Order of the Odor - Volume 11

Happy Summer! We here at the Order hope your days are bright and sunny and the wax is melting in the warmers and not the mail boxes. Please join us in answering this month's questions:

If you could create any theme for a wax tart collection what would it be? What three scents would you have in this themed collection?

I really wanted to come up with something else 
because I find this just slightly embarrassing but, being a kid of the 80's, 
I grew up  with this show and did not miss an episode.

Samantha's Party - strawberry shortcake with a dash of coconut and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream  

Angela  - almond cake bites dunked in sweet tea with a sprig of mint.

Tony from Brooklyn - sweet lavender wrapped in vanilla and soaked in Irish Spring (type). 

Deb melted a tart from Dessa's recently that was so good, so strong that she is even saving it to melt and reuse again! It is a delicious fruity bakery that she thinks you need to try before she scoops them all up for herself. You've been warned.

Sunnee's Rosegirls sampler came this past month and it will full of brightly colored and highly fragrant chunks of happiness. See which ones stood out as her favorites and which just didn't make the cut. Get ready to feast your eyes!

Flaming Star Scents used to be Pic, Petals and Scents and Liz recently melted a nice huge chunk from PPS that has had plenty of cure time! So how did this old wax perform? And what has Liz been up to lately?

Subscription box popularity is going as strong as ever. Lauren bought a box recently that any waxy home fragrance lover would enjoy. It comes with three tiers of price points, amazing packaging and high quality candles to boot. Ready to be enabled?

Thirty Street Crafts creates a fun themed wax release about every month. June's release was built around a circus theme. Julie scooped up an order of her very favorite wax tart shape to date... any guesses?

Who doesn't love a "Favorites" post?! Michelle lays it out for us and lists her all time Top 5 Vendors for us and why in her most recent post. The best part? You can order from almost all of them right now!

Target Beauty Box : June 2015

As I begin to write about my experience with the Target Beauty Box, I think I should preface by saying I'm probably the last person to be discussing anything beauty related right now. It just doesn't seem fitting for someone sitting on her bed watching Mommie Dearest and eating Cheetos straight from the bag. Perhaps if I had put the Cheetos in a bowl first? I should also mention that it's 3am. 

Well, this Cheetos snacking night owl thinks the beauty box from Target is a hit. For only $7.00 (shipping included), I received three full sized products and two generously portioned samples. 

I ordered the box on June 1st and received it on the 10th.
The contents of the box:
1. Olay Regenerist Luminous Eye - $24.64 - a full sized product to help with dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. 
2. Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher - 1.7 ounce - $10.00 
3. Sinful Colors Professional Nail Color - $1.99
4. Revlon Ulta HD Lipstick - $7.99
5. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover - a 10 pack sells for $3.99, I received 3 pads. 

I've been rather obsessed with subscription boxes lately. Every time I read about one, I almost always immediately want it. There are varieties beyond imagination available in boxes now. I have my eye on a candle box subscription.

If you ever see the Target Beauty Box for sale, I recommend trying it out. I know I will be ordering the next one available, if I can. I approximated the value of this box to be around $45.00. Having only paid $7 and the products included being things I look forward to using (with the exception of the lipstick - not my color), I am very happy with this order. 

Next time I think I will purchase the Men's box for hubby as well!

About Life, This Week - 13

Gah. I went flower shopping for my planters last weekend and picked up these geraniums. I swear they're electric. If they were any brighter they would hurt my eyes. 

The only thing I really want to talk about lately is Orange is the New Black. Seriously, I'm always 3 years late to everything cool. Multiple people have begged me to watch this since season one. I remember thinking I wasn't interested in a show about a bunch of women in prison. How wrong was I! The hubs and I are four episodes into the first season and we are hardcore hooked. It's a bit saucy, yes, but terribly funny. 

Lately, I've been stuffing my face with watermelon. I can not get enough. I try not to sprinkle my chunks with salt but it's so hard to resist. Watermelon + Salt, all summer long. Not a lot of salt, just a light sprinkle. 

