vegas.  Which is where I sit now writing a long overdue post.

I'm here for a quick 3 day trip to help celebrate a friend's mother who passed last month.  Her party is tomorrow and I've been taking it easy in my hotel room.  I purposely didn't make plans so I could relax and I'm happy to report that I am feeling well relaxed.

Except the flat tire I got last night and the roadside assistance today and the Costco tire service.  All of that went smoothly though. Without my husband. In 90 degree heat. I was all grace under pressure with a pile of sweat at the small of my back. Because I sweat like a fifteen year old boy.

There's a rodeo convention at my hotel. I wish I could pull off a cowboy hat and weathered boots.

Las Vegas loves a cowboy.

Knowing that I would be staying in my hotel room as much as possible, I brought a suitcase full of wax from my last SMT order so that I could snap pics and blog them:

I'm serious.  A full suitcase.

Coming soon! (hopefully tomorrow)

I hope you are doing well and enjoying October to the fullest. <3

My Weekly Meltdown 2014.41

There's not a word in my vocabulary that describes the relief I felt when we brought Fannie home from an eleven day hospital stay. 
The sample taken from her removed spleen confirmed the worst - an invasive blood vessel cancer that will probably end up taking her from us, much too soon. 
It was so important for me to bring her home, where she has given and received so much love. 
I hope I have the strength to bear what happens next. I know that to honor all the joy that she has given us, I need to envelop her with a calming and accepting energy to replace my fear and grief. 

I'm not sure how to transition from that to wax so I won't even try.

Last weeks melts:
Faves from above: (RG - pumpkin chai pecan waffles pumpkin cupcakes)

Melted but not pictured - highlighted are faves:

Beezy - sugar corn pudding
Beezy - iced lemon cookies
Beezy - pumpkin pecan waffles *gift*
Can Do Candles - blue ribbon cookies
CFTKR - gooey chewy kettle corn
CFTKR - indian sweet bread 
HHS - strawberry dream cake *gift*
Kim's Tarts - trick or treats *gift*
LPL - cranberry lime
LPL - cold ginger ale 
RG - starman's starfruit swizzle sticks
RG - cider lane sweet pumpkin pie marshmallow smoothie *gift*  !!!SO GOOD!!!!
SCS - summer days
SCS - strawberry love
SMT - blackberry
SMT - blackberry + SMT vanilla smoothie
SMT - serendipity butter cookie
SMT - sugar cookie lemon sugar vbn
SMT - lemon sugar this would be an amazing blending scent
S&S - serendipity coconut cream pie
Tiffany Candles - donut shop & caramel apple
TSW - the king's table
TSW - frosted pumpkin cupcakes
TSW - queen of scot's biscuits
TSW - hula girl  - light to medium throw but gorgeous blend
TSW - pumpkin apple
TSW - pie in the sky
VSC - the cresent hotel *gift*

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30) arrived 10/9
     SMT - part 2 (3/31) arrived 10/9
     Rosegirls - part 2 (6/21)
     Enchanted Candle Co. - (9/2) arrived 10/9
     Sugar & Spice (10/9)

**I became a bit twitchy with just one order that I was waiting for, so I added S&S to the list to make me feel a little bit safer**

     Dom Hemingway
     Obvious Child

Last Week's Erin Condren:

Perfume of the Day:
Last week brought frequent visits to the vet hospital so I wanted
to keep my perfume simple. Pure Grace is a safe, clean skin scent that I wore
by itself most days. If I was working or going out to eat I layered it with Stella.

Lastly, I was tagged in Deb's "I Love Fall" tag:

'I Love Fall' Tag

1. Favorite fall Starbucks drink?
Recently, I was introduced to the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and it changed my life. I found it to be a little too sweet at first so I now ask for it with half of the amount of syrup. I've had 3 this week already. It's Monday.

2. Favorite fall Bath & Body Works candle?
It's hard to beat Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. Marshmallow Fireside is a close second.

3. Favorite Yankee candle?
I'm not a Yankee fan. I've purchased a couple but I don't remember what they were.

4. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
ALL OF THE FOOD. but not the vegetables. Unless it's a vegetable covered in marshmallows or brown sugar and butter.

5. Hayride or corn maze?
Both. I've never done either but they intrigue me. Do you sing during a hayride?

6. Favorite fall Bath & Body Works soap?
I like B&BW's soaps okay. During a sale last year, I purchased a cabinet full of them but I've never used one and thought, "I love this scent!". 

7. Favorite horror/Halloween movie?
I loathe horror films. I definitely 'watch' them peeping through my fingers or with my face turned sideways with my hand shield covering any peripheral viewing that may occur. I'm watching American Psycho this week though.

8. Favorite candy to eat at Halloween?
Reese's peanut butter cup but let's not be hasty and just limit this to Halloween. I've never been a fan of candy corn but recently I tried candy corned mixed with peanuts and it wasn't bad at all. 

9. Favorite fall activity?
Taking brisk walks in the cool weather with my doggies. The start of a long season of baking cookies. Reading a book or watching a movie on the couch with the windows cracked snuggled in a blanket with a cup of cocoa.