I made quesadillas in my cast iron skillet for the first time last week. Actually, cast iron skillet aside, it was my first time making quesadillas ever. I thought my husband was going to propose to me again. HOLY melted cheese it was so good. The tortillas were deliciously buttery and crispy, the cheese was ample, the chicken moist (although next time I will shred the chicken instead of cubing it --easier to flip I think) and the sauteed onion and bell pepper allowed me to think it was healthy-ish. Quesadillas for life. 

I now have 15 wax warmers in action throughout my house. I can no longer reason that this is normal. Is this normal? This could be normal, right?

The Scentsy warmer and two tealight warmers downstairs are used when the other warmers are resting as well as the Scentsy warmer and plug in upstairs. 

When I get up in the morning I load up and turn on six warmers downstairs and three upstairs. 

I don't pick out the scents ahead of time and sometimes going to my "to melt" basket is like opening the refrigerator at 3am aimlessly staring and hoping that something will pop out and scream EAT THIS. Or trying to find something interesting to watch while flipping through a selection of 700 channels on satellite TV. 

I sit on the edge of my seat curious about your wax routine. I want to know all about it. How many warmers? Do you plan your scents the night before? Do you purposely coordinate your scents? Tell me everything.

Lasting Scent Candle 2015 Farewell Haul

Even though I recently stopped recommending Lasting Scent Candles, I was still very sad to hear of their closing. My first several orders from LSC were outstanding and it is the memory of those orders that I mourn the most.

My most recent orders, prior to this one, did not seem to have the same level of scent power as my initial orders. In addition to the quality slipping in wax performance, the ordering process became increasingly more difficult and the scent selection more limited. 

When they tried a new email notification for priority ordering, I was pretty much done. It was silly. If you were in the first group of emails, you could order first. I believe there were three email groups total. 

I was hoping the ordering and wax quality would work itself out so I could once again feel the excitement I once had for LSC.

The day they announced the closing, I panicked. Despite the resent decline in performance, I couldn't completely forget that LSC was once one of my favorite vendors.

When the website was open for the final big sale, I was ready. It was easy to order. They didn't sell out quickly and I found the experience to be refreshingly stress free.  
I ordered the sampler and several other scents that caught my eye. There was a limit in the number of singles that you could order and I took advantage of the maximum amount on a few scents that stood out.

Normally not a fan of ribbon, I do enjoy LSC's cloth ribbon that is neatly tied and easy to undo. 
The Order - 
     Ordered : March 31, 2015
     TAT : 38 days (includes weekends, holidays and transit time)
     Price : $80.50 + $9.00 shipping
     Price per ounce : $1.35/per ounce

The sampler tarts : 
  • strawberry cordial - strawberries and white chocolate fudge
  • lemon wedding cake 
  • key lime wedding cake
  • southern belle - wedding cake, vanilla and sugar dusted white flower petals
  • innocence - white chocolate dipped rose petals, lavender and white sugar
  • captivated - citrus meringue dessert, coconut, tangerines, pecans and marshmallows
  • sweet dreams - pink sugar, lavender and marshmallows
  • razzleberry rock candy - white sugar crystal rock candy and razzleberries 
  • island spun sugar - tropical fruits (mango, banana, papaya and more) and cotton candy
  • sand dunes - ocean breezes, sand dunes and azure waters
  • garden tango - spring and summer flowers with citrus
  • sweet lavender nectar - lavender buds, vanilla creme and honey nectar 
  • caribbean cupcakes - island fruits and buttery cake batter
  • xanadu - melons, cotton candy and rock candy
  • watermelon wedding cake - white wedding cake and watermelon jam
  • hurricane punch - orange, lime, passion fruit and grenadine 
  • bombshell - lavender, cookies and frosting
  • felicity - white sugar crystal rock candy, strawberries and summer fruits

I pulled out the ones in the sampler that stood out initially :

  • peach passion - smells identical to peach snapple tea. 
  • solitude - nectarine, peach nectar and lime zest wrapped in a snuggly blanket. Definitely not a typical laundry type scent. This is a delicately sweet fruit with a touch of clean.
  • sinful - vanilla custard, pastry shell with a caramelized sugar crust and butterscotch brickle crumble. The scent name is perfect - decadent and almost unholy in it's deliciousness. Reminds me slightly of the kraft caramel squares we would unwrap and eat by the dozens growing up.
  • magenta - red and pink notes on a background of fruity fresh. The description is super vague for magenta but it smells like a nicely done Bath & Body Works scent - full of sweetness and fruity. Innocent and pretty.

  • carolina blue cone - waffle cone, blue raspberry and blue hand spun sugar ice cream. A sweet treat right off of the ice cream truck. Equal parts tart fruit and creamy. 
  • malay apple - a dark red apple from the malay flowering apple tree. You know how I've felt about apples lately. This is so different though, a very fragrant floral. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't think this was an apple scent at all.
  • succulent - warm pastries and danishes stuffed with strawberries and drizzled with strawberry honey butter. SAY WHAT?! Best, best, best scent shot in this entire order. I would love this in the largest loaf possible.
  • bliss - white wedding cake, vanilla creme and lavender. I love a good bakery lavender!
Outside of the sampler, there were several scents on sale with a purchase limit of three. I purchased several multiples of scent descriptions that stood out :

  • spring mountain mint - peppermint, eucalyptus and green ivy. Sometimes peppermint makes my stomach turn because of it's sweetness but the eucalyptus and ivy make this scent really good. A clean mint. 
  • strawberry fields - oh my sweetness. Such a good ripe, sweet strawberry. Want more.
  • coconut cream pie - cold, this is rather weak and there's a dryness to it that I'm not liking very much.
  • strawberry wedding cake - the strawberry smells the same as the above mentioned strawberry fields but it shares the spotlight with a rich and sweet cake.  
  • blue honeysuckle - berries and honeysuckle flowers.

Singles in the scents I was less sure of but curious enough to order :

  • patchouli honey - I was going out of my comfort zone for this and after smelling it, I immediately want back in. Passing this one along.
  • black linens - linens, ozone, ivory flowers, dark amber and musk. This is an interesting twist on the typical laundry scent. It has a bit more depth and masculinity. 
  • passionate - I couldn't find a scent description for passionate but it is definitely a hippie scent. Smells like patchouli and maybe amber.
  • fuzzy pink slippers - smells like pink sugar plus a dryer sheet.
Samplers always provide me with an excellent opportunity to gift wax that isn't quite up my alley. Very rarely do I like all the blends that come in samplers. 

My giveaway for this order will include :
  • caribbean cupcakes
  • jubilant
  • electric
  • sweet dreams
  • strawberry cordial
  • razzleberry
  • hurricane punch
  • sand dunes
  • bombshell
  • sweet lavender nectar
  • innocence
  • coconut cream pie
And a couple of my favorites :
  • strawberry wedding cake
  • strawberry fields
  • spring mountain mint 
Would you like to try these scents? Please leave a comment and let me know you would like to be entered in the giveaway. I'll pull a name on Sunday and announce it on Fragrance Obsessed's Facebook Page. 

LSC plans on a few more sales before they close up shop. I'll be keeping an eye out for an update on their FB page.

Have a great weekend! 

March, April and May Empties

I've been called a product whore once or twice and I can't really deny those claims. My love of beauty products has lead to an overabundance of cleansers, toners and serums that I struggle to use. 

Starting this month, I plan to tackle the discipline of using one product completely before reaching for any number of other options I have to replace it. My problem has always been that of boredom from a product and the lure of newer, well packaged things. I don't have a linen closet, I have Sunnee's backup beauty supplies and maybe some towels. 