10a. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
Both! Pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream and apple pie a la mode.

10b. Hot apple cider or hot cocoa?
Both again. Hot cocoa made with milk not water and cider with plenty of whipped cream and caramel sauce on top.

Thank you, Deb, for tagging me. I'd love to know your answers to some or all of these questions --especially your coffee drink of choice <3

My Weekly Meltdown -2014.40

Five deep breaths. 

I swear you guys, that has gotten me through these last several days.  Whenever I think I'm going to be overcome with emotion or guilt or sorrow, I've reminded myself to take five deep breaths. 

My entire world has come down to the very basics -- my dogs, my loved ones, going to work and trying to eat and stay hydrated. 

My sweet pup, Fannie, has had some very concerning set backs and has remained in the hospital for much longer than expected. My husband and I have had to make some decisions regarding procedures for her that have left me wrought with guilt and questioning. 

As I write this, she is back on the road to recovery and we are anticipating her coming home in the near future.

I've still been melting though and here's the run down:

Faves from above: (UTC - apple marshmallow serendipity bread

Melted but not pictured - highlighted are faves:

Aunt Smellman - toasted marshmallow
Beezy - fresh baked cookies
Beezy - caramel apple
Glitterati - lemon meringue toasted coconut
IHW - pistachio fluff
IHW - serendipity peach coconut leaves
IHW - sparkling pink sugar guava cotton candy
IHW - strawberry fruit loops noel
IHW - cotton candy frosting fruit loops
LSC - tickle your fancy
LSC - lemon heaven
LSC - melon sun tea
OLC - butter brickle
OLC - strawberry bread
RG - toffee apple streuselkuchen 
RG - vanilla nutmeg monster cookie
SMT - spearmint sugar milk
S├ąpeterapi - pear tart
SCS - twitterpated *gift* (my hubs commented on how much he liked this one too--rare!)
SCS - blackberry ice cream scoop bread
Shayz - pink sugar
Shayz - chocolate chip cookie dough
S&S - peanut butter fudge
ST - berry jam butter cookies
ST - serendipity
ST - ice cream cookies
TSW - pumpkin cheesecake
UTC - blue moon pecan waffles sugar cookies XL
VCS - blanche & baby jane

Perfume of the Day

Last Week's Erin Condren Planner:

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Rosegirls - part 2 (6/21)
     Enchanted Candle Co. - (9/2)

     The Skeleton Twins (liked it, a bit slow, good to rent)
     Fed Up (Must see, rent it!)
     Third Person (did not like)


Thirty Street Wax

There are some exciting new vendors in the world of scented wax. One of them is Thirty Street Wax (TSW) and I've had the pleasure of placing two orders with them in the last month. 

My first order was approx 34.2 ounces / $1.05 per ounce - shipping was $12.35: 

Cupcakes (averaged 2oz each):
  • monsoon wedding x2 - orchid, peony, water lily, watercress, aloe, bamboo and summer ripened berries.
  • queen mab - lavender, chamomile, lily of the valley, citrus, powder and african violet
  • hula girl x2 - white nectarine, jasmine, vanilla and hawaiian sandalwood 
  • pink fluffy marshmallow - pink sugar with marshmallow and cake batter

Cameo Tarts (averaged about 2.5 ounces each):
  • queen of scots biscuits - spicy oatmeal cookies with butterscotch
  • mooseberry cobbler
  • southern belle 
I love the size of these cameos and the details are impressive:
Chunk Tarts (averaged 2.5 ounces each):
  • summer taffy (not shown) - fresh juicy peaches, sweet summer strawberries, rich and creamy french vanilla taffy, carmelized sugar and warm butter.
  • velvetten rabbit x2 - fresh honey & toffee bits, citrus, baby powder & jasmine, cotton candy, raspberries & sweet lemon.
  • pie in the sky - apples, spices, crust, sweet zucchini bread, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and marshmallows
  • the king's table x2- pumpkin waffles with butter, maple syrup, peaches and whipped cream.


My second order was the pumpkin sampler that included (6) scent shots, (4) chunks and (1) very large pie slice. Total ounces was 24.4, the sampler price was $25 / $1.02 per ounce. Shipping was $7.00 for a Regional A box:
  • blueberry pumpkin patch
  • pumpkin eggnog
  • pumpkin sugar cookie
  • pumpkin apple struedel
  • pumpkin cheesecake
  • frosted pumpkin cupcakes
  • liz's pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting
  • pumpkin hot buttered rolls
  • creamy pumpkin spice latte
  • maple sugar pumpkin caramel cake
A huge 6 ounce pie slice in Mile High Cream Pie (pie crust, pumpkin souffle, pumpkin pie and whipped cream)

one ounce freebies:

I've melted a handful of these and the performance has been all over the place but mostly very good. The first one that I tried (maple sugar pumpkin caramel cake) was a very light --almost non thrower. I melted it in a 20w hot plate in my loft and I sat two feet from the warmer. I couldn't smell it at all. 