My inability to commit is the reason why my three months worth of empties is on the sparse side : 
Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover - I purchased this because of some great reviews that I read. It was okay for me. It did a good job but not any better than other removers that I've tried.
Eucerin DermatoClean Refreshing Cleansing Gel - Also purchased due to great reviews but didn't live up to what I read. This cleansing gel is no better than any other that I've tried. 
Vivite Exfoliating Facial Cleanser - I get flare ups of kerotosis pilaris (the red bumps that can appear on outer, upper arms) every once in awhile, often if I don't use this cleanser. I'm never without this cleanser in my shower caddy. I love it because it's multipurpose -- I use it daily for my arms and every other day for my face.
The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost - One of my favorite beauty items. Love how silky this makes my skin feel.
Bath & Body Works Hand Soap - I have ten thousand bottles of these soaps to get through. If you'd like to build your collection, they're on sale now for the semi annual sale.
The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator- Gifted and recommended by my sister in law. A nice semi-foaming exfoliator that had a pleasant smell. This little bottle lasted a very long time.
Hyaluronic Acid - I get this from Amazon and I love it. I mentioned it in my favorites post. 
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain plus Balm- I love the stain part of this and the color is the best color to ever be placed on my lips. Not only is it the best color, it stays put for hours. The balm is pretty much useless though. I never used it even though the stain was drying. 

You know I love a good sunscreen. I went through three of them in three months. I have a specific type of sunscreen I use exclusively for my face, one for my arms and neck and one for my hands. 
Coola Classic Sunscreen in Plumeria SPF 30 - Coola is, hands down, my favorite sunscreen brand. I love the non-greasy consistency of this product but I ordered my next tube sans the plumeria scent. I liked the scent, it just clashed with too many of my fragrances. 
Biore UV Aqua Rich Waterly Essence SPF 50 - Before I went to Japan, I researched all the Asian beauty products that I wanted to purchase while I was over there. I went with a list and this was one of the items that I purchased multiples of. What I've learned is that almost every single hype worthy Asian skincare product that is sold in Japan is also sold right here in the US from modern Asian supermarkets or Amazon.com. And they're usually cheaper here too.  
Creme de la Mer The 18 SPF Fluid - They don't make this anymore but even if they did I wouldn't repurchase it. It's super expensive, I think I bought it the first time because I thought it would turn me into Snow White or anyone else with milky smooth skin.

CANDLES - still very little luck with Bath & Body Works 3 wicks. I only liked Marshmallow Fireside and Autumn from the ones pictured here : 
This past weekend I was on a mission to melt my older Lasting Scent Candles Tarts. Here are some of my empties (about half, the rest are scattered around my house near various warmers -- a really bad habit I've recently picked up that drives hubby crazy)
LSC Sugar Cookie Royale is ridiculous. I wish I could buy more!
I'm hoping to get Empties back in rotation on a regular basis. It's pretty gratifying to see all the products I use up. 

I hope you're having a great week! 

About Life, This Week - 12

That's my Emma, not happy in her cone of shame. She had a gnarly mass removed from her paw, one that was sent away to be tested for cancer. 

..to be tested for cancer.

Outside, you wouldn't know anything was wrong with me. Inside, between large chunks of time where I was in complete and utter denial, I was a basket case. 

The mass was benign and Emma will be completely back to normal once the stitches are removed next week. 

As soon as she is better, Emma is starting a new fitness routine with Addie, our twelve year old neighbor, who advertised herself as an eager dog walker on our community mailbox. Addie needs spending money and Emma needs to loose a few extra pounds. Everybody wins!

We recently celebrated Grandma's 86th birthday. She has been in a nursing home for the past month or so trying to get her muscles stronger. She had a few non-injury falling episodes at home that forced the hand into admittance.  

I love this picture of my niece and Grandma.

A big change has occurred on the home front for me and hubby. We took in a couple of twenty year olds. One is the daughter of a friend of ours and the other is her girlfriend. It's a long story - how they ended up taking semi-permanent residence in our guest room (one year-ish?). 
The bottom line is that Curtis and I agree that we have an opportunity and the means to make a positive impact on these girls' lives. In a way that could alter the course in which they traverse into adulthood in an enriching and meaningful way. We are happy to be able to mentor and offer them a safe place to live.

My household today consists of a very patient and practical hubby, a fragrance obsessed neat freak, two aging doggies and two lesbians. 

I love this wonderfully diverse, inspiring, love-filled life. Everyday, if I seek diligently enough, I will find peaceful moments that cause me to pause and be grateful for my life, just as it is, in that very moment. 

Half the year is almost over, which can only mean one thing. 

It's FROYO time.  

Besides Froyo, I've been devouring books lately. Just now, I'm stuck on one that is slow going but prior to this I was reading one after another. One worth mentioning is Secrets of a Charmed Life. I loved it, it's one of those books you buy extra copies of to have on hand to give to others. If you happen to stumble upon it, I recommend it!

Tried the S'mores frappuccino - didn't love it.

Completely in love with my meal planner app though. 

Going to cut about 10 inches off the length of my hair. It's down to my waist and I no longer have tangles, I have dreads. 

Considering a wax specific Instagram. Because two instagram accounts aren't enough. 

Two instagrams, two facebook accounts, one abandoned twitter. And what's this I hear about Snapchat. Do I need this in my llife? 

True Detective. 

Look out for a Lasting Scent Candles haul and giveaway this week! 

Rosegirls 2015 Sampler

My Rosegirls sampler arrived and I immediately dug in to see all the different blends in my large sampler order from the October sampler sale.

Yes, October. 2014. A long time ago but there are very few vendors I would wait that long for and Rosegirls is one of them. I don't blink an eye. I pay it and forget it. 

Here's the low down - 
     Ordered : October 31, 2014
     TAT : 207 days (includes weekends and holidays)
     Price : $115 for the 5lb sampler
     Total ounces : 72.94 (4 lbs, 5.6oz)
     Price per ounce (varies, price is for this order only) : $1.58

I measured every chunk because I wanted to give you an idea of the approximate price per ounce. This isn't by any means the exact amount of ounces for all the samplers, but I think it gets in the ball park to give you a good idea of the value of a Rosegirls sampler. 

Here's what I got! : 
  • banana streuselkuchen - I'm not a banana fan but it's really well done here. The streuselkuchen gets a ton of credit for making this a bakery delight with a healthy portion of cinnamon coming through and hints of what smells like caramel. Both banana and cinnamon would normally have me running, but in this blend has me sticking around eagerly.
  • olive you - sweet, fruity and fresh! I highlight this at the end of this post.
  • over the moon - raspberry sauce, hurricane daiquiri and vanilla ice cream.
  • boo's spooky castle - booberry, vanilla crunch donuts and monster cookie. Oh. My. Goodness. I took a chance on this scent description for my custom order and ordered a whole pie. I am so glad I did. I'm pretty obsessed with blueberry + bakery right now and this is a home run. 

  • singing in the shower - singing in the rain (a fresh secret blend) and zen (musk, vanilla, peony, rose, violet, white cherry blossom and melon) Singing in the Rain was too ozone for me but Singing in the Shower is fabulous! It almost smells fruity and clean, I love it!
  • fruity pebbles - not too different from the more popular fruit loops blend, possibly more lemon here.
  • peppermint coconut mallow - a fan favorite that makes mint fans jump for joy. 
  • strawberry shortcake / serendipity / baked zucchini bread - whoever came up with this blend, I freaking love you. This blend is my scent twin. I want this in large quantities next opening. I'm falling really hard for RG's strawberry shortcake.

  • birdo's magical cupcake land - raspberry sauce, strawberry jam and birthday cake. 
  • angels among us - strawberry shortcake, blackberry jam butter cookies and salt water taffy. I can really smell the delicious strawberry shortcake in this blend.
  • circus concession - cotton candy frosting, ooey gooey caramel, macintosh madness and funnel cake. I want to eat it, for sure, but apple is no longer agreeing with me in home fragrance.
  • sweet lavender cucumber sage - both fresh and pretty, a lovely calm scent. The cucumber cools the sage and the combination of the two work perfectly with RG's famous sweet lavender.