The second melt (pumpkin eggnog) was one of the strongest and longest lasting scents I've ever melted. It was phenomenal! It was so good that it has made me want to try TSW again and again and again --just in search for wax that performs anywhere near this good.

The others that I have melted have performed very well with average to above average throw. 

The highlights are the blends and labeling, especially impressive from a new wax company. 

There was one little thing that I did not like about my first order. The Medium Flat Rate box that it arrived in was entirely too big and the order, even with the kraft paper around every piece of wax, could have easily fit into a Regional A box.

I am probably more of a stickler with packaging and shipping than most but I can not stand careless shipping. I think that the amount of space in this box is reckless on the vendor's part. It could save the customer several dollars. Individually that may not be a big deal but it adds up quickly.
My guess is her website calculates the shipping price based on the number of items sold. So I ordered 16 items and the smaller box shipping stops at 15 items, which probably needs to be adjusted if that is the case.

I am a huge fan of flat rate shipping or actual shipping. TSW has estimated shipping that, from what I have seen, is not accurate. 

The good definitely outweighs the disappointment in shipping, so far. The wax quality, the blends, the scent description on each label with the pour date --all have me super excited to order again. TSW has scheduled restocks and she remains open for several days. 

If you're interested, TSW's facebook page is located HERE! I believe their next restock will be Oct. 15-19 via their WEBSITE!

**I am not associated with the vendor in anyway. Links provided are not sponsored**

Have a great Monday!

My Weekly Meltdown -2014.39

It's been an emotional week with a very sick doggie. She's on the mend and I hope to have her home from the hospital this weekend.

My mind is still a bit scatterbrained so I will just hop right into this post:

Faves from above: (SCS - raspberry ICSB) (RG - save the drama for your mama)

Melted but not pictured - highlighted are faves:

CBV - strawberry margarita
Glitterati - zb / toasted marshmallow
I Heart Wax - amish friendship bread / marshmallow cookies 
KK - amish cookie bread
KK - peanut butter cookie
LPL - rainbow sherbet 
LPL - cupcake
LPL - southern banana cake
RG - summer cake
RG - frosted pumpkin funnel cake
RG - lemon caramel sauce
SMT - cotton candy bliss / butter brickle 
SMT - twinkies / marshmallow fluff / PPW
SCS - watermelon cooler
SCS - perfectly pear
TBG - marshmallow cookie jar
TBG - the patisserie 
TSW - mooseberry cobbler 
TSW - the king's table
TSW - maple sugar pumpkin caramel cake
TSW - southern belle


In my perfect world, every year I would buy the Chanel fall nail polish collection. That doesn't always happen but I do try to buy a few bottles of new release nail polish every fall and spring. The last couple of seasons I've purchased from Essie but this fall, Zoya appeared on the radar with a couldn't be passed up sale. 

I received six polishes and a full bottle of polish remover for $27.00. The polish was buy one get one free with free shipping and the polish remover was also free.

What's interesting is that I was recently in need of polish remover and researched the highly recommended ones. Zoya's remover is one of the best.  I have plenty now because I ordered the 30 ounce bottle of it but I like the bottle that they sent because it has the pump lid that you see in nail salons.

My Erin Condren: (Thank you to Deb for my fall stickers!)

Last Week's Erin Condren:

Perfume of the Day: 
(I love my Coola sunscreen lotion --it's not thick, goes on just like lotion and smells great!)

Weekly State of Affairs:

Pending orders:
     SMT - part 1 (3/30)
     SMT - part 2 (3/31)
     Rosegirls - part 2 (6/21)
     Beezy Tarts - (8/30) arrived 9/2?
     Enchanted Candle Co. - (9/2)

     The Drop (really liked it, go see it)
     Blended (did not like)

This is a tough one, but I'm determined to try:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Order of the Odor: Volume 2

What is your first or most cherished scent memory?

The idea of a signature scent is what started my obsession with fragrance. One of my childhood best friend's mother wore Beautiful by Estee Lauder every day of the year.  I fell in love with perfume because of her and I remember saving all of my babysitting money to buy the smallest bottle of Beautiful available. An eleven year old, wearing such a grown up perfume! I loved it and I wore it proudly. Mrs Cummings will always be my first thought when I smell Beautiful and she is also my first and most cherished scent memory. 

Fragrance Obsessed: A Rosegirls pie is one of the most coveted wax items around, but find out why Sunnee will take a Rosegirls loaf over a pie any day. You really want to see these loaves.... 

It's Always Something: The Fall Slut has very high standards regarding all things fall related. She has officially proclaimed her favorite, # 1, all-time BEST Fall Scent.

Lolo Loves Scents: Thinking of plotting a Tiffany Candles order soon? You'd be remiss to do so without reading this post first! Lauren, the master of swift and supersonic reviews, busts out 15 Tiffany scent ratings in one breath! Resulting in many lemmings.

The Redolent Mermaid: Julie waxes poetic about a vendor who is taking risks blending with gardenia (with great payoff), has gorgeous scent shots, and fun restock themes. Who is this mystery vendor?