  • grape summer sunshine - I have no idea what's in this blend but whatever summer sunshine is makes the grape sing. I didn't think I would like this because I'm not a fan of grape but it's one of my favorites from this sampler.
  • raspberry coconut cream pie - a very tart raspberry that is much more dominant than the coconut cream pie. 
  • bodacious bowser - dunk my donut, monster cookie, waffle cone and green apple. Strong bakery! 
  • raspberry lilac - the raspberry lingers in the background of this floral/green scent. The lilac is a perfume-like floral that includes a distinct greenness to it. 

  • take me to the candy shop - imagine sweet. Now imagine sweet on steroids. I smell a lot of lemon and the more I smell it, the more I like it.
  • peach's vacation - watermelon slush, pomegranate, peach and sex on the beach 
  • starfruit lemonade - equally tart and sweet. punchy and juicy. 
  • alice's vacation - honeydew, cotton candy frosting, birthday cake and mango sorbet. Absolute perfection. The mango sorbet is the strongest scent and the honeydew in the background is great.

  • date night - biolage, pink sugar and twilight woods (which is apricot nector, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress) A pretty, fresh and slightly masculine blend.
  • holy cannoli - raspberry sauce, cotton candy frosting and cannoli. This is good and probably the one I'm most excited to try.
  • black cherry & whipped cream - I'm loving cherry lately! This is a strong one! 
  • herbal lavender & cactus and sea salt - fresh, strong, spa, clean and green.

  • no worries - spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus. Sinus clearing minty blend here.
  • pink paradise - pink sugar and paradise (which is lime, pineapple, orange and lemon) Lime, lime, lime and a little bit of orange. 
  • blue lagoon honeydew and ocean. Reminds me of soap, a very clean, crisp bar of soap.
  • did somebody say frosting - vanilla bean noel, cotton candy frosting, birthday cake and cream cheese frosting.

  • rainbow sherbet - fruit salad, strawberry shortcake, mandarin and mimosa. Reminds me of a tropical, fruity drink. A bit boozy and syrupy sweet. I have a hard time with mandarin because it smells like pineapple to me, a scent I'm not a fan of. 
  • mango black cherry noel - smells exactly like a tootsie pop lollipop. The fruity outside and even the chocolate middle. It's pretty awesome.
  • tea & crumpets - cuppa cake and tea & cakes. I just read that this was a one time blend for samplers and for sale in the store. This causes me a bit of anxiety because I love this blend. It smells like a delicious, dense pastry.
  • monster mocha madness - a very strong espresso scent. Coffee scents are not my thing, my nose picks up a bitter burnt note in the mocha.

  • petey colada - lemon poppyseed cake, pina colada and marshmallow smoothie. 
I want to highlight this little pinky goodness. It's called 'Olive You' and I love it. It's the perfect balance of fresh and slightly fruity. Have you ever walked into a Bed Bath & Beyond? If your store smells anything like all the local stores here, then you can imagine what Olive You smells like. It's identical to that BB&B store scent.
I'm glad I didn't let the Olive scare me when custom ordering was open. I grabbed a bag in my second, small order.

I'm very happy with my sampler order and can't wait for the next round of sign ups in July!

Here's the exciting part of this post - I want to share my sampler with you. Some of the scents I'm giving away are scents that I don't particularly care for, some are ones that I already have in bakery bags or pie and a couple are on their way to me in my custom order.

The scents in the giveaway are:

  1. boo's spooky castle
  2. raspberry coconut cream pie
  3. birdo's magical cupcake land
  4. no worries
  5. herbal lavender and cactus and sea salt
  6. rainbow shebert
  7. monster mocha madness
  8. did somebody say frosting
  9. raspberry lilac
  10. circus concession
  11. date night
  12. bodacious bowser
  13. OLIVE YOU!!
  14. peppermint coconut mallow
If you're interested, please leave a comment to let me know you would like to be entered. I will pick a winner on Sunday and have the package mailed out next week. (US shipping addresses only please) 
The winner will be announced on my Facebook page, please "like" me if you don't already do so. I appreciate it! Fragrance Obsessed on Facebook

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!